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RUSH: I have to tell you something. When I went out to the Reagan Library and addressed the secretive conservative group in California — a secret group of conservative actors, actresses, producers, writers, and so forth — I met a guy named Adam Baldwin. He’s just a great guy, and, out of the blue, about a month ago, I got this really strange-looking FedEx delivery.

So I put it through the X-ray machine and it was a gizmo of some kind. We can see that and we could see that it was not an explosive. So I opened it and it was from TNT — the TV network TNT — and it was the most creative promotional DVD packaging and delivery I had ever seen. Adam had arranged that it be sent to me. Adam stars in a TNT series that starts Sunday night called The Last Ship.

The package I got had the first three episodes. So I plopped it in there and it’s one of these things I binge watched all three. I don’t think it’s a spoiler to tell you that there is a disease that is threatening to destroy all humanity, and there’s one ship where everybody is safe and they’re trying to find the vaccine. It’s Adam’s ship and he is the XO.

The commanding officer is Eric Dane, who is McSteamy or McSquishy, whatever, from Grey’s Anatomy. There’s McDreamy and McSteamy. He’s McSteamy, right? McDreamy is the original star, and McSteamy is Dane, who came second or third year. But he commands the ship. One of the actresses from Boston Legal is the scientist trying to find the cure.

Of course, there are moles and evil people. The Koch Brothers want the disease to spread around the world and kill everybody so the Koch Brothers can take all the money and be the only people alive. Oh, it’s not the Koch Brothers. There’s no relationship to this and the Koch Brothers.


RUSH: I can recommend The Last Ship. It’s a bit of a stretch, obviously. A disease. It’s the Andromeda Strain on steroids but with modern-day tech. It’s good. I binge watched all three the day I popped them in there. I’ve got to show them to Kathryn because she doesn’t like — it’s not violence. There’s not a lot, there’s some. There’s some shoot them up stuff at Guantanamo Bay.

See, the ship has to go to where there’s fuel so it can continue to sail. It can’t dock anywhere because everybody is infected with the disease. They’ve got to find food. They have to find fuel for the ship. And they run into competitors who are trying to get the vaccine, bad guys, the ChiComs who want it so they can kill everybody. That’s the Koch Brothers connection. It’s pretty good.

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