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RUSH: “Barack Obama to Host Summit on Concussions in Youth Sports — President Obama this month will host a summit at the White House devoted to the issue of concussions in youth sports, an administration official said Thursday. ‘On May 29th, President Obama will host a @WhiteHouse summit on youth sports safety and concussions,’ Cecilia Munoz, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, said on Twitter.”

Not the NBC Nightly News, not World News Tonight ABC, not the CBS Evening News. Announced it on Twitter. This is a Washington Examiner story. “Obama has already waded into the debate over the spate of concussions in the National Football League.” And he has said he would not let his own son play football. Yet he called Michael Sam and congratulated him for being drafted by the St. Louis Rams. Yeah, here it is. It even says here: “And he made headlines by suggesting that if he had a son, he would not let him play professional football.

See how this works? Here’s a guy, cannot run the VA, cannot run the Veterans Administration, cannot run Obamacare, cannot run the economy, cannot do one thing right, but he’s going to have a concussion summit at the White House for young people. See how this works? He really cares about our kids. Such a great concerned guy. At least he’s trying to help people. Not just run ’em down all day like you Republicans do. At least Obama wants to help. At least he cares. At least Obama’s concerned. There are people hurting their heads every day in school, and they’re banging ’em on the ground and in sports, and he cares, at least he cares. All you do is run people down every day. All he wants to do is help people. What’s wrong with that? How dare you be critical of this.

And that’s how it works. And that’s why in the midst of absolute helplessness, despite a hashtag, the girls have not been brought back, have they? The girls are still being held captive despite the power of the first lady’s hashtag. She held up a powerful sign and there’s been no sign of ’em. Still being held.


RUSH: I wonder if Hillary is gonna attend Obama’s concussion summit. I mean, that would be a kick in the head, wouldn’t it? Or a trip.

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