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RUSH: Here is Eric in Charlotte, North Carolina. Eric, I’m glad you waited. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Hope I can contain my emotions here. Thank you for just being there, the man to take the blows, the bombs, the bayonet, for Americans everywhere, and especially black men. I’m a black man. But you’ve stood in the gap and just stood up for black people in the truest sense of the word than most any American in our modern day, and I want thank you. There’s so much I could say about that, but —

RUSH: Wow. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Rush, I’m trying to contain my disgust for Obama. I’m gonna say it three times. He disgusts me, he disgusts me, he disgusts me. In a moment I’m gonna show you how this man has turned out to be one of the great exploiters of human beings, a human trafficker that this country has ever known since the days of slavery. This thing that’s going down here on the border is proof of it, and in a moment I’m also gonna show you how he is the greatest Uncle Tom since we had this Uncle Tom controversy that you mentioned a few weeks ago. He’s the greatest Uncle Tom that we’ve ever known.

And, first of all, let me also say this. Stop, stop, stop referring to this man as a black man. He’s not our first black president. He’s half black; he’s half white. He’s what we term, and I’m using it not in the derogatory sense, but in the anthropological sense, he’s a mulatto. A mulatto is just a word, a Spanish word for mule. A mule is a mixture of a horse and a donkey. He’s a mixed race president so please refer to him as our first mixed race president or the first mulatto president, but he’s not a black man in the purest sense of the word.

RUSH: Well, he wants to be called that so that’s what he is.

CALLER: He wants to be called a lot of things. Don’t give in to that, Rush. Don’t dignify what he wants to be called. You know, stand up for what you’ve been saying, principle all along, not for what this —

RUSH: Eric, it may be true, but he’s always gonna be the first black president of this country, it just is. Nothing’s gonna change that, no matter how anthropological you get.

CALLER: Well okay, then, I’ll let you have that. But let me say this. You know, this word Uncle Tom, and I want to get to this exploitation thing in a moment, but this thing about an Uncle Tom, people don’t understand where the word Uncle Tom comes from. Uncle Tom was a figure in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s book. He was a hero. He stood up for black people. He actually laid down his life and died. And it was during the Marcus Garvey era that that word has taken on the connotation that we now take it, meaning a man who’s doing a double dance, double jig for both the white man and the black man. Rush, that’s what Obama is doing, that’s what he is. He’s the perfect candidate for this. Many slave owners back then had their children with black women. And when they did, they used these half black kids to be double spies a lot of times within the black —

RUSH: I saw that. I saw that in the movie Django Unchained.

CALLER: Yeah. Okay.

RUSH: I saw what you’re talking about in that movie.

CALLER: Yeah. Well, the point is here is, what he does is the Democratic Party, as far back as we know, has been an exploiter of human beings, because they were the ones who supported slavery. They were the ones who stood behind slavery. Their whole legacy has been exploitation and denying —

RUSH: Now, this is true, folks. The Democrat Party was the KKK. The KKK was Democrats. The segregationists back in the sixties were Democrats. George Wallace was a Democrat. Lester Maddox was a Democrat. The people standing in the way of blacks going to school were Democrats.

CALLER: And it is dehumanizing of humans that spend their legacy — that’s why they supported slavery. That’s why they support abortion to this day. Their legacy is very consistent throughout. But the point here is, this thing here, what’s going on down here at the border, this man, he reminds me of these Islamic fanatics who will sacrifice and blow up their own kids for a cause. He is allowing these children, these children as political pawns, political tools to further his political aims. Do you know what happens to children when they are left without parents?

RUSH: Yeah, but you know, Eric, the take on this is that Obama’s saving them from that circumstance in their own country. You’ve got an uphill battle on that.


RUSH: One thing about what Eric, our last caller, was saying — he was from Charlotte, North Carolina. The idea that the kids are being exploited. Look, he’s got a point in the sense that the Democrat Party exploits and attempts to create as many needy people as they can. That’s their power base. Their power derives from human beings not meeting their potential.

Now, I know that that may sound a little raw to some of you, ’cause it’s just hard to get your arms around. But it’s true. If you’re self-reliant and can provide for yourself, the Democrat Party doesn’t have any interest in you. In fact, you’re a threat to them. The Democrat Party thrives on dependence. The Democrat Party thrives on obedience. The Democrat Party thrives on victims, and they do everything they can to make as many people victims of something, usually the country, as they can. A lot of people would much rather blame some unseen force for their plight than themselves. Human nature. And so it is exploitative. I don’t think there is any question about it.

But on the other side of it, see, the rub is the Democrats get all of the credit for having compassion, for wanting to help the downtrodden and the miserable and the hungry and the homeless and the starving and the thirsty and what have you. When, in fact, they put policies in place that are guaranteed to ensure such circumstances. The Democrat Party, I’ve said it countless times, needs a permanent underclass of needy, dependent, obedient people voting for them, relying on them, and so forth. And the point about here come these kids arriving from wherever, being exploited for political purposes. There’s no question that they’re being used for political purposes.

Let me ask you a question.

One of the objectives here is to get the Republican Party to cave on all this and agree to amnesty before the November election. I have a question, if anybody can answer it. Would somebody tell me what amnesty would do to resolve this current crisis at the border? How would new reform immigration legislation that granted amnesty or coming out of the shadows, whatever it is that they’re calling it, they don’t like the word “amnesty,” but how would it stop what’s going on?

We all know that’s the objective. The objective, Obama wants the legalization of the people already here. And there’s no question that this influx of 300,000 since April is designed to put pressure on the system and the Republicans so that they cave and agree to it. Okay, let’s say that happened. Is this influx gonna then stop? It won’t, will it? But even if every illegal alien in the country was automatically granted citizenship, wouldn’t that, in fact, tend to increase the numbers approaching our borders? How in the world would what Obama wants solve this? It wouldn’t. But it doesn’t matter.

The thinking is these are people from war torn, poverty stricken countries, and they’re just seeking a better life, and who are we to deny them? “Anybody coming to my country that wants to improve their life, I say let them come.” That’s the refrain you hear from a lot of Americans. To them it’s a matter of American pride that so many people want to come here to improve their lot in life. But are they? Is that what happens to them? Maybe in comparison to where they’re coming from, perhaps.

It’s a challenging thing because the Democrats own this whole notion that they are compassionate. And yet it doesn’t compute with me, when you look at the plight. Look at the vast majority Democrat voters, what is compassionate? Jack Kemp had this saying I’ve never forgotten, I’ve always loved it, about conservatives. “We measure compassion by counting the number of people who no longer need assistance, cradle to grave assistance.” That’s the true measure of compassion, that you’ve actually taught people to help themselves, rather than remain trapped in this victim and victimized mentality, which the Democrat Party clearly sponsors and promotes.

But to say something like that is just outrageous. “Why, how dare Mr. Limbaugh say that. That is so insensitive.” That’s how they succeed with this. They characterize any common-sensible analysis as extremism and mean-spirited. It’s just the exact opposite. We want the absolute best for everybody. We want everybody to have the absolute best life possible. And you’re just not gonna get that. You’re just not gonna get that in a country run by the Democrats as they are currently constituted. And I give you as Exhibit A, the country.

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