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RUSH: My first actual real normal night in the past eight or nine days, given surgery and the post-op recovery, in the pre-op preparations and so forth. I got about four hours of sleep last night. I stayed up and actually lived a little bit rather than did what the doctors said. So here we are, loving every moment of it. (interruption) No, I didn’t go anywhere last night. You know, Snerdley asked me if TMZ caught me last night.

The way that happens out here, friends invite me out to dinner. They call to make a reservation, and they ask, “Who are you bringing?” And they mention my name. That’s common. That’s not unusual. And then whoever it is at the reservation desk calls TMZ, says, “Such and such is supposed to be here at such and such time.” So here come these slavish TMZ camera crews. My hosts all happen to know it. They don’t want to be anywhere near TMZ. So it’s time to leave and say goodbye, they always point me to a secret exit. The secret exit takes me right to where TMZ is. And my friends go out the exit where TMZ isn’t. It’s a sneaky trick. It’s a sneaky trick that only friends would play on people.

I’m walking out, and I say, “Okay, I’ll see you guys later.” I’m looking up the sidewalk and there aren’t any guys. So it appears that I exit the restaurant myself. No, I didn’t go out last night. I just had a night where I was conscious, essentially, and didn’t get tired. I stayed up and just went back to some sense of normalcy. I took the bandages off. The bandages are off. I just have one little layer of tape now and that stays on probably another three or four days and then back to full-fledged normalcy. I gotta tell you, taking the bandages off, that was such… I mean it was just tape and gauze, but after a week it felt like I was wearing a metal helmet. And to get that stuff off was also a huge relief. So that was all part of the process of returning to normalcy.

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