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RUSH: We have audio in from the working women’s summit at the White House. And I want to play for you two sound bites — oh, sorry, it was not at the White House. The Working Families Summit was at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. So the working families don’t rate the East Room. Schlubs. Here’s Obama.

OBAMA: Anything that makes life harder for women makes life harder for families and makes life harder for children.


OBAMA: When women succeed, America succeeds, so there’s no such thing as a women’s issue, there’s no such thing as a women’s issue. (cheers and applause) There’s a family issue and an American issue. These are common sense issues.

RUSH: You know what amazes me? This guy has been president for almost six years and all he’s done is stand up every day and complain about another American problem. He’s president and yet he acts like he’s campaigning every day, which is the key to the Limbaugh Theorem, I know. But at some point don’t you do something about it? Six years. And every day he stands up complaining about something that’s wrong in this country. “Anything that makes life harder for women makes life harder for families and makes life harder for children.” And of course the room went nuts.

“When women succeed, America succeeds.” I guess it would be very controversial if I were to say, anything that makes life harder for men makes life harder for families. (interruption) All right, I’ll try it. Ladies and gentlemen, let me just tell you, anything that makes life harder for men is gonna make life harder for families. And if you make life harder for men, let me tell you what else you’re doing, you’re making life harder for children. And I’ll tell you something else that’s always been the case. When men succeed, America succeeds. There’s no such thing as a men’s issue. And there’s no such thing as a women’s issue. And there aren’t any things as family issues and American issues. ‘Cause all of this is Democrat claptrap. Okay, how does that fly, do you think? I think it resonates well with this audiences. It resonated with me. Okay, here’s the next Obama.

OBAMA: As long as Congress refuses to act on these policies —

RUSH: Stop the tape a minute. I should have told you, this fulfills my prediction from early in the program about what this summit is all about. It is about continuing this notion of a Republican War on Women. That’s all this is. Folks, every day the guy stands up and complains about something. Now, I can understand somebody powerless. Here we have the most powerful man in the world standing up and complaining about things. If all the most powerful man in the world can do is complain about things, then what the hell else can any of us do?

And that’s all he does. And he complains purposefully so as to form a bond of relatability with the stupid, with the low-information voters. “Hey, you know what, that Obama is just like us, he just like us. He knows it’s bad.” He’s the guy that’s supposed to fix these things, or have ideas about how to fix these things, but he never does. All he does is stand up and complain about this.

OBAMA: As long as Congress refuses to act on these policies, we’re gonna need you to raise your voices. (yelling) We need you to tell Congress, “Don’t talk about how you support families. Actually support families. Don’t talk the talk. We want you to walk the walk.” In the meantime, if Congress will not act, we’re gonna need mayors to act. We’ll need governors and state legislators to act. We need CEOs to act. And I promise you, you will have a president who will take action to support working families. (cheers and applause)

RUSH: He’s six years in, what is this, “I promise you, you will have a president who will take action to support working families.” Six years in. And, by the way, Mr. President, the mayors and governors are a little bit preoccupied to be worried about this. From Reuters: “US mayors on Sunday called for Congress to draw up bipartisan legislation to address a surge of illegal immigrants into the United States and asked for help to ease the resulting financial burden on local governments.”

They don’t really have time for these trumped up family issues that are none of Congress’ business anyway! Pardon me for yelling. “The US Conference of Mayors said at their annual meeting in Dallas they are asking congressional Democrats and Republicans for legislation to increase border security and support city and state governments whose finances are being strained by costs associated to illegal immigration.” They don’t have time for Obama’s pet political issue of the day.

There are real-life catastrophes besetting all of the states out there, particularly on the Southern border. Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait, a Republican and co-chair of the Immigration Reform Task Force, said, “Forget the D thing. Forget the R thing. This is an American issue.” Yeah, and so is women’s issues and be so is family issues. It’s all American issues.

We got problems everywhere, and all anybody’s doing is identifying them. Nobody’s addressing anything. What more the hell can we do to support families? We’ve got a hundred million Americans not working. We’ve got 11 million Americans on disability. What the hell is it that we’re not doing enough to support people? We’re supporting way more people than we should be!

There are tons of people not carrying their weight in this country, and I know what the reaction’s gonna be: “Oh, easy for you to say! This just proves you have no compassion.” No, it’s just the exact opposite. We are wasting the talents and the abilities of tens of millions of people in this country, all the while this president runs around and talks about how greedy and selfish the people of this country are ’cause we’re not supporting this.

We’re not supporting women’s issues or families issues?

We’re supporting people in droves! How many people are currently on some kind of government support? How many people on disability, how many people on Medicaid, how many people on AFDC? How many people not working on unemployment compensation into their fourth year of it? And still we have to listen to this guy tell us how we don’t have any compassion and we’re greedy and we’re selfish!

Of course the piece de resistance is that all of these people are in such dire straits because of this guy’s policies, and what does he do? Another new day, another complaint. Six years in, and all he does is stand up and complain about things to build a phony bond of relatability to people, to falsely convince them he cares about them by understanding their plight.

Well, “understanding their plight” is where it stops.

That’s all they’re gonna get.

Well, I take that back. They’re getting all kinds of government support. The illegal immigrants crossing the border are getting all kinds of government support. And isn’t it interesting that the people who are still self-sufficient — the people still working, still providing for themselves — somehow are the problem, with their attitudes of greed and selfishness and intolerance and all this other drivel?


RUSH: So we have a Working Families Summit. Let me ask you a question. Who has done more damage to working families than this administration? This administration has destroyed jobs; that doesn’t help families. They raise taxes; it doesn’t help families. He’s created inflation that he pretends doesn’t exist; that doesn’t help families. He has saddled all of us with millions more dependents and illegal immigrants, people not working.

Billions more debt. We’ve got Obamacare. What in the name of Sam Hill has he done for families, other than stand up and tell ’em he knows they’ve got problems (largely of his own creation)? I listen to these sound bites, and Obama stands up… He goes around the world, by the way, and does the same thing. He goes around the world and, in one way or another, highlights what he thinks are this country’s failures and inadequacies and transgressions.

Barack Obama and the left and the Democrat Party teach American history as episodes of crime scene investigation. The country is one long crime. And when they talk about issues, when they talk about history — when Obama stands up and regales us with the list of problems that he has noticed lately — it’s no different than watching an episode of CSI where they’re searching for and trying to prove all these overlooked egregious crimes that have taken place in this country, or that are going on now.

One long CSI episode.

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