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RUSH: He wasn’t drafted yesterday, the openly gay Michael Sam, and now there’s panic throughout the media wondering if he will be. Don’t doubt me on this. He’s going to be drafted.

He’s gonna get drafted today. I just hope it’s by the Redskins. (interruption) What are you shaking your head for? Anyway, he’s gonna get drafted. There’s no mystery to this. He will get drafted. (interruption) I was not surprised it took 22 picks to get to Manziel. In fact, the homeless made the pick in Cleveland, did you hear about that? The owner of the Browns, Jimmy Haslam, a man I have met on the sidelines in Pittsburgh when he was a partial owner of the Steelers, said that a homeless guy in Cleveland told him — this is according to Sal Paolantonio at ESPN.

Paolantonio reported this somewhat seriously, somewhat as a joke, but he said the owner of the Browns, Jimmy Haslam, said a homeless guy told him to draft Manziel. And from that Haslam assumed that the Cleveland fan base wanted Manziel so he went out and got Manziel. So I think the Browns need to hire this homeless guy and put him in charge of the pro player personnel department. ‘Cause his demand was met. (interruption) No, I wasn’t surprised that Manziel took a while. I’m not surprised at anything that happens in the draft.

I don’t care what they tell you. It’s all potluck. I mean, you look at the first-round draft choices over the years that don’t make it. I mean, for all the expertise and all the time they put into it, you’re still talking about human beings, and, despite what every thinks, everybody’s different. And no matter how you test people, and no matter how you try to categorize them, no matter how you psychoanalyze ’em, do all this — in fact, who was it? The Browns spent a hundred thousand dollars on a psychoanalysis of some player and it came out good and they ended up not taking him. I think it was the Browns.

The idea that anybody knows for certain — I mean, the best draft in the history of the National Football League was the Pittsburgh Steelers, 1974. Nobody’s gotten close to that draft before or since. Well, it was Lynn Swann, Jack Lambert, Mike Webster, five of those draft picks are in the Hall of Fame. That’s just never happened before. I don’t mean to be leaving people out. I’m just having a brief mental block here.


RUSH: Uh-oh. Uh-oh. CBS News out of St. Louis. An unnamed NFL executive has been quoted, he’s unnamed, and it better stay that way — an unnamed NFL executive quoted as saying Michael Sam “is not a really good athlete.” (gasping) No! Whoever that guy is, he better hope and pray that journalist is willing to go to jail to protect his sources. Ohhh, man, because Michael Sam wasn’t drafted yesterday. And that means he’s going to be drafted today. No matter how it happens, it’s gonna happen. I said I hope it’s the Redskins.

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