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RUSH: Roll Call magazine: “Fiscal Diagnosis Only Gets Tougher for Health Care Law — In its latest report on the law, the Congressional Budget Office said it is no longer possible to assess the overall fiscal impact of the law.” That, again, is by design. Of course it’s by design! This is the thing I’ve been waiting for people to wake up and realize. Look, I’m not trying to brag here. I don’t have to.

Like Babe Ruth said, “It isn’t bragging if you can do it.” I knew exactly what I was saying when I said, “I hope he fails.” I knew this kind of stuff was gonna happen. I knew that there was going to be this kind of assault on this country. I knew there was gonna be an effort to expand the size and the role and scope of government in everybody’s life, and I knew what that means also.

That means less and less liberty and freedom for individuals.

This was in the cards.

There was no debating it. It was not arguable. Now, if you are on the Obama side of this, if you’re on the Democrats’ side, the “brilliance” (in quotes) of this is every problem you create is a problem that the American people are gonna demand be fixed. By who? By government. So government is going to continue to grow. It’s gonna continue to be incompetent. It’s gonna continue to be inefficient.

It’s going to continue to make messes out of everything that it does, and it’s all going to happen with the American people demanding that it happen. This is what they knew. They’re simply flooding the system. They are ensuring that the system doesn’t work, whatever it is. The VA, the welfare system, the Medicare system, the health care system, they’re ensuring that they do not work. There are too many demands.

We don’t have any money!

And as these things continue to fail, become more and more inefficient (i.e., don’t work), the American people are gonna demand they be fixed, and they’re not gonna demand that the Koch brothers fix it. They’re not gonna demand that the private sector fix it. They’ve been dutifully told that the private sector’s to blame for all this. They’re gonna demand that the compassionate, tolerant, ever-loving government fix the problem.

So we have a snowball heading down the hill. It’s growing and growing and growing, feeding off its own incompetence, evil, stupidity, whatever. It was all in the cards. So the CBO is giving up trying to predict any costs. Now, under normal circumstances, that would be bad news. Oh, no! Under normal circumstances 20 years ago, the reaction would have been, “All right, we’ve got to tighten this down.

“We have got to stop spending. We have got to get this put back in order.” That’s not the reaction today. When the CBO says, “Oh, my God, it’s gotten so out of control, we can’t even calculate the costs,” the demand is for government to do something about it. And the only way government does anything is get bigger, to become more involved in things. Roll Call magazine: “Fiscal Diagnosis Only Gets Tougher for Health Care Law.”

ABC News: “Obamacare Error Puts Two Million Enrollees in Jeopardy.” The bottom line to this one is, they can’t square the information they think they’ve got from two million people that enrolled for Obamacare. Two million people! (interruption) The honor system failed? Everything in the system failed. Two million people! They don’t know whether they’ve paid. They don’t know who they are. They don’t know anything.

What’s the solution?

Government’s got to fix it!

I was reading my tech blogs. Get this. These little bloggers are all excited, ’cause somebody put a news story out last week that HealthCare.gov is about to get fixed. They’re just thrilled beyond their ability to keep their underwear up. You can just see them “dropping trou” out there. They’re so excited over this, you can just see it as you read the words. They write about HealthCare.gov is finally about to get fixed.

(whispering) It’s a low, very, very quiet news story. HealthCare.gov has been undergoing major revisions and about to go back online totally fixed!

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