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RUSH: Here’s Jerry in my adopted hometown of Sacramento, California. Hi, Jerry. I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Good morning. Glad to talk to you again.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Say, you know the left really has no credibility when it comes to this issue of offensive speech. You know, I was parked at a stoplight a while back beside a cop car. A teenager walked across the street with a T-shirt that says, “Jesus is a,” it’s a four-letter C-word talking about a woman’s body part. I asked the cop, “Can you do something about that?” The cop says, “No, it’s protected speech.” Well, that’s protected because the Supreme Court ruled that offensive speech needed to be protected. And when Larry Flynt said all those lousy things about that pastor and the left and the media celebrated that. So they either gotta complain about all of it or none of it. No credibility.

RUSH: Well, again, you’re illustrating here that it’s simply a political calculation, a strategy, the whole racist, or racialist is the more accurate way to describe this one. The racialist attitudes that they profess to criticize in people. It’s just a strategy. And they wait in eager anticipation for the next Donald Sterling to show up. They’re not really trying to solve any of this is the point, folks. They’re not trying to get rid of any of this. They play off of it. They live off of it. They thrive on this stuff. They will manufacture it, if they have to.

I try not to mention myself in these things, but there have been two noted occurrences today, and I’m not gonna play the sound bites of ’em. Both of them have been on ESPN and both of them have linked me to Donald Sterling. They’re both: “Just like the NFL banded together to deny the racist Limbaugh the right to own the Rams, so should the NBA get rid of Sterling.” You know what all that’s based on? Fake, made-up quotes started by a lazy reporter in St. Louis who believed a bunch of crock that Media Matters had put out.

There was a fake quote, something I never said. If I had said it I would not be on the air today. It was supposedly I had said something about blacks and slavery and they’d been better off back then than they are today. There were three or four totally made-up quotes that I never said that had appeared in a book that had been published by Media Matters. This guy looked it up, didn’t call me, didn’t check, just ran with it. So these loco weeds that are on ESPN now, these half-baked commentators, they think all that was said, they think it was all true, and this is how it works. This is why they live for these moments.

All of these people on TV are supposedly outraged over what Sterling said, from Jesse Jackson to Sharpton to your average African-American comic. They’re not mad about this. They thrive on it. It gives them an opportunity to advance their political agenda. The last thing they want is for this stuff to ever stop. They’d be put out of business. I gotta find this Jesse Jackson quote where he compared picking cotton to playing basketball. Let me find it, folks. Hang on just second. Reverend Jackson. Number 11. Grab this. This is Saturday afternoon, ESPN, where else? Really.

They’ve got these guys, and there probably have been more than two, there have just been two that I’ve been told about. I’m not gonna play the sound bite ’cause I’m not gonna give these guys any further amplification than they already have. But it was ESPN Sports Center with the anchor Zubin Mehenti speaking to the Reverend Jackson of the Monochrome Coalition about Donald Sterling and his racist remarks to his girlfriend V. Stiviano. The anchor Zubin Mehenti, said, “Doc Rivers, the coach of the Clippers, is African-American. Their biggest free agent acquisition, Chris Paul, is African-American. Reverend Jackson, how do you reconcile Sterling making these comments considering so many people that he is around are African-American and all these players have signed free agent contracts to play for his team?”

JACKSON: Well, if he objectifies them and sees them as persons, it’s about winning, it’s about money and not about their dignity, which is also important. If we’re just going from picking cotton balls to picking basketballs without the dignity of a relationship between worker and owner, then we’re not making progress.

RUSH: No, we’re not making progress. No, no, no. The guys playing for Donald Sterling and the Clippers making $20 million a year haven’t moved an inch forward from their predecessors picking cotton. You see? The Reverend Jackson actually wants us to believe this! See, so here again, Sterling doesn’t really care. “Yeah, he’s paying these guys but he doesn’t mean it.

“He’s paying these guys but he really doesn’t want to. Yeah, he’s paying these guys, but he really doesn’t like ’em. Yeah, he’s paying these guys, but he really doesn’t offer ’em any dignity! Yeah, he’s paying these guys, but he really secretly hates ’em.” It makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? A guy that’s owned this team since 1981 is doing all this stuff he hates, paying all these people all of this money, and he really hates ’em.

He’s just nothing but an old cotton farmer who’s got these players picking basketballs instead of picking cotton. There you have the Reverend Jackson moving the nation forward off of this issue. (interruption) What do you mean, “How do you offer somebody dignity?” I don’t think they care. They’re playing basketball. They want the opportunity to play basketball.

He shows up at all the games; he goes to the locker room now and then. They have made… This is my point: Nobody has made any effort to keep him at arm’s distance. He shows up at the games and it doesn’t affect the way they play. They haven’t walked out. They haven’t. They haven’t protested anything. “If he objectifies ’em and sees ’em as persons, it’s about winning…”

So Sterling, “Yeah, he cares about winning but he just uses them, see? He doesn’t care about ’em as people.”

This is how the whole left wing operates. They grant themselves the purest of intentions and then question everybody else’s, deny everybody else’s. But how do you…? (chuckling) “If we’re just gonna go from picking cotton balls to picking basketballs without the dignity of a relationship then we’re not making progress”? See, this is where it all breaks down, because we have made I don’t know how much progress.

You’ve got a black president. You’ve got a black attorney general. You’ve got the wealthiest TV performer in American history is a African-American woman. That would be The Oprah. Some of the wealthiest Americans are African-American now. “Yeah, Rush, but they’re just athletes.” What difference does that make? We’re gonna start qualifying it now? Some of the wealthiest white people are athletes, too.

Doesn’t the Reverend Jackson have a record of attacking Jewish people? What was it he said about New York City? He called it what? Yeah, “Hymietown.” That’s right. He called it Hymietown. But, see, the Reverend Jackson went and prayed with who? Bill Clinton? No, it was Clinton who prayed with Jackson over Monica and the stain on the dress. Who did Jackson go pray to for forgiveness over calling New York “Hymietown”?

It wouldn’t have been a rabbi.

Maybe it was. I don’t know.

But, see, this is how they all can get away with it, and they’re still able to run their shakedowns with the Monochrome Coalition and the National Action Network. How many millions in back taxes does the Reverend Sharpton still owe? He’s getting an award, a lifetime achievement award from the NAALCP LA branch. Yeah, Reverend Jackson’s “Hymietown” scandal was when he said he was sick and tired of hearing about the Holocaust.

That’s what it was.

That’s what he said.


RUSH: This is all the Democrats have for this reelection, folks, is race — and if you haven’t noticed, Democrat projected turnout way down, particularly among single women and minorities. So that’s what this is. It’s fallen into their lap, but this is all they’ve got. You take a look all the time spent on what Donald Sterling said and compare it, say, to the number, and you will see. What is that “game” that people run around…? (interruption)

Knockout. How about all of the shootings in Chicago where young black kids have been shot dead? How much time has any of that gotten versus what Sterling said on tape? We all know what’s going on here. We all know. It’s the low-information voter. What’s going on here is voter turnout for the midterm election in November among minorities. That’s what the media and all these guests on TV are ginning up via Sterling ’cause they’ve all known it. I’m telling you, this is not news to anybody in the sports community or real estate community in Los Angeles.

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