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RUSH: Chuck Barkley’s in trouble. Well, “trouble.” Yeah, he said something. He basically insulted the women of San Antonio, called ’em fat. (interruption) Did you say “are they”? Are the women of San Antonio fat? I’ve been to San Antonio a bunch of times, I never particularly noticed if the women there are fat. I saw a couple. But in terms of the whole female population being fat and obese, no, I never got that impression. Chuck did.

“Charles Barkley went to town like usual when breaking down the overweight (in his opinion) women of San Antonio during ‘Inside the NBA’ on TNT Tuesday. The comments came before Game 1 of the Spurs’ series with the Portland Trail Blazers, a series in which Chuck picked the Blazers to win because he doesn’t believe in San Antonio’s ‘old guys.’ After Chuck gave his pick, one of the guys on the set wound him up by asking him for his opinion on San Antonio women.” Believe me, this happened in the production meeting. If that question was asked during an NBA pregame show, they talked about it in the production meeting. So Chuck was ready for it.

So they asked Chuck Barkley’s opinion of San Antonio women. “That question just opened the flood gates for jokes that Chuck has used over the years, and he brought them all back up. And now he’s facing the music,” it says here. “The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance –” You ever heard of that group? (interruption) You have? Aw, come on, I’ve got two people claiming they’ve heard of the group.

“The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance wants Chuck to apologize for his comments, which included saying there are some ‘big ‘ol women’ in San Antonio and that it’s a ‘gold mine for Weight Watchers,’ for whom he is a spokesperson. ‘Making slurs about body size is just as offensive as making comments about body color,’ spokesperson Peggy Howell told TMZ Sports. ‘One would think being a black man, he’d be more sensitive to having his physical body criticized. It’s totally out of line. He should absolutely apologize.'”

Totally out of line! Chuck should absolutely apologize.

“In addition to the Fat Acceptance group, the President of the Obesity Action Coalition issued a statement about being disappointed with Barkley. ‘As a former NBA player and sports entertainment figure, Mr. Barkley should encourage equality and respect among society and not look to shame or segment one population because of their size. Obesity is a serious medical condition and not a joking matter.'”

Well, you know, Chuck’s no Mr. Svelte himself, if anybody has noticed. But the headline says “obesity and fat groups,” as though there’s a difference. I just don’t know that Chuck is gonna have to apologize. People like Chuck don’t have to apologize. People like Chuck are celebrated when they do stuff like this. Courageous, bold, you tell ’em, Chuck. Oh, he was just making a joke. Come on, folks, everybody knows Chuck, he didn’t really mean anything by it. We’re back to the old intentions thing.


RUSH: Grab sound bite number 24. This is Chuck actually saying it. I just got an e-mail from a friend. “Will Chuck be banned? Will Chuck be temporarily suspended? Will Chuck be sent to reeducation camp? Will Chuck be told he needs to be more sensitive to women’s body images and…?” Hell, no! There’s no way, folks.

Just like I told you — and I’m gonna get to this in due course. I predicted to you back on February 18th this year when Monica first for some reason surfaced, “The young, the Millennials are gonna think all of that is very cool. The whole thing — Lewinsky with Clinton in the Oval Office — is gonna be seen as cool. It isn’t going to be seen as anything negative to a bunch of people.

You are going to hear how right I was about that.

Here’s Barkley on TNT Tuesday night, Inside the NBA. Chuck Barkley and analyst Kenny Smith are talking about the women in San Antonio. I want to tell you again: For Chuck to even be asked the question, one of two things to happen. Either Chuck was running around cracking jokes about the women of San Antonio before the show and somebody said, “You know what, Chuck? We should ask you about that on the air.”

Or they decided to do it in a production meeting, ’cause I don’t know what fat women has to do with the NBA. Especially now. V. Stiviano is not fat. Sterling… Well, he is, but he’s not a woman. (We don’t think.) So this thing had to be planned. They wanted this to happen, is the point. That’s what I mean by having discussed it in a production meeting. It goes by fast. It takes 11 seconds is all it is.

BARKLEY: Big ol’ women down there.

HOSTS: (guffawing)

SMITH: Why would you say that?

BARKLEY: That’s a gold mine for Weight Watchers, and Victoria’s definitely a secret!

HOSTS: (guffawing)

SMITH: Oh, man!

HOSTS: (yukking it up)

BARKLEY: They can’t wear no Victoria’s Secret down there.

RUSH: Yeah, so it’s Chuck doing his stand-up act. “Victoria’s a secret down there. They definitely can’t wear no Victoria’s Secret down there. They’re big! They’re big! Victoria’s definitely a secret.” I can’t believe anybody’s seriously outraged. (Oh, yeah, I can. Yeah, I take it back. People are living out there to be offended.) But nothing’s gonna happen to Chuck. Nothing at all, other than Chuck’s gonna end up more in demand. Chuck is gonna be thought to be even funnier and clever, and even more shows are gonna want Chuck on to find out what he thinks about whatever.

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