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RUSH: The Scott Walker story, you know, I finally got to the bottom of this and I’m going to spend much more time on this later on. There’s a headline in the Washington Post. This is really — again, I’m out of adjectives. Well, it’s worse than a smear. It is a smear, but I’m out of adjectives to describe what’s going on.

“Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Suspected of Coordinating with Outside Groups.” He has been found not guilty of it! The case is over. Two judges have thrown the case out twice. There was never anything to the allegations. Nothing. Everything about the original subpoenas were thrown out. They were illegal. They were in violation of constitutional rights and the people who receive the subpoenas. I’ll explain all this in detail in a minute. I didn’t mean to get into this now, but it fits.

The point is, there is no case. There was no illegal outside coordinating on behalf of Scott Walker. He has been found not guilty twice. The Washington Post headline today: “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Suspected of Coordinating with Outside Groups.” The readers of the Washington Post think that the investigation is just getting started and that Walker is going to be found guilty. It’s worse than a smear. It’s journalistic malpractice and it’s not just the Washington Post. There is no story here. It’s over.

Walker once again has been found not guilty. There never was anything to these allegations in the first place. This is just an out and out lie. This is the depths to which the left has sunk and is sinking. Even with that, when you learn this and are able to tell people and spell out exactly how the left is lying, smearing, or making things up, destroying conservatives — literally on the warpath to destroy — even when you can tell people, it doesn’t provide any satisfaction. I don’t get any satisfaction in illustrating for you how the Washington Post is lying. For the people that read it, it isn’t going to matter.

The people that read it are going to think Walker is still guilty and the investigation is just beginning. The left is out to get him and they’re gonna get him. And even if they don’t, what’s going to happen is that the low-information crowd on the left is going to come away from all of this thinking Scott Walker is the closest thing to a Mafioso running Wisconsin. That is the point they’re trying to make. He has been exonerated by judges in Wisconsin. The case was so flimsy, not even the lib judges wanted to join it. And yet it’s in the Washington Post.

“Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Suspected of Coordinating –” The story was sent to me by somebody who didn’t know what the truth was. This person read the story for what it is and said, “Man, this is slim. There’s nothing really here, but it shows their desperation.” So this is how it works. If you don’t know the truth about this, you’re gonna think that there might be something there. It’s slim, it’s little, or he’s guilty as hell depending on your inclination.


RUSH: Okay, I will give you the details of the Scott Walker case immediately coming up after the next break. But here are the bullet points. Liberal prosecutors went after Scott Walker for being tied illegally to outside conservative groups in one of his recall fights. Judges in Wisconsin threw out the prosecutor’s subpoenas. The judge kicked them out of court for their bogus case. The case was never legitimate. The case is over. The prosecutors tried twice. It has been thrown out two different times.

There is nothing there. The story is how a bunch of partisan Democrat prosecutors tried to smear — not just smear. They tried to criminalize Scott Walker and their attempt was thrown out of court. And yet the Washington Post: “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Suspected of Coordinating with Outside Groups.” Front page allegation. The AP and Politico both had similar stories yesterday, even though everybody knows there is no story and there is no case. The Democrats lost it.


RUSH: Here is everything you need to know about the Scott Walker case within the confines of the case. I want to preface this by pointing out that he is target number one, and he’s earned it. He has turned a blue state — I don’t know if he’s turned it yet, but it’s not blue anymore. Wisconsin, folks, this is not quite, but this is pretty close to something like this happening in California or parts of California.

This is momentous what Scott Walker has done and he has done it with Reagan conservatism. He has revived the state, beat back the unions, beat back the Democrats on four different occasions in court and at the ballot box. He has produced a budget surplus. He has created tax rebates and refunds. The Democrats cannot let this stand. If the Republicans ever woke up, got some confidence, they would look at Scott Walker in Wisconsin and realize they have a blueprint on how to react and deal with everything Obama has done nationally.

It really is profound. It’s great and it is magnificent. It’s wonderful. It’s stunning. That’s why they’re trying everything they can to impugn, to criminalize, to destroy Scott Walker. He stands as the antidote. He stands an example of what can be, that this country can be what it once was and it’s obvious that the Democrat Party has no desire for this country to ever be prosperous when that prosperity and abundance is created by average men and women in this country. The Democrat Party, it is now clear, cannot abide prosperity and abundance that results from the hard work of the American people.

