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RUSH: This is Jennifer in Lancaster, Ohio. Thank you for waiting. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush, for having me. I wanted to make two points about the sound bite you played at the top of the first hour where he had said that you don’t really believe all the things you say on the show; you just say it to gin up your listeners. I think the first point is, when we’re naive about someone, when we don’t know, we’re ignorant to a person, we assume people are the way we are. So, because that’s how they are on the left, they don’t really believe it, and, you know, that’s just part of their script. That’s part of their shtick. It’s part of their spiel. So that’s what they assume that you are because they really don’t know.

RUSH: So you think that they’re projecting on me the fact that they really don’t believe what they claim to believe?

CALLER: I think so. And that’s the second part of my point. You had someone on months ago, and I don’t know if it was someone who wrote a book or just, you know, a very articulate caller. But they articulated this point so well and it stuck with me, that not just the left, but in lots of political arenas, when someone truly believes in something and they accept it and they own it as part of who they are, that person then allows other people to be free to have different opinions or disagree with them because it doesn’t bother them because they truly believe in what they — you know, whatever the issue is.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: The left does not believe anything. They are constantly bullied and pressured into vocalizing and saying and acting in a certain way that’s so PC, and they have to cave constantly. And it makes them so angry at us, who will not cave, and that’s why they’re so angry. We will not cave. We believe in what we believe in, and so they do not understand that. That’s why they’re angry.

RUSH: Well, now, this is fascinating to me because I think, in discussing this, we’re gonna have to admit that there are varying degrees and kinds of liberals. You’ve got the true believers and the leaders, and then you’ve got the rank-and-file, the Asian carp —

CALLER: Agreed.

RUSH: And then you’ve got the followers. They’re just trying to be cool, trying to be hip.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And in every different group of liberalism there are differing or varying degrees of belief. I think that there are a lot of liberals who believe everything they say, but I think —

CALLER: But not the majority of them. They don’t. They have to go along to get along because they can’t handle the pressure. They can’t accept being called different or, you know, just like the way they attack us and they —

RUSH: Well, no, the point —

CALLER: They can’t articulate their point.

RUSH: No, no. Look, it’s a really great point to say that anybody who is utterly confident of what they believe will be totally open to other ideas. And in fact —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — enjoy discussing them with people. You’re absolutely right about. If you are totally confident in what you believe, you don’t care, bring ’em on. You’ll be glad to take a shot at it and try to change their mind. Or you’ll be happy to tell ’em why you think what you think. And your point is, leftists don’t want to go there. They can’t go there because they can’t explain. All they want to do is silence any opposition.

CALLER: That’s correct.

RUSH: And I understand, particularly in young people, the peer pressure, for example, to support gay rights I’m sure is intense on college campus. And the peer pressure to be pro-choice and support abortion, I am sure the peer pressure is all over the place on this. And if you have liberals who are wishy-washy and are totally obsessed with what people think of them, then, yeah, they’re gonna go with the flow. Whatever they think the majority opinion is on something they’ll go with it and take the path of least resonance, which is essentially what you’re saying they do. And then when it comes time for them to explain what they believe, they can’t, is basically your point, right?

CALLER: That’s part of my point. Not only can they not articulate their position because they truly don’t have one, you know, they’re just accepting, caving to pressure, but not just not being able to articulate their point, but truly being angry — you know, when you see people on, you know, any — be able to tell someone from the left or someone from the right, you know, where they truly get angry. I think that anger comes from not a righteous indignation and, “Well, I really feel like this is the right issue so, you know, I’m on the right side of this issue.” So it’s truly angry because they really don’t — again, they haven’t truly accepted it, so they don’t understand that there can be differences of opinion, and that’s the anger.

RUSH: Well, here’s the risk that we’re running if you think they don’t really believe. See, I think that it’d be much easier to change their minds if they really didn’t believe it. I think it’s a little bit more complicated than this. I mean, A, there’s a massive desire on the part of the left to just shut up people who don’t agree with them.

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: They don’t even want to consider there’s an opposition. But you say it’s because they have no confidence in what they believe themselves.

CALLER: Well, I’m not saying that the top, you know, some of the leadership in the party or, you know, some of the hard-core, you were just talking about the 3%, some of the really hard-core leftists. I think they believe it. But, you know, the Millennials. I see so many of these memes on Facebook, from, you know, the Millennials, and they’ll go straight from, you know, conservative meme to a leftist, left-leaning meme, and I’m like, “You don’t even understand both sides of the issue. You’re here, but you can’t argue both sides of it. You really don’t know.” They buy into the low-information argument, and the crowd —

RUSH: Okay, about that.

CALLER: — and they really can’t articulate it.

RUSH: Thanks much for the call.


RUSH: Let me explain my hesitation in speaking to our last caller. Aside from the fact that she can’t hear me when I’m talking ’cause of our phones. I’ll never understand this, but with our phone system, the callers can’t hear me (or else they just keep talking over me, whichever’s the case). But nevertheless, when you are going to posit the opinion, put forth the opinion liberals don’t really believe what they believe, that’s dangerous.

