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RUSH: I want to thank Mark Steyn for sitting in yesterday. Every other year the Boys and Girls Clubs of America work with friends of mine in putting on a charity golf tournament at the site of the US Open. They charge a significant amount of money to play in this, and that’s how they raise the money, and a total of 88 people pony up the loot.

There’s a big dinner the night before. Graeme McDowell, the US Open champion 2010, was the guest. He sits for a little discussion, entertaining the troops, moderated by Tim Rosaforte of the Golf Channel. We go out and play the actual US Open course, which is set up pretty much how it’s going to be for the US Open in three weeks to a month. It’s at Pinehurst No. 2, that’s where we were. Pinehurst No. 2 is not set up yet as it’s going to be for the Open. For those of you who play golf, the greens are running at nine, or nine and a half, and they’re gonna be 12 or higher during the Open.

I’m gonna make you a prediction. For those of you that are gonna watch the US Open and care about it, the greens are going to be where the tournament’s won or lost. There’s no rough on this course. There’s a lot of junk, a lot of waste bunkers and junk in the waste bunkers and sand, but there’s no rough, which is unusual for a US Open course. The course is gonna be long for the pros and the fairways are really narrow in the landing areas, but it’s gonna be the greens. The greens are all crowned. And if you don’t hit the center of the green — I striped, oh, man I striped three or four long iron shots yesterday, ended up in the bunker. Hit five or six feet from the pin, but the pin close to the edge and it just rolled off into a bunker.

So the players that can play with precision are gonna have to, for the most part, go to the center of the greens. And you’re gonna see, I don’t think from the champions, the people that win it, but you’re gonna see people putting off these greens during the actual tournament. It’s always a thrill, though, to be able to play the US Open course set up as it’s going to be for the championship. Again, the only difference was the greens. But that’s where I was yesterday and it was a really, as it always is, fun time.

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