The Democrat Party is now insisting and mandating that the appearance of prosperity be associated with only one thing. Their president and their party and their policies. The truth of the matter is, their president and their party and their policies are on the way to fundamentally transforming this country into being something it was never intended to be, something it never has been and in practical terms will destroy it. It will destroy the engine that creates opportunity for prosperity for millions and millions of Americans. That’s what they can’t abide.

If a bunch of low-information Americans figure out that their route to abundance and prosperity lies within themselves, then the Democrat Party is cooked. So the Democrat Party needs as many people as possible thinking that they’re victims of this unfair country and that they don’t have a chance for prosperity or happiness or abundance ever. Those days were not real. Those days were a fad. Those days were foe, if you will. They were artificial. The real America is what we’re on the way to being now, where there is hardship and victimization and discrimination and misery everywhere that only the government can address.

Their intention is for as many Americans as possible to think and believe that their lives are hopeless if left to themselves. The only way anybody will ever accomplish anything is through government. After all, that’s where the Democrats derive their power. Scott Walker, Ronaldus Magnus, any number of Conservatives, the 80’s demonstrate the falsity of the Democrat book. And so Scott Walker has to be taken out.

I want to start this by once again sharing the opening lead of the Washington Post story. No comment on this anymore. I’m going to go straight from this to the truth. Headline: “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Suspected of Coordinating with Outside Groups –Wisconsin prosecutors have alleged that Gov. Scott Walker was part of a wide-ranging ‘criminal scheme’ to coordinate the activities of conservative groups that spent millions to help him and other Republicans fend off recall efforts, according to documents released Thursday. Walker has not been charged, and his legal jeopardy was unclear. The documents stem from a multi-county investigation blocked last month by a federal judge, a decision currently on appeal.” Except it isn’t. So the headline, “Suspected of Coordinating” the story, criminal schemes, Scott Walker part of it, but he hasn’t been charged.

Now, I turn to Gabriel Malor at The Federalist. “A Basic Primer On The Scott Walker Case For Ignorant Reporters — This is a true story: in 2012, Democratic district attorneys in Wisconsin launched a secret probe known as a John Doe investigation with the goal of proving that conservative groups illegally coordinated activities during Gov. Scott WalkerÂ’s recall election. They issued more than 100 subpoenas, demanded the private information of conservatives and conservative groups, and actually conducted secret raids. And under state law, individuals who were targeted or witness to the investigation were forbidden from making knowledge of it public.”

So the targets and the witnesses had to shut up when all this fraud was going on. “Fortunately,” and it really is fortunately, given Wisconsin, “judges saw right through this partisan abuse of power. Early this year, a state judge, ruling in a secret proceeding, quashed the subpoenas and all but ended the investigation. According to the judge, ‘the subpoenas do not show probable cause that the moving parties committed any violations of the campaign finance laws.'”

The subpoenas had nothing!

“This started the unraveling of the John Doe investigation that had many conservatives fearing they would be targeted for subpoenas and raids next. In February, a conservative activist and group filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the partisan district attorneys who had pursued the John Doe probe. In short order, a federal district court judge held that the plaintiffs ‘are likely to succeed on their claim that the defendants‘ investigation violates their rights under the First Amendment, such that the investigation was commenced and conducted — without a reasonable expectation of obtaining a valid conviction.'” The judge said this case never had a prayer. The Republican groups, conservative groups, are likely to succeed.

“In other words, at this early stage of the civil rights litigation, it looks to the judge as if the Democratic district attorneys abused their power and chilled conservativesÂ’ free speech rights. Accordingly, the federal judge ordered that the John Doe probe must cease, all the seized property be returned, and all copies of materials be destroyed. After a short trip to a federal appeals court, the federal judge reissued his order,” because the Democrat prosecutors lost on appeal.

“Most recently, that appeals court has ordered some of the previously secret probe documents disclosed to the public, including an unsuccessful defense that the John Doe investigators made to one of their secret subpoenas. In their attempt to get a subpoena, which was rejected by a judge for lacking probable cause, the partisan investigators claimed that Walker was involved in the so-called conservative conspiracy.

“And that is where the litigation stands as of today. Having launched a secret probe that has now been shut down by both the state and federal courts, the Democratic district attorneys find themselves the subject of an ongoing civil rights lawsuit for infringing the First Amendment rights of conservatives. But that is not how the media have reported the case.”

The media: “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Suspected of Coordinating with Outside Groups.” The Washington Post knows that’s BS. The truth is that there’s now a countersuit against the Democrat DA’s. Civil Rights lawsuit for infringing First Amendment rights of their targets. That’s the real case that’s underway now.