Because it makes them sound not quite as… Let’s put it this way: It makes them sound a little bit more harmless than they are, and I don’t think it’s accurate to say they don’t believe it. Now, I understand with certain levels of liberalism, you’ve got the low-information. I think the low-information voting bloc out there is not even ideological. The low-information, they’re just like one of my dogs.

They’re just happily running around absorbing what happens with their mouths open all the time and their tongues hanging out — and whatever happens, happens, and that’s it. You’ve got another level that thinks they know it all. The more they’ve been educated, the more arrogant they become about it. You’ve got the fascists on the left. They’re the ones who spearhead the effort to silence any opposition, and why do they silence the opposition?

This goes to her theory. Well, if you’ll really confident about what you believe, you don’t care whether people disagree with you. If you’re really confident, you’ll take ’em on; you’ll be happy to discuss things with ’em. The left is not eager to do that. It’s not, I think, in a majority case, because they really don’t believe it. I think it stems more from an attitude of superiority than inferiority.

I think a vast majority of them just think they’re better. What they believe “is,” and there isn’t any alternative to it. Life’s easier that way if you don’t have to debate. Again, depending the age, look at what they’ve experienced growing up and what they’ve been taught and what they’ve been exposed to. But the reason I was hesitant is because I think it’s dangerous to assume that they don’t really believe it.

Believe what? “The most important thing to tackle that they believe is?” Well, it’s hard to categorize one thing, but these are not people that believe in freedom. They may think they believe in it, but they don’t. They’re totally opposed to it. They are all for the massive use of government force to make sure people conform. That’s dangerous. That’s not something that’s just lack of confidence, although it may be an ingredient.

But I think of people who don’t really believe what they believe as being ripe for persuasion. These people aren’t. They are far more dangerous than just people who are not confident about what they believe. That’s why I constantly, you know, pound this desk hoping that people will learn what people’s ideology means in terms of defining them, telling people who liberals are.

If more and more people understood what a liberal is, more people would have known what Obama was gonna do. It’s just an oft-told lament of mine, and it remains one of the primary objectives here, is to ramp up the number of people who know. ‘Cause, I’m telling you: Everything the left does is political. Everything. Everything they do is rooted in their ideology. Everything.


RUSH: Here’s Mary Jo, Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I’m calling regarding your previous female caller who said that liberals don’t really believe the ideas that they put forward.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And you said that you think they do in some ways, and I just wanted to point out a few ideas, or a few areas where you can see that they really don’t. They push equal pay for women, but even in the White House, Obama’s administration does not pay women an equal salary to men. Look at prominent environmentalists.

RUSH: Okay, okay. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Now, this is fascinating. I’m glad that you called, because you have to understand: It would be perfectly conceivable and understandable for Obama to firmly believe that everybody else should be paying men and women equally, but the liberals at the top of the food chain are gonna exempt themselves from their own policies every chance they get. So in that sense you might say they don’t really believe it. I can see you making the point.

CALLER: But, Rush, if somebody believes —

RUSH: They use force. They use force to institute all this stuff on everybody else.

CALLER: But if you believe something, you live according to what you believe. That is the definition of a believer, whether you’re talking about Christianity or anything. If you believe something, you live according to what you believe.

RUSH: Okay, then according to you, Obama doesn’t realize believe all this nonsense about global warming because how much greenhouse gas he emits when he travels around?

CALLER: Exactly. Exactly. Or, those who are opposed to guns. You have prominent politicians, and you have the Hollywood elite, and they don’t go anywhere without their private security, and their private security people have guns on them to protect them.

RUSH: But wait a minute. You don’t believe that they really believe you shouldn’t have yours? They do believe it. They’re hypocrites. They’re elitists.

CALLER: That’s exactly right. But if you’re a hypocrite you don’t believe. You don’t believe. The thing is, they measure success by controlling other people.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And a believer measures success by living according to the truth that they hold dear.

RUSH: Well, in the romantic version, yeah. Look, I gotta break. Can you hang on through the break, Mary Jo?


RUSH: Good. Thank you.


RUSH: Back now to Mary Jo in Grand Rapids, Michigan. So, Mary Jo, let me ask you a question.

CALLER: Okay. (chuckles)

RUSH: No, no. Seriously now. You’ve made the point that Obama probably doesn’t believe really in equal pay for women because he doesn’t pay women equally, and he probably doesn’t really believe in climate change because of all the greenhouse gas that he creates with all the emissions flying around. He’s doing more damage to the environment than any 30 citizens combined. So he really doesn’t believe this stuff. Now, if you are a listener here, would I be more effective in talking about these people…? Just your opinion. There’s no wrong answer here. Would I be more effective if I were to say, “Folks, these people don’t even really believe it,” and then use these examples?

CALLER: Not necessarily. Because I think the idea is, they may think they believe it, and other people are convinced they believe it. But, again, you just need to educate people that they love power, that they want to control you, that they don’t want you to make your decisions for yourself.

RUSH: See, that’s the thing. Whether they really believe it or not is not the point. They are going to do whatever it takes to make you believe it.


RUSH: Or to make you act on it or to live by it or under it, whether they believe it or not.


