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RUSH: We’ll go to LA. This is Bill. Welcome, sir. You’re up first. It’s great to have you on the program today. Hi.

CALLER: Hey! Thanks, Rush. It’s nice talking to you. Listen, I’m extremely offended by this Sterling story, because why wasn’t everybody up in arms when Harry Reid made his racist statement? I’m African-American. I’m extremely offended.

RUSH: Which racist statement? (crosstalk) Whoa, whoa! Hold it. Which racist statement of Harry Reid’s are you referring to?

CALLER: Well, he made a couple. I don’t remember the last one, but he made a statement about the way Obama speaks.

RUSH: Oh, saying he can employ “the Negro dialect” any time he wants.

CALLER: Absolutely right.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Why did Obama rush to his aid and keep him from losing his job?

RUSH: The cause!

CALLER: He’s still in office.

RUSH: The cause. The cause above all. Why did Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw circle the wagons Dan Rather an awards dinner after he did a fake story on Bush and the National Guard? To protect the movement.

CALLER: Absolutely, and they’re hypocrites. They’re all hypocrites. Magic, Arsenio, all of ’em who made statements are hypocrites, because no one was up in arms about Harry Reid, and I’m still upset about that.

RUSH: Why is Magic a hypocrite?

CALLER: Well, I mean, he comes out… You know, he’s running for mayor or something at one point, so he’s in the political arena. So why didn’t he call for Harry Reid’s resignation?

RUSH: Well, you know, Bill, let me ask you. You’re in LA. What gets me about this, if I know how long this has been going on — and I don’t live in LA. If I am familiar enough with who Donald Sterling is, what he’s done, what he said, then certainly Magic Johnson has to know. Certainly all these people have to know that this is not anything knew that they learned on Saturday.

CALLER: Absolutely. I knew this for years.

RUSH: Well, of course. That’s my point. Everybody in LA that pays attention to sports — and the people in sports that make LA sports — have known this. Even outside sports they know, given Sterling’s housing development scandals.

CALLER: Absolutely. They’re a bunch of hypocrites, as far as I’m concerned. So why is Harry Reid still in office?

RUSH: Well, you know, I —

CALLER: Nobody called for him to lost his job.

RUSH: Bill, I gotta tell you something. I like you. You are laser focused on Harry Reid. I really like it.

CALLER: Well, absolutely.

RUSH: (laughing) I love that!

CALLER: Because the man’s a racist. I mean, he made racist statements, so why is he still in office?

RUSH: He’s permitted.

CALLER: Absolutely!

RUSH: He’s permitted because he’s a Democrat.

CALLER: So they pick and choose the racists that they still want to associate with.

RUSH: It’s the cause, man. You know it as well as I do. Thanks, Bill.

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