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RUSH: How many of you people use Dropbox? How many of you people have heard of Dropbox? I was stunned. I just asked the staff, and they all have heard about it and use it, which is cool. How many of you use it? Dropbox is a place where you share files. It syncs individual files if you want to share them. Whatever you want to put in Dropbox, it syncs it to every other computer and iPhone, iPad, smartphone, or whatever you have.

So no matter where you go, it’s a safe place to keep things. It’s not a system backup. It’s just a folder. Put two files, a picture here or there, whatever you want to use it for. It’s wildly popular, and they made some software announcements yesterday in San Francisco. They announced some new software program called Carousel, which is for displaying your pictures and so forth, and a couple of other things for business.

They also announced they’d added Condoleezza Rice to their board of directors, and now there is a massive movement throughout the tech world to get her thrown off the Dropbox board of directors because she wiretapped people. She was part of the Bush administration, secretary of state, warrantless wiretaps. They are trying to get rid of her. Condoleezza Rice had nothing to do with it.

Even if she did, couldn’t hold a candle to Obama, who would be gladly accept on any of these places’ boards. Drew Houston is the founder, cofounder/CEO of Dropbox. He named Condoleezza Rice. She also was admitted to Augusta a year or two ago as one of the first female members.

“File storage service Dropbox has assigned several executives to lead it forward. One of the executives is former National Security Advisor and US Secretary of State during the George W. Bush presidency Dr. Condoleezza Rice. Following the reveal of Rice as a member of the Dropbox Board of Directors, an initiative called ‘dropdropbox’ started.

“While [supposedly] not a partisan effort, the website calls for the ouster of Rice, citing historical events that occurred during her term of office as proof of her lack of ethics and her unsuitability to help govern the [Dropbox] company.” So there is a Brendan Eich effort now that’s being waged.

These leftists, these militants, are gonna start pressuring Dropbox the same way Mozilla was, until they drop Condoleezza Rice. They’re not gonna give it up. It’s bigotry. It is hatred. This is McCarthyism. It’s a number of other things, too. You might even say it’s racism because Condoleezza Rice is black, although she’s conservative, so that kind of cancels out the black.

In their world, she’s an Uncle Tom. “The dropdropbox website declares the appointment ‘deeply disturbing’ and believes that ‘anyone — or any business — who values ethics should be concerned.’ … Despite blatantly stating that ‘this is not an issue of partisanship,’ several political events are noted by the site as reasons why Rice should not be on the board …

“Clearly outlined are her roles and quotes from the buildup to the Iraq war, aggravated by death counts,” weapons of mass destruction lies and this kind of thing. She was the provost at Stanford, which these people love. But anyway, here comes the next example of leftist bigotry and hatred and censorship and character assassination.

It’s aimed at Condoleezza Rice simply ’cause she was named the board of directors at Dropbox. (interruption) What are you shaking your heads in there for? (interruption) They don’t stop. They don’t go away. They never go away, do they? They never, ever do. They are the bigots. They are the people filled with hatred. They are the intolerant. They are the closed-minded. They are the problem.

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