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RUSH: You know, my friends, I have been dubious about claims of man-made global warming. Ever since I’ve been hosting this program, 25 years, I have told you that it’s a hoax. But something is happening that may be changing my mind. Leonardo DiCaprio is going to speak at President Obama’s Our Ocean conference. The State Department is holding a conference about the ecological threats facing the world’s oceans.

Leonardo DiCaprio will be a featured speaker, and I’m beginning to change my mind now. Maybe there is something to it. I mean, you go out and get a powerhouse like DiCaprio, and then you do an Our Oceans conference in the middle of all this other stuff going on? John Kerry said, “I’m pleased that Leo DiCaprio is lending his powerful voice to our call to action to work together to protect the world’s oceans.”

I guess I just needed the right person to convince me. For some people it was Gore’s movie. For me, it’s Leonardo DiCaprio. I mean, if he’s gonna tell me that all this stuff is real, I guess I have no choice but than to believe him. If they’re gonna throw powerful minds like this at us! Obviously, folks, they’re now really bringing out the heavyweights and the heavy hitters.

It’s making me seriously question my previous commitment to the idea that man-made global warming is a hoax. I mean, just the other day… This guy DiCaprio knows his stuff. That same week, he was lauded by the State Department for his efforts to save the earth — that’s not something too many of us can say — he was celebrating the World Cup by partying on the world’s fifth-largest yacht owned by a wealthy oil sheik in San Tropez.

Or maybe it was down in Brazil. I don’t know. But, I mean, if this guy, DiCaprio, is comfortable enough to tell us that we are destroying the planet and that oil is the scourge of modern humanity, and that we have got to get rid of it and we’ve got to stop using it — and if the State Department has employed him (i.e., John Kerry) to show up at a save Our Oceans conference — and the week prior DiCaprio is at a party owned by one of the biggest oil sheiks in the world…?

Of course I jest, ladies and gentlemen. Look at what’s happening here. Islamic Muslim terrorists are mass murdering the men we trained in Iraq to protect themselves. Meanwhile, the State Department’s having a seminar on the death of the oceans with a Hollywood idiot supposedly as the big draw? Obama’s playing golf and giving commencement speeches on global warming while Al-Qaeda is on the march?

Can somebody put the pieces together here?

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