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RUSH: The Nigerian officials say that the Boko Haram leader, Shekau, is dead. “Three weeks after hundreds of teenage girls were abducted while taking exams, it remains unclear how many girls were taken, who they are, who did it, at what time, and exactly how.”

This story, I tell you, we spent a lot of time on this story yesterday, and the upshot of it was that Hillary and Obama and Kerry, the State Department, the United States government, is blaming the Nigerian government for this and that the purpose of the hashtag is to bring pressure on the Nigerian government.

It’s a Christian government. Remember, now, American leftists believe — and, by the way, this same theory holds on the release of these 36,000 really cutthroat prisoners that Obama has just okayed. This is a federal sanctioned prison break! And it’s the same ideological thinking that allows or rather dictates that Obama let 36,000 illegals out of jail. It’s the same ideological thinking that triumphs here in the Boko Haram story.

The Regime and leftists around the world believe that militant Islam is not militant because it is militant. It’s been made militant by the United States and our policies in the Middle East, the Christian government of Nigerian, basically governments oppressing these poor people mired in poverty, and they are reacting with violent outbursts. That’s the justification, the explanation for militant Islam, jihad, and groups like Al-Qaeda.

This story about the Boko Haram leader dead? Listen…

“Three weeks after hundreds of teenage girls were abducted while taking exams, it remains unclear how many girls were taken, who they are, who did it, at what time, and exactly how. On the same day that a man looking nearly identical to Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau released a video of 100 girls kidnapped by his group — the official Nigerian response in the nationÂ’s capital was to claim that Mr. Shekau is dead.”

“Actually, the government’s position is that Shekau has been dead for some time — a position widely seen here as a form of counter-propaganda designed to dispirit Boko Haram members,” by trying to tell ’em their leader is dead. Well, wouldn’t they know, at least the ones in his close orb? “Nigerian authorities also said today that its security forces are ‘interacting with experts … all over the world’ to find the girls.

“Yet they remained unable to say how many girls were missing: ‘The federal government is setting up a committee’ to find out the number, said one official in Abuja, Mike Omeri.” Oh, that’s one. They’re gonna set up a committee. The Nigerian government’s gonna set up a committee to find out how many girls are actually missing.

“Such lack of information a month into the kidnapping of the girls as they were taking exams, combined with claims of Shekau’s death — viewed with skepticism — have fanned indignation at the government and brought ongoing protests.” So you see how this is all shaking out now? Boko Haram are not the bad guys; they never have been.

Certainly in the eyes of Mrs. Clinton or John Kerry, Barack Obama, or official US government positions they are not the bad guy. The Nigerian government is. This story in the Christian Science Monitor here is implying that the Nigerian government is complicit in the kidnapping. If you read the whole thing, that’s the point of this story.

Once again, Boko Haram are victims in their own way — victims of government oppression, victims of who knows what — and they’re reacting in the only way they know how. And we must appease these people because they’re nothing more than members of the oppressed around the world to whom the United States reaches out in solidarity. (interruption) “We gotta understand them.” Exactly.

We have to understand why Boko Haram’s mad.

We have to understand their rage. Folks, I know that you’re probably not getting this take too many other places. You see the hashtag and Boko Haram is the bad guys and we’re doing everything we can. That’s the official US government position and the media position now, but that’s not way it is. This story’s a great example of how a lot of people in the Drive-Bys are blaming the Christian government and the Nigerian military instead of the terrorists.

A lot of this article — and I’m not gonna read the whole thing to you. Just don’t doubt me here. I’ve summarized it for you. Much of this article is spent throwing doubt… I’m not kidding. Are you ready for this? If you read the whole thing, you will finish asking yourself, “Well, maybe they weren’t even really kidnapped.” This article in the Christian Science Monitor throws doubt on whether they were even abducted.

They blame the government for letting the school be open, the school where they were, the implication the government might have been complicit in their abduction, if that in fact is what happened here. The fact that the leader of Boko Haram has claimed responsibility doesn’t mean anything ’cause these guys always brag, and they’re always wanting to be famous.

They’re always trying to get credit for things they didn’t do, so you gotta take what he says with a grain of salt — especially since this guy, the leader of Boko Haram, is on record as having said, quote, “crazy things before.” Here, let me give you a sample here from the article. Quote: “This is a man who threatened to kill former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher from his hideout in northeastern Nigeria more than six months after she died,” close quote.

