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RUSH: Here are these connections, the Hillary connections that hit me last night. By the way, have you noticed that she admitted keeping detailed notes about Benghazi for her book? Certain people have asked her about her role in Benghazi; she’s telling them to go read the book. The point is, though… Oh! This is not one of the things I was talking about. I mentioned it on this program, I forget when.

I’d have to go to the transcripts and search my own website database but it was just in the past two months that I remember hearing that it was Hillary came up with the video excuse. It was Hillary Clinton that found that video that served as the excuse for what happened in Benghazi, and there is a story today. I’ve mixed up my stacks here. Let’s see. Hang on, folks. Hang on just a second. (muttering) Gotta be right here.

Yep. “Fact check: Hillary Came up with Benghazi Video Explanation.” This is Catherine Herridge at Fox News. “Hillary Clinton’s newly released memoir leaves little doubt she was the first member of the [Regime] to publicly link an anti-Islam video to the 2012 Benghazi terror attack …”
Now, I didn’t read her book, haven’t read her book. I knew this a month ago or three weeks or so ago.

I’m not bragging here. It just reminded me ’cause this is big news to people who’ve read the book, and it’s been knowable for at least a month or maybe longer than that. But the point is, she was much more involved in this, in real time, than anybody has admitted or that she has admitted. Anyway, here are the two things that hit me. I was having an e-mail back-and-forth with my friend Professor Hazlett, Professor Thomas Hazlett.

I met him when I moved to Sacramento in 1984. He was an economics professor at UC Davis and he’s been at George Mason University for the recent past. He’s an expert on telecommunications and policy, and he’s now moving to, I think, South Carolina to a different institution. We’re just going back and forth, keeping up. It occurred to me, you know, she said that she and Bill were “dead broke” when they left the White House.

Professor Hazlett and I were reminiscing about some of these old Clinton stories that everybody remembers. I thought, “So it never occurred to you, Mrs. Clinton…?” This would be an excellent question for Diane Sawyer to have asked her. “So it never occurred to you that maybe just with another $2,000 and a Wall Street Journal subscription you could get out of debt?

“‘Cause you took $10,000 and you invested it in cattle futures after you read the Wall Street Journal, and it turned into a hundred grand with the assistance of Robert ‘Red’ Bone. So why didn’t you take $2,000 and turn it into another fortune the same thing way you did the cattle futures?” I would have loved for her to have been asked that. Of course it never would happen, was never going to happen.

And then Obama talking about Bowe Bergdahl. “We never leave a soldier on the backfield, period. We never leave a soldier on the battlefield.” So, Mr. President, your administration did not consider the US embassy, the consulate in Benghazi a battlefield as it was burning to the ground? ‘Cause you did leave four people hanging there. Did he not? Bowe Bergdahl? “We never, ever leave a soldier on the battlefield, period!”

Now if he was asked, he might say, “Well, an ambassador’s not a soldier.” But there were two soldiers there, in addition to the ambassador. Just a couple little observations.

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