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“World War II was an example of good triumphing over evil and Americans making the ultimate sacrifice for a greater good. Still, the things that happened in WWII are not like anything that has happened in my lifetime. In a way we’re very fortunate that Adolf Hitler didn’t come around 20 years later. Because had he done so I don’t know that the world would have had the resolve, the guts, or the stomach, to stand up to someone as evil as he.” -Mark Belling

Remembering D-Day

“I often think, what would have happened if D-Day hadn’t worked? World War II and the way it was fought will never happen again. We may well have a WWIII and we may well have carnage, but we won’t have that type of war again.” -Mark Belling

“Beyond honoring their memory, we need to learn from what happened and learn that in order for things to work out in our world some awful sacrifices have to be made and horrible evil has to be knocked down and beaten.” -Mark Belling

RushLimbaugh.com: President Reagan’s 1984 Normandy Speech

“They died for people they would never know. To me, it’s profound. That’s why every day I age I have an increasing awe for people in the United States military and the military around the world. I have a great unbound appreciation for what they sign up for and what they accomplish.” -Rush

Bergdahl Spin Continues

“We did have an obligation to try to get him back. The question is the price and the choice to negotiate him back rather than succeed in a rescue. We have unleashed back into the world five Taliban commanders. There is every reason to believe that they will rejoin the War on Terror.” -Mark Belling

“The spinning of the Bergdahl story continues. After the original version was put out and nobody believed it because it wasn’t true, the version put out by the president, we’re creating new narratives.” -Mark Belling

Charlie Crist, the Political Chameleon

“Charlie Crist doesn’t care about anything else other than Charlie Crist and his own image.” -Mark Belling

“Reality and Ronald Reagan really turned me around and opened my mind.” -Mark Belling

RushLimbaugh.com: The Tea Party Will Live as Long as There is a Country Left to Save

“The Tea Party is never going to die. The Tea Party’s made up of average, ordinary Americans who are all of a sudden becoming activist because of a combination of they are outraged, insulted, and frightened by what has become of Washington. It’s out of control. The spending, amnesty, everything being contemplated is simply antithetical to the founding of this country.” -Rush

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“The VA is a bureaucracy and the reason I think this happened is because there was a lot of turf protection.” -Mark Belling

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