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RUSH: You know, I’m gonna miss CNN’s coverage of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, if it ever ends. This morning, I kid you not, they have been running a breaking news banner on it. It happened many times. It happened once when Snerdley was in here, and I pointed to the screen, the TV display, monitor, and I said, “Look at that. ‘Breaking news: Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 May Have Lost Altitude.’

“‘Really? I thought it was still up there at 35,000 feet.” They have just discovered at CNN that the plane lost altitude, which usually happens when a plan lands, either a controlled crash or an uncontrolled crash. But usually there is a loss of altitude involved. That’s why I’m gonna miss CNN’s never-ending coverage of Malaysian Airlines (laughing) Flight 370.

I don’t mean to be laughing about it, but it’s breaking news that the airplane may have lost altitude? What would be their first clue, and why did it take ’em a month to learn this? “Come on, Rush, you know what they’re talking about.” They’ve got some news that the plane dumped down to 4,000 feet. Yeah, and, at some point, it was at 3,000 feet, and then it was 2,000 feet, and now it’s probably 10,000 feet under the ocean based on the latest ping.

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