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RUSH: Did you happen to see or hear John Kerry and his entourage were headed into a meeting with the president of Egypt? His name is el-Sisi. It’s spelled “el-Sissy,” but I don’t think he pronounces it that way. I’m assuming he pronounces it “el-See-see.” They actually made the secretary of state walk through a metal detector. They actually wanded him.

This is not done, folks.

This was a pronounced insult by the nation of Egypt against agents of Barack Obama. Now, I’m not exaggerating this. This is not done. Diplomats, the secretary of state is waved in through a private entrance. Well, it may be a public entrance, but there is no stopping. There is no question who he is. There is no passport needed. There is no need for ID, fingerprint scans, none of that, and they… (interruption)

Well, I’m sure they know he served in Vietnam, but as Netanyahu said to Kerry, “Hey, this isn’t Vietnam!” Did you people know that by the way? Kerry is over there talking to Netanyahu about Vietnam and trying to relate it. He spent four months there, and it’s become one of these defining things. (impression) “I served in Vietnaaaaam, and when I was in Vietnaaaaam, I…”

That’s why we joke about it, ’cause he tells everybody as often as he can he served in Vietnam. Netanyahu had to say, “Secretary of State Kerry, this is not Vietnam.” Anyway, to get wanded, to get metal detector’d… (chuckles) Look, you can’t blame the Egyptians. They just threw the Muslim Brotherhood out, and the Egyptians know how Obama and Kerry feel about the Muslim Brotherhood.

They… Let’s just say that Obama and Kerry do not think the Muslim Brotherhood is a big problem like the Egyptians too. The Egyptians are a little bit more moderate. The Egyptians, they had their turn with the Muslim Brotherhood. They got rid of them. The Muslim Brotherhood pulled a fast one on ’em back during the days of Tahrir Square.

You remember that? That’s when CNN played some of my all-time favorite sound bites that we have ever had on this program. You remember the Egyptian uprising against Mubarak. The economy was in dreadful shape, there weren’t any jobs, and it was massive protests. The Muslim Brotherhood was lurking in the background, waiting to take over, vis-a-vis the Egyptian army.

Mubarak is out of it at the time. He’s soon to be run out of the palace, sent to a hospital, rendered insane, put on trial, convicted, typical stuff. So CNN sends their ace reporter, Nic Robertson, over to Tahrir Square to talk to Imam, Mustapha, Abdul, and Chris. He’s talking to these guys (summarized), “And what was your message for President Obama, who was very supportive of your efforts here and hoping to create jobs?

“How much would you credit President Obama for what’s happening?” These guys asked, “President Obama? Obama’s got nothing to do with what’s going on here. We don’t know from day to day what Obama thinks. We don’t know from day to day what Obama believes! This is something we’re doing on our own.”

Nic Robertson said, “Thank you for that! Now we move on to Mustapha! Mustapha, what do you think of President Obama and his call for jobs in the middle class in Egypt?” Mustapha said, “President Obama? He’s got nothing to do with this! Obama? We don’t know what he’s doing day to day. To hell with that. We are doing this on our own.”

He talks to another one, and after the third interview, Nic Robertson wraps it up by saying, “As you’ve clearly heard, there is massive support for President Obama here in Tahrir Square!” What they were trying to do back then… This was not long after Obama’s 2008 win, which was, of course, this massive/messianic victory. And the Obama campaign and the Obama speeches were said to be models for politicians the world over!

“A new day in the world! A new day in America! A new kind of politician, somebody we’ve never seen before,” yada yada yada. So this uprising in Egypt, the media in our country and the Democrats tried to claim that Obama’s presidency and campaign were the inspiration for what was going on in Egypt. He “was” the Arab Spring, and they were all in favor of it.

The Arab Spring was gonna be this massive, great unification effort where everybody was gonna love each other just like was gonna happen in America. And the Arab Spring was nothing more than a Muslim Brotherhood attempt to take over everything, and they succeeded in Egypt for a while, and then were finally thrown out. So the current Egyptian leadership doesn’t have much to say good about the Muslim Brotherhood.

But they know that Kerry and Obama do. Kerry and Obama harbored massive amounts of support and hope for the Muslim Brotherhood. It was under the covers, it was secret, but they did. So it’s not a surprise to me that Kerry would be wanded. I mean, Kerry and Obama were essentially supportive of enemies of the current Egyptian government.

You know better way to say this?

Egypt is doing more for Israel in this current conflict than we are. Israel is doing more for peace — quote/unquote “peace” — than we are.

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