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RUSH: Because of this incident out in California with Elliot Rodger, there are women all over this country now writing blog posts and creating hashtags taking the occasion of this event to make the point that this shows how women are discriminated against and oppressed at least many times in their lives. It does make sense, if you understand the left, and if you understand that every event, particularly a crime, is one of the best and fastest ways for them to advance the agenda.

So here you have a disturbed, mentally ill guy who goes on a shooting and killing rampage, and the feminists of the world rise up and say, “See what we’re up against?” You have one male go nuts here, and every man is capable of what this guy does, right? Now, follow me on this, the way the feminists and the way the media and everybody else portray it, so Elliot Rodger goes nuts and that becomes symbolic of what every man is capable of.

And yet when militant Islamists blow up the World Trade Center, what’s the first thing we’re told? Now, don’t judge the whole religion by this, no, no, no, no, no. These are just some isolated events with some isolated malcontents. But you let some Looney Tune go nuts in a sorority house or wherever he went nuts, and all of manhood is indicted.


RUSH: I think what’s happening here with these feminists, they’re trying to take this isolated incident and indict all of maledom. It’s what they’re doing, and they’re doing it not just one or two of ’em. It’s become the way, and women, “victimitis” is just amazing. They’re saying, “See? See? This may not happen to us every day, but every woman will face this kind of threat or unwanted attention many times in her life. See what we’re up against? See what we have to face?” It’s the modern incarnation of all men are predators and brutes and you need to be afraid of them. That is the meme.

And then we find out also that there’s a not very much or very loudly reported characteristic of Elliot Rodger. Dig deep into his — whatever they’re calling it — manifesto. Do you know what this guy was maybe primarily motivated by? This guy hated the rich. In fact, he wrote or put on his video — he spoke about, whatever — how mad he was that his mother didn’t marry into wealth.

That was the biggest mistake, the biggest unfortunate thing that happened to him was that his mother did not marry into wealth. She instead chose, I don’t know, principle or whatever else he said. Now, who is it that’s been ginning up class warfare, and who is it that’s been ginning up hatred of the rich?


RUSH: Yeah, CNN has the news on the Elliot Rodger manifesto. He called his mother “selfish” for not marrying into wealth. He wrote about how seeing rich families enjoy life made him resent that his, quote, “damnable mother had not married into wealth instead of being selfish.” Now, again, you know, every time one of these things happens, the first thing the Drive-Bys do is see if they can link it to the Tea Party.

Then they try to link it to conservative talk radio. Then they try to link it to some Republican politician someplace. So we always eschew that. We don’t play that game because it’s cheap. But it’s fun to kind of reverse roles now and then. As far as these people are concerned, these perpetrators cannot be responsible. There has to be some external force like the Tea Party poisoning their minds.

Conservative talk radio must be filling them with hatred, bigotry, and whatever the cliches are. Republican politicians are planting in their heads elitism and all that, whatever it is. It can never be that a perp is simply a bad guy and is responsible for what he does. There has to be some external force. The gun. The NRA. Okay. The more we learn about this guy, the more obviously we see he was conditioned by liberalism.

He hated, he resented the rich to the point of calling his mother damnable and selfish for not marrying a wealthy guy. He hated women. Who is it that’s out there talking about the War on Women all the time? It’s the Democrat Party. Now, you know me, and you know yourselves: When this kind of thing happens, we do not make a mad dash to try to blame this and politicize everything that happens.

But when they do, when the Democrats do, when the left does, then we respond. We react to it, and we point out how they are wrong. Here are more quotes from this guy, Elliot Rodger, about the rich. “I couldn’t help but feel a bitter form of envy at all the rich kids at the concert. They grew up in lavish mansions, indulged in excessive opulence, will never have to worry about anything in their pleasurable, hedonistic lives.

“I would take great pleasure in watching all those rich families burn alive. Looking at all of them really drilled into my mind the importance of wealth. Wealth is one of the most important defining factors of self-worth and superiority. I hated and envied all of those kids for being born into wealth while I had to struggle to find a way to claim wealth for myself. I have to be ruthless and do whatever it takes to attain such wealth.

“After all, it was my only hope of ever being worthy of getting a girlfriend and living the life of gratification that I desire.” They want to try to blame this on the gun, on guns. They want to try to blame this on the Tea Party or on conservative talk radio. Listen to this guy. Does he not sound exactly…? This is what you get with class warfare. It’s Occupy Wall Street with a gun.

