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RUSH: Kathleen Sebelius is out, and they had this big ceremony at the White House, and the replacement is young and had the patented pained look on her face, the concerned liberal in pain. Sylvia Burwell is her name, and Chatsworth Osborne Jr. …

Snerdley, look at me here. Look at me for just a second. Stop screening that call. You want to hear this. It’s a fascinating theory. We got the audio coming up. Chatsworth Osborne Jr. thinks that the reason Obama chose Burwell, Sylvia Burwell, is that she is “young and attractive.” Ahem. (coughing)

He thinks that what they are trying to do is set up a confirmation hearing where a bunch of old Republican white guys are mean to the girl by fighting her confirmation. They think they can re-create or further the War on Women. That’s Chatsworth’s theory about why this particular woman was chosen, simply for the confirmation hearings. In fact, I don’t know how long it is so I don’t know if we can squeeze it in. We got it, so play it. We got time to squeeze it in.

OSBORNE: I believe that the White House welcomes, relishes, a nomination fight over Burwell. That is exactly the kind of symbolic moment they’re looking for in order to drive turnout among the single most important demographic, which is unmarried women. That’s how he got elected president twice, ’cause unmarried women voted for him. They want some kind of showdown where this attractive young woman is attacked by male Republican senators. They will use that as they’ve used all kinds of moments like that, like they did over birth control and Rush Limbaugh and all that stuff to get out the vote.

RUSH: Right, and the theory is that the Republicans won’t be able to help themselves. They’ll just naturally oppose this young, attractive woman. And single women who are not likely to vote according to polling data now, will get fired up and show up. That’s the theory.


RUSH: So Burwell, Sylvia Burwell. Do you know that she used to run the charity arm of Walmart? (interruption) She did. She worked at evil Walmart, the charitable arm Walmart. That’s where she worked. (interruption) That’s right, “Walmart has a charitable arm? Ha-ha.” I’m sure some people didn’t know that, but they do, and she worked there. But she didn’t mean it. She was just in there as a spy.

That’s how they’ll get by with the left. Now, what happened with Sebelius? Why was she forced out? I wonder, did they find out she donated to Prop 8? I wonder if that’s what it was. Did Sebelius secretly donate to Prop 8 and they found out about it? Actually, I think the reason Sebelius is gone is multifaceted here, folks. I think the pressure’s getting to her.

I really think Sebelius, despite her age, really believed that this was gonna end up being utopia, and it’s just a mess. I think she’s overwhelmed with the pressure of it. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. She has no clue. She doesn’t know taxes. She doesn’t know websites. She doesn’t know anything but reactionary liberalism where things are just supposed to work. And nothing is working.

I think they wanted her out ’cause they need a fall guy when the truth comes out that they don’t have seven million enrollees. They don’t have seven million new payers. They don’t have any — and she is gonna take the fall for it, not Obama.


NBC News. Let’s go back to October 2nd, 2013. “A single person shut down the entire US government for the first time in 17 years. Not a congressman, but an unelected woman named Sylvia Burwell,” who was named today to replace Kathleen Sebelius as the new Health and Human Services secretary.

She is the person who ordered the World War II Memorial barricaded during the government shutdown last year and was responsible for an event there being canceled. Sylvia Burwell. Of course, just like with the naming of Colbert to go the Letterman show, everybody is falling all over themselves saying what a wonderful woman this Burwell woman is.

She’s so attractive and so young and she’s so smart and she’s just the best. Well if that’s case, why wasn’t she there before Sebelius? Now, Chatsworth Osborne Jr. runs a website called The Daily Caller. Tucker Carlson. Chatsworth Osborne Jr. is our affectionate pet name from the Dobie Gillis show from way, way back.

Chatsworth says that the reason she was chosen is because the president and the Democrats hope that sending a young, attractive nominee up to a Republican-led Senate confirmation committee will result in her being mistreated and treated with sexism and bigotry, and they hope that the Republicans act this way.

Now, I’ll tell you what this also is. This is a preemptive action, too, to guarantee she sails through. ‘Cause somebody told Chatsworth, or maybe Chatsworth figured it out on his own. Regardless, it is the strategery. I’m sure it’s the strategery. By announcing the strategery, it’s like you telling somebody, “I know how you’re gonna act!

“I know what you’re gonna do,” and so to prove you wrong, they don’t do it. Well, here you go. They nominate this woman, and say, “We know you Republicans. You’re gonna mistreat her! You’re gonna treat her with sexism, and it’s gonna be War on Women,” and so the Republicans say, “Oh, yeah? Well, we’ll show you!”

They don’t even oppose her and she sails through, and in that way the Regime gets exactly what they want. Now, there’s no way she gonna be confirmed because a she’s already gone through the confirmation process for OMB, right? Office of Management and Budget. So there’s no way she isn’t gonna be confirmed.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if the Republicans just ask token questions. And you never know. She could be very smart and take a token, innocent question, and act profoundly offended by it. She could maybe storm off and walk out, all to create the picture that she been mistreated. I’m just saying that nothing would surprise me.

But this is an NBC piece from 2013, October. Sylvia Burwell was the woman who shut down the World War II Memorial, barricaded it during the government shutdown last year. But remember, the barricades were removed for one group to have an event there. It was an immigration rally. It was an immigration rally. But there were some World War II vets who had saved money for a long time to visit, and they were shut out.

They’re nearing the end of their lives. It was a once-in-a-lifetime visit to their memorial, and this is the woman who shut it down, Sylvia Burwell.

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