So he’s a Froot Loop, he’s a nutcase, he’s a wacko. We can’t depend on anything he says. He’s besides that. We’ve gotta understand why these people are mad. Here’s the paragraph that ends the article: “At a protest this week in the capital, Abubakar Sani, a civil servant and a father, sat quietly on the sidelines while the crowd sang: ‘All we are saying is ‘Bring back our girls. Alive. Now.’

“‘It’s something that can happen to anybody,’ said Sani. ‘It’s necessary that we come out and demonstrate so the government will know how we feel.'” So you see, in the eyes of a parent, it is the government. They are protesting the government and demanding that the government return “our girls.” Score another victory for the Obama Regime. Score another victory for the State Department.

The Islamic militants are getting a pass.

The Christian Nigerian government is getting the blame.

And the Boko Haram leader is so ragtag, so out of it, that he threatened to kill Margaret Thatcher six months after she had died. “These people, we have to understand their rage. They are oppressed by this government; that’s why we didn’t declare them a terrorist group.” So against all that we got this hashtag out there, #BringBackOurGirls, which is designed to ratchet up emotion and to make the people that get behind the hashtag think that caring and emotion are all it takes; that’s all you have to do.

And in liberalism, it is.

That’s all you have to do.

All you have to do is care.

Well, you don’t even have to care. You just have to say you do; it can be as symbolic as you want it to be.


RUSH: Okay. I don’t think the hashtag has worked as intended, and you know why? Because all over the Drive-By Media are stories now that are written to defend Hillary, to defend John Kerry, to defend Obama, and to defend the government for not declaring Boko Haram — or “Har-ahm” (I’m gonna say “Hair-um” just ’cause I just like it better) — a terrorist group.

So this is about so much more than that silly hashtag, and that was my point from the get-go. The hashtag doesn’t even begin to cover this. But it does. For a lot of people it’s the beginning and end of it. But here, Dana Milbank, in the Washington Post. “Birth of a Scandal: Blaming Hillary Clinton for Nigerian Kidnappings.”

It quotes a bunch of people, including me and Megyn Kelly on Fox and former congressman Allen West and what we’ve said about this — how unfair it is and how shortsighted it is — and blaming Hillary. Then there’s these two paragraphs. “[W]hile the rest of humanity reacts with revulsion, American conservatives have searched for ways to blame the kidnappings on” Hillary.

No, we haven’t. What we’re… (laughing) Jeez!

We’re trying to make sure that the blame gets apportioned to the right people. All we’re asking is why in the world is a terrorist group not so designated? Why does this administration want to appease militant Islam? That’s the only question we’re asking. I don’t think Hillary had anything to do with the kidnapping here, but at the same time I don’t think the Nigerian government did.

It’s clear what’s going on here.

There’s an attempt to appease yet another militant Islamic group and another effort to blame the Nigerian government. By the way, I’m looking. I’m trying to find this. Do you remember, ladies and gentlemen, oh, within the past month, how outraged our State Department got and our president got at the president of Uganda because he announced very strict policies on homosexuality, which did not and do not comport with the enlightened, advanced view of homosexuality found here?

We dumped all over that guy in Uganda, and this guy backtracked and whatever. We creamed this guy. Now, Snerdley tells me that Nigeria did the same thing at the same time, in January. In fact, they were first. They were before Uganda, and the president of Uganda is this guy named Goodluck Jonathan. (That’s not a salutation. That is his name.)

In January (I’m looking for the backup here), the Nigerian government also came up with some policies on homosexuality which were not approved of here. A few short months later, all of a sudden the Nigerian government is this bad bunch of people that are responsible for a bunch of girls getting kidnapped, and they’re trying to lay it off on this poor terrorist group that we didn’t even call a terrorist group.

So it may appear that there is some payback going on here. Until I can say that definitively I’ll hold off on it but it remains a possibility. We’re doing the research even now to confirm the fact that Nigeria was into some of what we would consider to be anti-gay policies back in January. So anyway, Dana Milbank writes, “[W]hile the rest of humanity reacts with revulsion, American conservatives have searched for ways to blame the kidnappings on” Hillary.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. We, too, are revulsed. We’re revulsed twice. We conservatives… I’ll choose to speak for most of them. We conservatives are revulsed by the acts of Al-Qaeda and militant Islam wherever. We’re also revulsed by the appeasement of this Regime of militant Islam, and we’re also revulsed at the lack of substance in the hashtag policy to get them back.


