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RUSH: This is from National Journal. These are the people that do Hotline. This is a left-wing typical mainstream media organization. Nothing really new here except that it’s all bad news for Obama.

Do you remember the 2012 exit polls? I saw the first wave of exit polls at five o’clock. You might remember I mentioned this to you. I saw a question and the answer that made me realize Romney had lost, at five o’clock. There were actually two questions. One of them, “Blame Bush for the economy,” was like 60-40. And the second question, the real one, was, “Understands and is concerned about people like me.” Eighty-nine percent Obama; 11% Romney. When I saw Bush being blamed for the economy four years after he left office and that 89-11 question, I said, “Okay this is over.”

I watched the election returns hoping that my instinct would be wrong. Well, the polling data cited here by the National Journal, only one in four adults — this is an example of how bad it is for Obama — 25%, one in four adults say that his actions are increasing economic opportunity for people like them. That’s among his worst showing in the polls. So he has gone from a exit poll question in 2012, not even two years ago, where he won 89 to 11 the question “understands and cares about people like me,” to now only 25% believe that Obama and his policies are increasing economic opportunity for people like them.

I mean, forget approval for anything, that is a huge decline in just that exit poll question to this poll. That is huge. But there are other bits of damaging news. His approval rating is at 41%. So the in midst of this, in the midst of Obama literally in a free fall, and again, you’re not seeing that reported because the media isn’t going to report it. They’re gonna do everything they can to make that not look like it’s happening and to prop it up and make it look like something else. But he is in free fall. And Obamacare is an absolute, utter disaster. So what do we get? In the midst of — whoa, a couple more stories before I answer the “what do we get?”

“Recovery Has Created Far More Low-Wage Jobs Than Better-Paid Ones.” This is the New York Times. Now, before you think that the New York Times is turning on Obama, that’s not what the point of this story is. That’s, again, I think a little bit about how out of touch the New York Times is. What this actually is, this story by Annie Lowrey, it actually ends up being a PR piece sourced by an ultra-left group called the National Employment Law Project, and they are making a big push for raising the minimum wage. The New York Times also wants the minimum wage raised. So they run a story: “Recovery Has Created Far More Low-Wage Jobs Than Better-Paid Ones.”

They’re reprinting a press release and they’re calling it a news story. But the point is they don’t see that the real message from the story is that Obama’s policies are horrible. Obama’s own recovery, Obama’s own policies are not creating high paid jobs. They’re not creating well paid jobs. Now, you and I know that this is by design. After six years of this kind of dismal economic performance, any rational person would say, “You know what? What we’re trying isn’t working and it’s time to change direction. Let’s do something else that might work.”

But not this bunch. They’re doubling down on what isn’t working, which means this is what they want to happen. This is what they want to do. They are trying to drive down wages, all the while blaming capitalism for it, you see. All the while blaming whatever happened before Obama got into office and taking the occasion of this new book by Thomas Piketty to say there’s income inequality because the United States is fatally flawed because it is capitalistic. And capitalism is fatally flawed, and it all works together to say, “You know what? The government needs to come in and rescue these people with low-wage jobs by raising the minimum wage.”

That’s the purpose of the New York Times story, where the real story is that Obama’s economic policies are a disaster. And it makes me circle back to the precious and beloved Millennials who bought hook, line, and sinker every utopian idea that the Obama campaign of 2008 put in their little heads. And then they followed dutifully, they were obedient, and they went to college and they got their degrees. And they thought just by doing that, that success was theirs. I mean, after all, that’s what people tell you, go to college, instantly you have a house. Go to college, instantly you’ve got your gig, instantly you’ve got your car or bus pass, whatever is a big deal to you. Whatever you want, you’ve got, if you go to college.

Well, they did. They were obedient. They went to college. They come out with degrees that are now not much help in many cases. You know why? ‘Cause there isn’t a growing economy. There is not an expanding economy. And the New York Times has told us here, in an effort to raise the minimum wage, the New York Times runs a story: “Recovery,” not Bush, not Republicans, not GOP, not conservatives, not Rush Limbaugh, but “Recovery Has Created Far More Low-Wage Jobs Than Better-Paid Ones.”