“Upon the unsealing of some of the probe documents by the federal appeals court, the media worked itself into a frenzy claiming that Walker was part of a criminal conspiracy. The media claim was based entirely on the subpoena document that was denied by the state judge as failing utterly to demonstrate probable cause to believe a crime occurred. In short: the judge, looking at all the evidence, found no reason to believe that a crime had occurred. That has not stopped the media from falsely implying otherwise.

“This is largely accomplished by playing with verb tense. For example, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel kicked off this infuriating libel with a piece that claimed, ‘John Doe prosecutors allege Scott Walker at center of “criminal scheme.”‘ The more accurate word, of course, would have been ‘alleged,’ past-tense with the addition of the words ‘in denied subpoena request’ or perhaps ‘in failed partisan investigation’ or even ‘in politically-motivated secret investigation rejected by the state and federal courts.'”

Instead, all the headlines are what I shared with you from the Washington Post: “Walker Suspected of Coordinating with Outside Groups.” Not alleged. There’s no news anymore, folks. There is just the Democrat Party and its agenda being advanced by people we’re told are journalists. And here Mr. Malor quotes the New York Times: “The New York Times, trumpeting the story on todayÂ’s front page, also uses the present tense to give the wrong impression. The piece begins ‘Prosecutors in Wisconsin assert that Gov. Scott Walker was part of an elaborate effort to illegally coordinate fund-raising and spending.’ Again, the true story is that this took place last year and was ended by the courts.”

It’s an old story and it’s gone and the Democrats got kicked. “YouÂ’d have to read all the way down to the tenth paragraph to learn that the subpoenas werenÂ’t granted because there was no probable cause to believe that a crime had occurred. Oddly, the Times piece muses on the electoral consequences for Walker in the third paragraph.”

Will this story that we’re lying to you about harm him in his reelection campaign or his future electoral opportunities?

“The media obsession with Walker is no coincidence. Liberals are still stinging from their failure to recall him in 2012 after he successfully curtailed union abuses. And they sense that he could be a formidable contender for the White House in 2016. That the John Doe probe simultaneously harms him, suggests widespread wrongdoing by conservatives, and raises the campaign finance bugaboo makes this story the almost-perfect storm. The inconvenient fact that the investigation was cooked up for partisan purposes, has now ceased, and has impelled a federal civil rights lawsuit will go unmentioned in the papers.”


RUSH: Now let me illustrate beyond the New York Times with a Drive-By Media montage on the Scott Walker story. We have Devin Dwyer of ABC, Kate Bolduan of CNN, John King of CNN, Gwen Ifill of PBS, Peter Slen of C-SPAN, and Charlie Rose on CBS, all talking about allegations of illegal campaign fund-raising against Scott Walker.

DWYER: A potential Republican presidential candidate is accused of taking part in an illegal fund-raising scheme!

BOLDUAN: (b-roll noise) Prosecutors in Wisconsin say Governor Scott Walker took part in a criminal scheme!

KING: …directly accusing Governor Scott Walker of being part of a criminal scheme!

IFILL: Prosecutors have accused Republican Governor Scott Walker of illegal fund-raising.

SLEN: Prosecutors have alleged that Governor Scott Walker was part of a wide ranging “criminal scheme.”

ROSE: Prosecutors accuse him of playing a central role in illegal fundraising.

RUSH: Every one of them is doddering fool, and that’s cutting them some slack. The alternative is they’re all lying and they’re doing it anyway. In this case, I’m goes to choose to believe that they’re just happily, willfully ignorant and believe as gospel anything they read in the New York Times, because that’s pretty much verbatim what they all said: “Accused of taking part in illegal fundraising.”

Yeah, he was, and it was a false accusation. It was a bogus accusation that was thrown out in two courts. The subpoenas never even got passed the judge and out of the court. They were considered worthless. I mean, this is… It’s clear what’s going on here. You see, it doesn’t matter that the Democrat prosecutors’ case was nothing, and it doesn’t matter that the Democrat prosecutors’ case was thrown out.

It doesn’t matter that the Democrat prosecutors lost.

All that matters is they tried to get Scott Walker, which permits their willing accomplices in the media to report that Walker was targeted because he might have been involved in illegal campaign schemes. That’s how something that has been proven false twice ends up in the Drive-By Media as an ongoing story that “could end up with Walker being found guilty,” even though that is not even possible.

So, you see, it doesn’t matter.

It’s all image PR and buzz. The reality? A distant destination that is of no concern.

All that matters is they tried to get Walker and the media says, “Ah-ha! Walker might be guilty,” blah blah blah blah. See how this works?

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