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RUSH: Last night on Greta’s show on Fox. She’s talking with Kirsten Powers, a Fox contributor, analyst and so forth, also a columnist at USA Today. They’re talking about Obama’s remarks on the VA scandal, about how he didn’t know. He’s mad as hell. He’s not going to stand for it. He’s not going to tolerate it. And Van Susteren says, “How is the president handling this, Kirsten?”

POWERS: I can’t figure out what would motivate them to wait so long to talk about it, especially if you consider the fact, as the president said today, that this has been sort of a signature issue for him and his wife, right? I mean, this has been something that they have talked about a lot and that they have said is very important to them. So why wouldn’t you be out the next day and why wouldn’t you just be turning over tables wherever you could trying to get as much information as you possibly can? I’d love to know if anyone has a theory on why he reacts the way that he reacts because it’s so strange and it’s so, like, inhuman.

RUSH: I’ve got the theory. If somebody knows Kirsten Powers, give her a call. She’s a smart woman and she has been very correct and supportive of me over two or three different events. She needs to have the Limbaugh Theorem explained to her. She is basically wondering what would cause this guy — see, she knows. Michelle Obama made military families and wives her first signature issue. Just reviewed that. Obama has also, every president does, particularly Democrat presidents. They really try to establish in the eyes of the public that they love the military and they respect the soldiers. Because the conventional wisdom is that Democrats really don’t care about all that, really don’t like the military.

So they go overboard trying to establish that connection. Obama did. But while Michelle is out at Fort Bragg with Jill Biden and beginning this whole process of making it look like military families are their champions and they’re really gonna get services for them and take care of them, they make the ultimate sacrifice — at the same time Obama’s out saying that, you know what, they volunteer, I think they ought to pay for their own war wounds. They ought to pay for their health care and their own insurance, for their own injuries, since they’re volunteers. TRICARE, he wanted to get rid of it. He wanted soldiers to assume that responsibility, that financial responsibility. And people obviously have forgotten that.

So she’s wondering, how can he, since he made a big deal of it in the campaign, she’s right, and he continues to make a big deal of it left and right, how in the world can he go out there yesterday and act like he didn’t know any of this was going on? And the answer is the Limbaugh Theorem. The Limbaugh Theorem seeks to explain how Obama escapes accountability, for anything. The economy. The disaster here at the VA. Virtually anything. The unemployment mess. How is it that Obama isn’t tied to any of it? The Limbaugh Theorem seeks to explain it and it’s very simple.

The president never or seldom actually allows himself to appear as in charge. He leaves it for people to assume that he is because he’s president, but the pictures they see are of Obama campaigning all the time. He is always, whatever the issue, be it the deficit, be it the next budget, be it his next jobs counsel, be it his next whatever, he’s got people convinced he really cares. He leaves Washington and goes out and does campaign style appearances. And while he’s in the middle of these appearances he makes it look like he’s not of Washington. That everything happening there is something he’s trying to stop. Everything going on, he’s opposed to it, too.

He’s mad at what’s going on. He’s mad at the unemployment numbers and he’s gonna get to the bottom of it. He’s mad that the economy is not growing and he’s gonna find out who’s to blame for it. He’s gonna fix whatever Bush screwed up. Whatever the issue is, he assembles either a group of supporters or college students and basically creates a campaign appearance in which he acts as ticked off as everybody else is. The thing that people don’t put together is what is happening is the direct result of his own policies being implemented.

Unemployment, whatever it is, jobs, the economy, Obamacare, it’s all his! Everything happening in this country is the result of Obama policy being implemented, via legislation or executive order. But when he’s on the campaign trail he’s outside Washington. He appears like a candidate speaking in favor of an issue. Not so much his reelection of course, he’s not campaigning for office, he’s campaigning for issue after issue. And he makes himself looking like he’s not of Washington, therefore he’s not governing, he’s not responsible. All that stuff going on in Washington has him mad, too, and he wants people out there to support him and help him. He basically has convinced people that he is opposed to everything he’s actually done.

That’s the trick. And the Limbaugh Theorem explains it. So yesterday when the excrement is hitting the fan on the VA and there are 40 deaths and fake secret waiting lists, what do you do? You go on television, act like you knew nothing about it, and you are livid, and you are fit to be tied. You just found out about this and you can’t believe it. You’re gonna get to the bottom of it. You’re gonna convene a new investigation, and heads are gonna roll, and blah, blah. And that’s it. Then nothing ever really happens because the mission has been accomplished.

And the mission is: Always appear removed and distant from what’s happening. Never, ever appear to be part of it. Never, ever appear to be actually governing so that what occurs appears to be linked to your governance. Take a look. I mean, you’ve noticed other people talking about how Obama always seems to be in a constant campaign. He learned this from Clinton, by the way. Clinton did the same thing. Gotta take a break here, folks, but somebody get this news to Kirsten Powers, ’cause this is the answer to her question.

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