RUSH: Weeeell. Look what I have here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. Story from January 14th. This is Cybercast News Service and it’s repeated all over Twitter. “Kerry ‘Deeply Concerned’ By Nigeria’s Ban on Same-Sex Marriage.”

Then over here: “Nigerian Anti-Gay Law Prompts Arrests, International Condemnation – Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan quietly signed into law [in January] a parliamentary action banning same-sex marriage,” and then after that the Ugandans got in on it and the US government freaked. I mean, they blew up. They read the riot act to these two countries, and now, not even five months later, guess what?

The Nigerian government is in the news being blamed for the kidnapping of 300 or more girls, and the kidnapped group is being exonerated or excused because they’re oppressed. The government oppressed them and they turned them into this violent group. It makes so much sense now. It makes so much ideological sense that this would happen, that the hashtag would happen, that the left would get behind the hashtag and use it as a means of distracting everybody.

In fact, let’s see. Neil Munro at The Daily Caller: “White House: Boko Haram Is An Education Problem, Not A Jihad — White House officials are openly trying to portray the Boko Haram jihad movement as a symbolic obstacle to girls’ educational progress, instead of another murderous Islamist group that could be fought by US forces.”

So now, in The Daily Caller today, Boko Haram isn’t even a terror group. They simply are standing in the way of the education of these girls. (interruption) Because of what? (interruption) Right. Right. Well, they’ve already been converted to Islam. The Boko Haram leader, dead or alive, whoever, has announced that half of ’em have been converted to Islam and they’re gonna be sold into slavery. But it’s just an education group, you see. It’s not a terror group. It’s not an anti-women group. No, the real problem here is this bigoted, hate-filled Nigerian government, which in January banned same-sex marriage. And that encouraged the government of Uganda to try it, and both governments caught hell from the US State Department.

And now barely five months later, guess what, it is the Nigerian government to blame for all of this. Not on Twitter, not in the news, but officially. The US government position is, it’s the Nigerian government to blame. And it is in the news. It’s in the Daily Caller. It’s in the Washington Post. Here’s the Dana Milbank paragraph. After, again, erroneously writing that American conservatives have searched for ways to blame the kidnappings on Hillary while the rest of humanity reacts with revulsion — you know, we revulse at liberalism. We revulse at the media’s sycophancy here in treating this story the way they do. We are revulsed by the kidnappings and we are revulsed by the lack of substance with the stupid hashtag as a means of getting them back. And we are revulsed by this administration’s ongoing efforts to appease militant Islam and jihad. That is what revulses us.

So Dana Milbank writes, “They,” conservative, “found their opening in a decision by the State Department not to put the group [Boko Haram] on its list of foreign terrorist organizations after Boko Haram bombed U.N. headquarters in Abuja in 2011.” They bombed UN headquarters and we still wouldn’t designate them a terror group. “The FBI, the CIA and various lawmakers argued for its inclusion, but NigeriaÂ’s government, which Boko Haram is trying to topple, argued against it, as did academic experts on Nigeria.”

So Milbank says, hey, if Hillary didn’t call ’em a terror group, don’t blame her. The Nigerian government didn’t want to call ’em a terror group. Maybe they’re scared to death of ’em, too. Maybe one of the problems here is that everybody wants to appease these militant terrorists instead of confronting them. Maybe that’s the thinking, “If we just show them, okay, we won’t call them terrorists, maybe they won’t act like that anymore.” When instead it’s an invitation to keep acting that way.

So we’ve confirmed it. Kerry deeply concerned by Nigeria’s ban on same-sex marriage and Nigerian anti-gay law prompts arrests, international condemnation. And from one of the stories here: “The Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act [by President Goodluck Jonathan] criminalizes gay marriage and civil unions, imposing punishment of up to 14 years in prison for gay couples who openly display their relationship in a country where, according to polls, 98% of society shuns homosexuality as deviant behavior.

Ninety-eight percent. Carol J. Williams, LA Times. This is an LA Times story where this paragraph appears. “The Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act criminalizes gay marriage and civil unions, imposing punishment of up to 14 years in prison for gay couples who openly display their relationship in a country where, according to polls, 98% of society shuns homosexuality as deviant behavior.”