This is exactly the kind of mind-set that the Democrats create with this class welfare rhetoric. They create the resentment. They want people to resent the rich — and then when the rich get theirs, “Oh, tax increase!” and lose everything, then people like Elliot Rodger are happy. His life hasn’t changed any, but he’s happy that others are suffering.

He began practicing shooting at a gun range in Oxnard, California, after failing to win the $120 million Mega Millions lottery in September of 2012. Apparently the guy dumped either $400 or $700 into lottery tickets trying to get wealthy, ’cause he thought that’s what he had to do to get a date — no, to get sex — and to be respected. He said, “I know that I was always destined for great things. This must be it.

“I was destined to be the winner of the biggest lottery jackpot in existence. I knew right then and there that this jackpot was meant for me. Who else deserves such a victory? I’d been through so much rejection, suffering, injustice in my life. This was to be my salvation, with my whole body filled with feverish hope. I spent $700 on lottery tickets for this drawing.

“As I spent this money, I imagined all the amazing sex I would have with the beautiful model girlfriend I would have once I became a man of wealth,” and then after repeatedly not winning the lottery, Rodger saw that his plan for his “day of retribution” against the world was more real than ever before. So that’s when he started practicing with a gun, when he failed to win the lottery and failed to get rich, and after he had chastised his damnable mother for being selfish by marrying some average-income jerk.

(interruption) You know… (interruption) Yeah, the poor child spent 700 bucks on Lotto, and had a $40,000 Beamer he’s driving around. Right. Right. But everything’s relative, Snerdley. He’s driving around a $40,000 Beamer that he didn’t pay for and he knows it and couldn’t buy on his own if he had to. And he’s around all these other people that he thinks — that he thinks — are spending every waking moment in bed simply seeking pleasure, doing no work whatsoever.

It’s what he reads and sees on TMZ, E! Entertainment, social media, you name it, and he feels like he’s really missing everything and being left out. But this hatred for the rich goes deep, folks, and he’s not the only one that harbors it.


RUSH: Emanuella Grinberg writing at CNN: “Why #YesAllWomen Took Off on Twitter.”

A new hashtag, #YesAllWomen, that hashtag. She says, “No, not all men channel frustration over romantic rejection into a killing spree. But yes, all women experience harassment, discrimination or worse at some point in their lives. That’s the message at the core of an ongoing Twitter conversation that emerged after a rampage last week that left six students from the University of California, Santa Barbara, dead and wounded 13 others. …

“His comments inspired Twitter users to tweet the hashtag #YesAllWomen: They shared examples of what ‘women must fear’ even if ‘not all men’ engage in those behaviors, according to the person believed to have created the hashtag Saturday.” Next: “#notallmen practice violence against women but #YesAllWomen live with the threat of male violence. Every. Single. Day. All over the world.”

That’s a tweet by some woman. Here’s more: “The hashtag — a response to the ‘not all men’ defense sometimes used to deflect feminist arguments — spread quickly on Twitter, zeroing in on the subtle and explicit signals that a woman’s worth is based on her availability to men. By Tuesday morning, #YesAllWomen had been tweeted more than 1 million times,” and now nobody remembers the #BringBackOurGirls hashtag.

That’s kind of vanished into the ether.

Now it’s #YesAllWomen face brutality, sexual harassment, discrimination, every day.

Not from every man, but all women face it every day.


RUSH: This #YesAllWomen hashtag that’s going around. Now, they make it a point to say not all men do what Elliot Rodger did, but all women face the fear of what he did every day. So here you have profiling, Elliot Rodger goes out, does what he does, and all of a sudden every male is potentially capable of this kind of thing. Yet when militant Islamists engage in jihad and terrorism, what are we told? No, do not judge all Muslims. Do not judge all of Islam. These are rogue, random acts. These are not events typical of this great religion, but when an Elliot Rodger goes nuts, this is something every woman faces. The fear of exactly this is something every woman faces every day in her life.

And, of course, where do these women turn for safety? Well, by definition, they can’t turn to men. Men are the threat. So they turn to Obama. They turn to government. Government will protect them. Government will shield them from the evil that lurks around them each and every day. They can’t be comforted by a man, because men are the threat. Now, good liberal men, Alan Alda and Shinseki, John Kerry, they’re not capable of this kind of thing, so they are allowed to be protectors. So we have that going on. We’ve got the fact that this guy hated the rich and perhaps as motivated by that as anything else.

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