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RUSH: This is Felicia in Sarasota, Florida, as we head back to the phones. Hi. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Thank you so much for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: You’re wonderful. I listen to you all the time. I just wanted to say, my father and mother lived through the Depression, and my father was a member of World War II and his brother was in World War II, and my parents would flip right now if they heard what was going on in this country. I mean, seriously, with all these scandals, the VA scandal, the IRS scandal. They would just be so very upset about all this. I was so upset the other day, I almost didn’t listen to the news any longer. There was the busing and — oh, any goodness, it was just awful. My parents, I wish this country understood what those people in World War II did for this country. I grew up in a wonderful time period.

RUSH: Here’s the thing. In fact, I touched on this yesterday. It may serve me well to revive this piece by Peter Beinart at TheAtlantic.com. Here’s what you have to get your mind around, Felicia. You’re going to have to understand that it’s a different world, it’s a changing world, it’s a changing world demographically, and it’s changing with rising numbers of minorities, Hispanics, African-Americans, Native Americans. And you are going to have to learn to see that as a new age of tolerance and social justice. Instead of looking at it the way you obviously do.

You look at those people as free riders and takers threatening the America you once knew. But America’s changing. This is not the America of World War II. It’s not the America of the sixties; it’s not the America of the eighties; it’s not the America of the nineties; it’s a brand-new one, brought to you by Barack Obama, the Democrat Party. And what you’ve gotta understand is, to these people, the great America you remember was a fraud. That was not real. That was not real happiness. That was the result of plunder and theft around the world, oppression.


RUSH: Peter Beinart: “Fearful Republicans Hoping to Reverse Hillary’s Course.” Remember part of Beinart’s column was that this changing America, it’s got a rising tide. It’s a demographic shift, a rising tide of immigrants, Hispanics, African-Americans, Native Americans, single women.

It’s a new era of tolerance and social justice, and he makes the point that if you Republicans oppose it, you are going to hasten it. (Remember that part of the piece I shared with you yesterday?) If you oppose this, you are only going to make it happen. You have got to sign on to it. So, in other words: “The only thing you Republicans can do to be viable in the future is to support this and understand this is a changing America and you’ve got to sign on to it and love it and accept it.

“‘Cause if you don’t, it’s going to happen anyway, and you’ll be left out of it.” Of course what he was really saying was, “You don’t have any chance of being loved, adored, accepted, and liked, unless you join us. If you continue to oppose this and try to hold onto an America that isn’t anymore, you’re gonna be hated, despised, reviled, outcast.” You can see how the Republican Party establishment has bought into it and believes it.

It’s more evidence of what I started the program out with today. The only thing standing in the way of everything these people want is the Republican base, i.e., the Tea Party. We’re it. As such, we are the enemies of the establishment of both parties, the Chamber of Commerce, the business coalition with government. We are the problem. We’re the last to sign up. So a woman calls here in tears.

“This is not the country of World War II, of my parents and grandparents.” No, that’s by design. That country was racist. That country was filled with bigotry and homophobia. That country was denying people their rights and their social justice, and that was a fraudulent American era. We had superpower status, but only because we ran around the world and stole from other countries and plundered them and forced our way on them.

This is what they really believe.

Now I think this would be a great time for me to give you a little bit more detail on what’s happening with this influx of illegal kids crossing the border. Remember, they’re not from Mexico, we’re told. These are “unaccompanied alien children,” and they have a name, UACs, and they are from Central America, which means El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua. Not Mexico. And they are “pouring in.”

They’re pouring into Arizona and they’re pouring into Texas, which has consequences. When they get across the border they are being “transferred to Border Patrol facilities elsewhere along the border — US government officials are scrambling to find places to put them.” Here’s the problem: “[B]ased on current immigration and asylum laws, the vast majority of those children could be legally staying right here in the United States before long.”

Here’s what’s at work here: “Under the authority of the Homeland Security Act, the federal government transfers custody of illegal immigrant children who are apprehended alone at our borders to the Department of Health and Human Service’s Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR).” There is such a place. The Office of Refugee Resettlement. It’s just… They’re refugees. That’s exactly what they are.

“The ORR’s primary goal is to reunite them with a family member or legal guardian already here in the US (regardless of their legal status) while the child goes through removal proceedings,” but they try to track down any relative of the child. “As Breitbart Texas recently reported, UACs receive a bevy of assistance while in ORR custody, including classroom education, health care, socialization/recreation, vocational training, mental health services, family reunification…”

They get more than is being passed out at the VA. Let’s just put it all on the table. I’ll go through the list again. Here’s what these kids get by virtue of current law the minute they cross the border: “classroom education, health care, socialization/recreation, vocational training, mental health services, family reunification.”

That’s a big one, particularly if the family is not here. The refugee crowd goes and tries to find ’em in their Central American native country and bring them here — and that’s the real objective. But before we get to that they get “access to legal services,” these kids do, “and case management. In many cases, they are treated better than US citizen children currently in the foster care system.”

Obviously so, with this kind of treatment and services. “The most valuable of all those benefits is the legal assistance. ORR has an outreach program to connect immigration attorneys willing to work on a pro-bono basis with [these kids] as they go through removal proceedings.” Now, who do you think these lawyers are? They’re all from the plaintiff’s bar. These are all Democrat donor trial lawyers, in many cases.

Big donors to the Democrat Party. They’re down there offering pro-bono legal services. In other words, they’re down there doing political work. They’re helping legalize all of these kids that cross the border, pro bono. They’re doing the bidding of the Democrat Party, pro bono. They will be compensated later in other ways. You can pick and choose.

