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RUSH: Folks, I have to tell you something before we go to the break here. Do you watch Ray Donovan? I asked you this last year. Have you started watching it yet this year? You know, there’s some real perversion on TV now. I mean, there’s some really vile, just really depraved stuff now. One of my favorite shows last season was The Bridge.

(interruption) You like The Bridge, too? (interruption) Have you started watching it this season? Is that not depraved or is that not depraved?

Ray Donovan, I love Jon Voight in the show. Jon Voight’s got the best character in this show, other than the star, Liev Schreiber. I was watching it Sunday night and Liev Schreiber as Ray Donovan ends up in a restaurant talking to some woman who owes the guy he works for $5 million on a charitable pledge, and she hasn’t paid it. The woman looks familiar and I can’t peg it. I’m thinking, “It looks just like Ann-Margret. It can’t be Ann-Margret.” And it was! Ann-Margret, 72 years old, just stunning.

You know, I met Ann-Margret once. Do you remember this? It was in the early nineties, my first book had come out, and she was playing at the Westbury Music Fair at the Nassau Coliseum. My publisher got a call, Ann-Margret and her husband would love for you to come out and be their guests at her show and come backstage. I went back and met her, and I appeared on The Tonight Show with her not long after that with Jay Leno. She was really nice. I had not seen her in a long time. She looked, I mean, folks, if Hillary Clinton could pull that off we would have real trouble, let me just put it that way.

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