RUSH: It sort of skirts by the main point if you get into a semantics discussion about, you know, whether they’re hypocrites or whether they believe it or not. ‘Cause, like I say, there are all different levels of liberals. You’ve got just the blind-bat followers who just don’t have any idea what they’re doing. Then you’ve got the top of the scale.

You’ve got the organizational leaders, the community organizers, the Saul Alinskys and the acolytes like Hillary and Obama who are inspiring all those brain-dead yokels that are posting comments on websites all over the country, social-media types, who are responding to peer pressure and so forth. The point is, whether they believe it or not, they are hell-bent on making sure everybody else does.

CALLER: Exactly. Exactly. We have five daughters, Rush. They’re ages three to 12, and I do not have to spend all my time telling them why what these people believe is wrong. I just have to tell them about the ideology that they follow. I explain to them why they do what they do, and they can see it for themselves.

Once you explain to them why people do what they do, they can identify it in environmentalism. They can identify it in the economy. They can identify it in social issues. So I don’t need to go through every issue and say, “This isn’t a fact. This isn’t a fact. This isn’t a fact.” I just have to teach them what the ideology is that they’re following.

RUSH: How do you do that with a…? Your kids between three and 12. Take the 12-year-old. How do you teach her about ideology?

CALLER: Well, we homeschool. So we have the opportunity all day long to talk about these things, and your books have been great for helping lead to those discussions, too. But whether they hear a news story on the radio or they read something in a news magazine, we can just dissect it, and dissect the issue, and talk about it.

RUSH: See, that is exactly what I think needs to happen. So your kids are gonna grow up instantly able to spot a liberal when they see one or hear one or read one, and they’re going to instinctively have red flags raised as a result.

CALLER: Exactly. So they don’t need to know, “Well, that is a liberal.” What they need to know and what they need identify is what my dad would call “stinkin’ thinkin’,” and that’s what it is. You don’t need to know they’re a liberal or if they’re a conservative. You need to know that that thinking is not coherent. It’s stinkin’ thinkin’. It doesn’t make sense. Let’s break it apart and look at the truth, and then they can see what it is that they’re dealing with.

RUSH: Well, I agree with that. I just think labels help.

CALLER: It does. They know what the word “liberal” means and “conservative” means, and they can identify it, but the thing is, they don’t just have to slap a label. They can say, this is wrong —

RUSH: Oh, no.

CALLER: — because —

RUSH: I understand.

CALLER: — A, B, and C.

RUSH: They know the intricacies of the ideology, so therefore “liberal” is how you, in one word, explain what the ideology is.


RUSH: Or identify it, not explain it, but you identify it. That’s the point. And that’s what I don’t think is being taught. I don’t think there’s any ideological education. The liberals especially are opposing it. The last thing in the world they want to be called is liberal. They lose elections when they’re called liberals. They have. The Republicans have stopped doing it, you’ll note, for whatever reason. But that’s why they come up with terms like “moderate” or “progressive.” “Liberal” is instant trouble in an election for a genuine liberal. It’s been the case for years, and it still is. They still run away from it.

Anyway, Mary Jo, I appreciate your call and hanging on through the break, and thank you for the reference to the two books in your homeschool curriculum. I really appreciate that. Thank you much. The Rush Revere books. You hear that? You hear that reference? Used in the curriculum, no doubt, of American history.


RUSH: Do you think Algore believes his own movie and books on climate change? (interruption) Why not? (interruption) The answer has been proffered that Algore is simply in it for the money. You mean it’s Algore who’s really the one saying things he doesn’t believe just to profit personally? That’s what you think? (interruption) Okay. Well, yes. The polar bear stuff is not true.

But again, coming back to the same theory, if Algore really believed it, where’s the leadership? Where is the Algore lifestyle that shows everybody how to do it? Where is Algore parking his private plane? Where is Algore living totally off of solar or wind? Instead, Algore’s got a huge condo in San Francisco. He’s got a big mansion in Tennessee somewhere. He’s running three massive 30-inch computer monitors. He’s probably got Mac Pros now with 4K, 32-inch jobs using a lot of power.

It is a good question. They’re all hip. And none of the elite left — I mean, look at the all the environmentalist wackos in Hollywood. But they are not parking their plans. They will drive a Prius to the airport to get on their plane. People won’t see ’em get on the plane or flying on the plane, but they’ll see ’em driving the Prius. So they engage in all this phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roller show stuff for the public. But they don’t really live it. And if they don’t, why should you? It is an interesting question. There’s no doubt about it. They are all total hypocrites. And Obama does not pay women equally in the White House. He doesn’t. And if you look at abortion, I mean, who isn’t — well, I don’t want even to go there. I don’t have time to develop this fully. But, I mean, do any of them go out and actually get abortions, or is that just something that you’re supposed to do?

They write books about how wonderful, important and liberating it is. But do you see them doing it? Well, yeah, some of their authors do it, write about it and all that. But it’s largely a collection of elitist hypocrites. This has been common for the left from the get-go, and that is they always exempt themselves from every policy or law that they write for everybody else.

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