“For adult illegal immigrants facing deportation or applying for a status adjustment through avenues like asylum or cancellation of removal, finding a pro-bono attorney is next to impossible, and even lower-priced immigration attorneys are financially out of reach for cash-strapped applicants. But in the case of [these kids], there is a program designed specifically to help just them, as well as unaccompanied refugee minors.

“The pro-bono attorneys who volunteer to help these children aren’t bottom-of-the-barrel lawyers, either; some of them work for very prestigious firms in different parts of the country. One such organization that provides pro-bono legal services for [kids] is the Safe Passage Project. Their ‘attorneys of the week’ list highlighted on their main page included a litigator who has practiced multiple areas of law, including Immigration, Foreclosure, Personal Injury, and Real Estate, for seven years and established her own law firm on Wall Street.”

These are not public defenders. This is not legal aid. These are prominent Democrat lawyers. “With this kind of legal firepower behind them, it shouldnÂ’t come as a surprise that the odds of UACs being granted some kind of legal status to stay in the United States is very high. Safe Passage Project Director Lenni Benson wrote a letter to The New York Times in May 2014 in which she said, ‘Our organization, Safe Passage Project, finds that nearly 90 percent of the unaccompanied minors we meet who are facing deportation qualify for immigration relief, allowing them to remain in the United States legally.'”

So it doesn’t matter what Congress does. It doesn’t matter what the law is. All they gotta do is somehow get across the border, Border Patrol funnels them somewhere, here come the lawyers, they get pro bono legal services, all the other social services, and they’re legal. And that then sets up reunification with their parents who may still be in El Salvador or Guatemala or wherever. This stuff was all in place. It is the law. This stuff’s all in place, been ready to go for just this instance. I don’t know anybody who thinks that this mass arrival of kids is coincidence.

However, ladies and gentlemen, there is more. The unaccompanied children have more options than just asylum, legally. “According to the ProjectÂ’s website, ‘Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) is an immigration classification available to certain undocumented immigrants under the age of 21 who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned by one or both parents.'” And I guess all they have to do is say they were, ’cause how are we gonna prove it? The abuse happens in El Salvador, Guatemala, so I guess it’s the honor system. “Yeah, I was abused. I was beaten up by my mom.”

“Oh, really? Well, here. Take this citizenship card. It’ll make you feel all better.”

And that’s basically what happens. “‘SIJS is a way for immigrants under twenty-one to apply for and obtain legal permanent residence in the United States.’ There are a few legal hoops an applicant has to jump through, including being declared a dependent in court, being unable to reunite with a parent, and being unable to return to his/her own country.”

They have to go and confess to that, but big whoop. Now, one more aspect to all this. Here come these kids, literally tens of thousands of them. Their parents are somewhere. Well, their parents are back home. What are their parents being told about this back home? Here comes little Juan from El Salvador, and Juan’s patients are back in El Salvador and they’re wondering what happened. Well, here’s the story on that.

“The rumors circulating throughout Central America right now donÂ’t go into much detail about what exactly happens to UACs once theyÂ’re taken into Border Patrol custody, other than theyÂ’re being released and physically taken care of,” and they get to stay. Their parents back home, the rumor is, the rumor that is being propagated for them to hear back home is the kids are being taken care of, and they get to stay.

Now, if this babe that runs this legal service providing the lawyers, if her claim that 90% of these kids are eligible for amnesty, if that’s correct, then the reality is our immigration court flies right in the face of the rhetoric from the Regime and Department of Homeland Security officials that the crisis is not of our government’s own making. Obama and DHS said, “Wait, we had nothing to do with it. We didn’t manufacture this.” But if 90% are eligible for amnesty and get all these services by virtue of law, then how can their claim that they’ve got nothing to do with this possibly hold water? So it is an all-out assault, folks, on what this country used to be, all-out assault. You and I, the Tea Party Republican base, are the only ones standing in the way of it.


RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, permit me to remind you, this is exactly why there is Rush Revere, Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans. This is precisely why I wanted to write this series of books. The mission to counteract whatever I can do, whatever we can do here to counteract what is happening and prevent the distortion of the truth of this country from taking hold in the minds of young people. These are history books that are exciting and filled with adventure, and they take the reader right to the event, whatever it is, the Boston Tea Party, the first Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims’ arrival, you name it. Rush Revere and the time-traveling horse, Liberty, take the students, the readers right there and teach them the truth of what happened in this country.

That is the mission behind these books and we want these books everywhere. We’re donating books to schools all over the place, and we’re gonna continue working very hard on these books, make it an ongoing series in an effort to counteract what is being done in schools all across the country, in disparaging the foundation of this country. And there’s no question that is happening. The multicultural curriculum is such. It’s not just the founding of America. It’s America of 30 years ago and 20 years ago. It was corrupt and indecent and immoral and unjust and filled with racism, sexism, bigotry, and homophobia and only now is social justice finally taking hold. Only now are we making amends for all of our past transgressions.

It’s a near crime what is sufficing today as education about this nation’s history. It’s such a miracle, this country. It is so great. It is the lone outpost of freedom there has ever been. It has been the guarantor and protector and the seeker of freedom since the days of its founding. And, as such, it has been, our country has been the exception to the rule of tyranny and bondage. Our country is the one thing standing in the way of tyranny. And now, folks, apparently the Tea Party is the one thing standing in the way of the Washington establishment totally having its way.

So this influx of kids, I mean, you can imagine the political opportunity the left sees in their arrival. And so the Rush Revere books, which there are two now, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims, Rush Revere and the First Patriots, and there will be more. It is an effort to maintain and teach that which we all know to be true and love. Anyway, it’s patently obvious that this is not a coincidence on the border. Correct? I mean, with these existing laws to practically grant them citizenship, pro bono lawyers, and then find their parents.

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