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RUSH: Press secretary Jay Carney, daily press briefing after Obama had his “I’m really ticked off, I’m really mad, and I’m really gonna get to the bottom of it” press conference this morning, which came after he met with Shinseki. So, at the White House press briefing the CNN correspondent, Jim Acosta: “What about criticism of his management style, Jay? Is Obama too detached from some of the nuts and bolts of running government?”

See? This is how it works. Obama goes out (imitating Obama), “I didn’t know. I am livid. I’m not tolerating this. I’m not putting up with this. This is unacceptable,” and the press swallows it. They just swallow it hook, line, and sinker. And then the question, “You know, Jay, is the president too detached from some of the nuts and bolts of running the government, is that possible? Running the administration, some of these issues catch him off guard. The health care website caught him off guard, and now this. Is it maybe legitimate to criticize his management style?” (laughing) So here’s this guy, yeah, he didn’t know about the debacle of the website, perfectly understandable. He didn’t know about the VA, perfectly understandable. Maybe it’s okay to criticize his management style, Jay?

CARNEY: If you look at how the president handles a challenge like the website and handles this challenge, he responds by demanding action. Demanding that Americans who are counting on benefits and services, whether it’s a functioning website or benefits through the VA, that they are taken care of. He expects results and he holds people accountable.

RUSH: This is absolutely unreal. This is Twilight Zone stuff. (laughing) It’s hilarious. What a bunch of boobs, totally worthless boobs. Boobs on a boar hog, we’re talking about here. Useless. (interruption) Oh, Carney, you can’t believe he can do it with a straight face? (interruption) I can. Carney thinks he’s being brilliant here. They all do. They all think this is brilliant stuff.

So basically, let me recast this. This CNN guy stands up, he’s a little worried, he said Obama didn’t know about the website, the health care website. He accepts that Obama didn’t know, three years, he didn’t know the website wasn’t working. Perfectly understandable he wouldn’t know. But then today Obama didn’t know about the VA. So maybe it’s time to ask the press secretary if it’s legitimate to criticize Obama’s management style, not criticize Obama’s competence, not to ask, “Does he know what he’s doing?” Oh, no, no. It’s his style.

Even Ron Fournier has a piece today at National Journal: the White House thinks we are stupid, meaning the press corps. And Jim Acosta is proving it. “Jay, is it time, maybe, like if Limbaugh –” — he didn’t say this. “If talk radio criticizes Obama’s management style, maybe we have to understand that because, Jay, he didn’t understand the website. He didn’t know it wasn’t working. He didn’t know the VA problem,” and this Carney answer is just classic. (imitating Carney) “Well, Jim, if you look at how the president handles a challenge like the website not working, and this challenge, the VA not working, Jim, look at what he does. He demands action. He demands that Americans who are counting on benefits and services, whether it’s from a health care website to the VA, that they’re taken care of. He demands it. He expects results. He holds people accountable.”

All right. And problem solved. What I meant, folks, by the way, I got e-mailed, “What do you mean, Rush, if you tried to survive on image? You couldn’t. They’ve destroyed your image.” That’s not what I meant. Wouldn’t it be great to have the media and everybody tell you that this was the most listened to radio show and it isn’t? That’s what I mean by buzz and PR. Not real. I couldn’t survive. My conscience wouldn’t let me.

If I had the lib media fawning all over me when my program wasn’t the most listened to but they treated me that way, I’d have to give up the ghost. But these people are totally at home and comfortable living the lie, living the image, living the buzz. The reality is something they don’t want to get anywhere near. So that was that.

Then the next one is Jonathan Karl, the ABC White House correspondent. Jonathan Karl is concerned that since Obama was obviously so passionate about this VA thing today, why didn’t he speak out sooner?

KARL: This story’s been a big story, it’s been, you know, front burner for at least a couple of weeks now, and the president hasn’t come out — obviously he feels very passionate about it, we heard that today. Why didn’t we hear that from him before today?

CARNEY: Jon, all I can say is that you heard from him today. You heard from him on his foreign trip, and he has taken actions in the interim, and he eagerly awaits the results, both of the review that Secretary Shinseki has initiated, and of the investigation of the independent IG.

RUSH: Jon, what are you talking about? You have heard from him. You heard from him on a foreign trip. You heard from him today. He’s taken actions in the interim, eagerly awaits the results of both the review that Shinseki’s initiated and the independent IG, inspector general. But what a question. The question was, “Why haven’t we heard from him before today?”

Jon, you did. You did. You heard from him today, and you heard from him in the interim, and he’s waiting on Shinseki to get back to him. What more do you want? It’s all we got and it’s done. He cares, he’s on it, waiting for results, what more do you want, for crying out loud. You know what this question would have been if it were George W. Bush?

If it were George W. Bush, the question would be, “Jay, does the president not care that the people he sent into war are dying? Does he not care that they are wounded and may never walk again? Does he not care that some have been blinded and may never see again? Does the president simply not care about the injuries that his wars have caused?” That would be the question, or worse. (interruption) Yeah. “Why does the VA secretary still have a job? Why has nobody even fired job?”

In this case, “Why didn’t the president speak out sooner? He was really passionate today. Why didn’t he speak out sooner?”

“He did. He spoke out today. Spoke out in the interim. He spoke out on a foreign trip and he’s waiting on Shinseki. Shut up.” They move on to the next question.

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