Now look where we are. Now look where we are. The Washington Post, academic experts, you name it, wherever you go in the Drive-By Media. The Christian government in Nigeria is to blame for all this, and, in fact, the Christian Science Monitor today, the government may even be complicit in kidnapping the girls. And this is only a group that’s thwarting education, Boko Haram. According to the administration, they’re just standing in the way of the girls’ education. They’re not a terror group, even though they’ve threatened to sell them into slavery.

Now, I’m telling you, the ideology that makes this possible, the left-wing ideology believes militant Islam exists because Western civilization exists. And, make no mistake, that’s their point. Western civilization, the United States, this immorally founded and unjustly founded to begin with country, then goes all over the world and imposes our corrupt views on everybody. We don’t have the right to do that.

So we have an ally in Israel, which the Middle East hates, and they hate us, and so there’s Al-Qaeda, and we’re to blame. And don’t forget, the State Department two months after 9/11 with a big forum: “Why do they hate us? What are we doing to make them hate us?” So don’t doubt me when I tell you that the left thinks we are to blame for this. That ideology that gives us this view of Nigeria, this view of militant Islam, is the same ideology that drives President Obama to demand that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement release 36,000 convicted criminal aliens who were awaiting deportation proceedings.

The group of released criminals includes those convicted of homicide — that’d be murder, for those of you in Rio Linda — sexual assault, kidnapping, aggravated assault. That’s assault where the victim was aggravated by it. And this document was prepared by ICE, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement department. A majority of the releases were not required by law and were discretionary. Not required by law. Why do we need a new immigration law? The president’s gonna do what he wants to do anyway. But what is the ideology? And believe me, all of this is politics.

What’s the ideology that drives President Obama to release people like this back into American society? And we’ll tackle that, ’cause it’s the same ideology that gives us this convoluted view of what’s happening in Nigeria, how we’re to blame for it, Christian government’s to blame for it. Militant Islamists are not to blame. They’re merely oppressed victims of a far-reaching tyranny that causes them to live in poverty, and we must understand their rage. What would you do if people treated you this way, is the way they look at it.


RUSH: Let’s go back to the archives of audio sound bites. March 18, 2014, at the State Department, Secretary of State John Kerry at a town hall meeting with university students from around the fruited plain. It’s a town hall meeting, university students. During the Q&A, the moderator, BuzzFeed foreign editor Miriam Elder asked John Kerry (who, by the way, served in Vietnam) about this back-and-forth.

ELDER: Can you outline some of the principles that the administration is ready to apply to aid to countries like Uganda that have passed anti-LGBT legislation?

KERRY: Uganda, uh, I talked personally to President [Yoweri] Museveni just a few weeks ago. And, uh, he committed to meet with, uh, some of our experts so that we could engage in a dialogue as to why what he did could not be based on any kind of science or fact, which is what he was alleging. And he welcomed that and said, “I’m happy to receive them and we can engage in that conversation,” and that’s what we’re gonna do. That’s a sort of tailored approach to that particular place, and maybe we can reach a point of reconsideration.

RUSH: “[T]hat’s what we’re gonna do. That’s a sort of tailored approach to that particular place…” Now, at the time, folks, I forget what it was, but I remember the real reason we played this sound bite back on March 18th is that there was some really bad stuff going on in the world somewhere, and this is what was on Kerry’s mind. It might have been something going on in the Middle East.

There was some real violence, real international bad stuff was going on, and this is what was on Kerry’s mind, is what they were doing in Uganda. “Yeah, I talked personally to President Museveni just a few weeks ago. And, uh, he committed to meet with, uh, some of our experts so that we could engage in a dialogue as to why what he did could not be based on any kind of science or fact, which is what he was alleging.”

So we’re gonna get this guy’s mind right or else.

That was two months after Goodluck Jonathan in Nigeria pulled the same stunt. Well, in Kerry’s mind. Now, it is an ideology that drives this. In this case, in the case of Uganda, make no mistake about it. The powerful Democrat gay and lesbian donors to Obama and the Democrat Party will demand this kind of action. Wherever anti-gay whatever pops up in the world, they will demand action.

“If you want the money to keep flowing in, you better go over there and get this guy’s mind right” or whatever. The same is happening with the release of these illegal aliens. It’s the same ideology.


RUSH: I remember. How silly to forget. Back in March when John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, was harassing the government of Uganda over their anti-gay marriage law or whatever it was, Ukraine was happening. Putin was moving on Ukraine, Crimea, and all that. That’s why we originally did this story of Kerry talking about what’s going on there.

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