Sorry. The recovery is all Obama’s. The recovery is all the Democrats’. And so the New York Times, really not much respect for their readers. If you read the whole story you see it’s a push for the minimum wage. Well, let me give you the first two paragraphs, show you what I mean.

“The deep recession wiped out primarily high-wage and middle-wage jobs. Yet the strongest employment growth during the sluggish recovery has been in low-wage work, at places like strip malls and fast-food restaurants. In essence, the poor economy has replaced good jobs with bad ones. That is the conclusion of a new report from the National Employment Law Project, a research and advocacy group, analyzing employment trends four years into the recovery.”

This is an amazing admission by this bunch. I’m still amazed that the Times would report it, but the only reason they’re doing it is the agenda is to raise the minimum wage, and they’re simply rolling the dice that their own readers will not figure out that what they’re really saying here is that Obama’s economic recovery hasn’t created diddly-squat in terms of meaningful jobs.


RUSH: In addition to all of this, Obama’s plummeting in the polls. Only 25% of the American people think that Obama’s policies are geared to help people like them. Then there is this: “The real median income of American women dropped a little more than four percent in the first three full years after the end of the last recession, according to data published by the Census Bureau.”

So again, the Obama recovery has resulted in the income of American women dropping a little more than 4%. Well, quite naturally, I, El Rushbo, am confused, because, like you, I’m hearing that the GOP is supposed to be waging this War on Women. But under Obama, all women who work (and it’s a big distinction) are making almost $2,000 less than they did before Obama.

Plus, they’re now having to pay more for their health insurance than they did before Obama. And yet, it’s the Republicans waging war on them while Obama is actually ruining economic circumstances. Essentially women have been getting shaft on income ever since Obama took office. So in the midst of all this, what is the news we get?

Cathy McMorris Rodgers — the Republican Party is saying we’re gonna have immigration done by August and we’re not gonna do anything about Obamacare. Are you kidding me? I predicted this. Grab audio sound bite number one. This is May 14th on this program, and this is after David Jolly’s special election victory in the Florida 13th congressional district.

RUSH ARCHIVE: We have this massive electoral victory on Tuesday in Florida, Florida 13. And IÂ’ll be damned if the Republican establishment is not doing its best in high gear to tell everybody, “Hey, don’t think that Obamacare was the main factor here.” It is becoming clear to me — not that it needs to be any more clear — that the Republican establishment does not want to run against Obamacare. … The Republican establishment obviously has a campaign game plan involving Obamacare, and it does not include repealing it, folks. The Republican establishment apparently doesnÂ’t want to campaign on repealing it. They want to campaign on fixing it.

It is Cathy McMorris Rodgers, and you know what? I liked her. She gave the Republican Party response, I think, to the State of the Union show. I thought, “Well, this is cool,” and she’s out there saying that the Affordable Care Act is likely to stay and that we’re gonna have amnesty done by August — with Obama in freefall, no less! Obama’s in freefall, and we’re gonna give him what he wants, so it says here.

I warned you. I warned everyone about this. There’s so much spite in the Republican establishment, it’s incredible. And, not only that. The Washington Post has a story today saying if the Republicans do what they say they’re gonna do on immigration, it’s gonna result in more Democrat voters. Well, duh! Of course it will. Why are the Democrats in favor of it?

It goes on to say that if they do this, if the Republicans are the reason for amnesty, that all of a sudden it puts Texas in play as a Democrat state. Now, if Texas ever goes Democrat, do you realize the Republicans will never win the White House again? Because they’ll have the electoral votes of California and Nuevo Orc. You add Texas to them, and it becomes insurmountable. Then you throw in Illinois?

I mean, this is incomprehensible. It’d be bad enough if this were happening in a vacuum, but it is happening while Obama and the Democrats are in quicksand. Even Karl Rove… (laughing) He must have had a heart attack when he heard this. Karl was flying, I think, from Washington to Texas or vice-versa when he heard about Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

He doesn’t care about immigration, but when you tell Rove the Affordable Care Act is here to stay? (chuckling) That’s what he’s out raising money on is repealing it or getting rid of it, except for couple things in it. You couple this what the speaker of the House has said, and it is mind-boggling. It really is mind-boggling.

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