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RUSH: This has to be something that a lot of people do not know and there’s a lot of misinformation about this. The Israelis actually were forced… Do you know the Israelis are actually texting and calling Palestinians in Gaza in advance of launching response attacks, saying, “Look, we’re firing. If you’re a civilian, get the hell out of the area ’cause we have a couple rockets we’re launching here in 10 minutes.”

Nobody does this! The Israelis are warning civilians in advance to get out of areas where they think Hamas targets are. You’ve heard about the tunnels that Hamas built that Israel is taking out in this latest conflict. Who do you think provided the concrete to build the tunnels? Israel did! But that’s not what the concrete was for.

The concrete was to help (sigh) Palestinians and others living in the Gaza Strip to build homes. Yes, the Israelis actually provided concrete and other materials and quite a bit of it to help upgrade the community, if you will. Hamas leaders took the concrete and started building these tunnels to hide in and to move around in unseen, and Israel found out about the tunnels and has been taking them out.

Now, what Hamas did was build civilian homes on top of the tunnels, making their own people the targets. Israel didn’t do this. Israel is not targeting civilians in that sense. This is just… If you look at this, if you have any degree of common sense, none of what’s happening makes any sense at all. It’s enough to make you think you’re going crazy.

‘Cause everything that is being done in this conflict is exactly wrong, as wrong as it could be. And yet John Kerry and Obama, they keep articulating, and everything they say is wrong. Then Biden joins in, and he’s never been right! In 40 years, he’s never been right. It’s mind-boggling. It’s mind-blowing. You have Israel warning civilians that it’s about to attack; get out of the way.

In the midst of all this, Israel is the bad guys! “Israel needs to back off, Israel needs to rein it in, Israel needs to stop.” I’m telling you what’s driving this. I don’t even want to get into whether or not there’s anti-Semitism at the State Department or anywhere in the Regime aimed at Israel. I don’t even want to go there. There may be. I know that anti-Semitism is what’s driving hatred of Israel and the Jewish people on the part of Hamas.

It’s nothing else. And until that’s dealt with, all of this is whistling in the dark. There is no peace process when one of the combatants has only one objective, and that’s the death of every Jew. There’s no compromise with ’em on that. They don’t want to a two-state solution. They don’t want peaceful coexistence.

Their charter, the Hamas charter, calls for the elimination of Israel, the elimination of the Jews. It’s right out of Mein Kampf! It’s right out of the Third Reich. It’s anti-Semitism. I don’t know… There’s no peace process possible here with that. Yet I listen to people talk about it from the Regime and from the State Department and it literally is totally dead wrong — and every day totally dead wrong.


RUSH: I’ve got these audio sound bites of Marie Harf. This woman’s almost indescribable, I mean, and be polite, almost indescribable. She’s the assistant, the aide to Jen Psaki. Jen Psaki is the official spokeswoman for the State Department. She’s the official spokeswoman for Kerry. And when she’s not around she has a deputy aide named Marie Harf.

The first time I saw this woman, I said, “What is this?” I actually thought it was a satire show or a parody bit. But, no, this is a cookie cutter — you know who this woman is?
This woman is Julia from that ad that they ran in the 2012 campaign. I mean, this woman has been, from the moment of birth, she has been saturated in modern-day progressivism, leftism. It just reeks, it’s so obvious. And part and parcel of that means that she had no idea what she’s doing, but thinks that she’s the smartest person in the room. You will hear what I am talking about when I get to these bites


RUSH: Well, I’ve learned something here in the break about Marie Harf, H-a-r-f. “The assistant secretary of state for public affairs,” I think is her title. She’s spokeswoman. She Jen Psaki’s assistant. Now, you may remember we’ve talked about her before. Marie Harf is the woman who was attacking Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon mates for criticizing him.

You remember Bergdahl was the supposed deserter, and his platoon mates were describing what all had happened. Harf heard about it, didn’t like it, and she went on TV as a spokesman for the state department and started ripping into his platoon mates saying (impression), “We here know much more than those platoon mates know. We know much more about what went on with Sergeant Bergdahl than his platoon mates.”

She was mean. That’s what struck me. She was just arrogant, condescending, mean. It turns out this woman was once a Middle East analyst at the CIA. I said, “Oh, no!” They just recycle these people. They just go from one place to another. (interruption) Is that her? She’s back up there. That’s her, and her hair’s brown today. I just saw her and her hair was totally blonde. She was bright blonde yesterday.

I mean, she was like Jenny McCarthy blonde last time I saw her. Let’s go to the audio sound bites ’cause this is another atrocity in the whole Israeli-Hamas situation. Let me ask you, folks. Think back to when you were in either grade school or high school. Remember that time you opened the door to the janitor’s office and saw the 40 surface-to-air missiles that were being hidden in there?

You remember when that happened when you were in school? No. Obviously you don’t because there weren’t any surface-to-air missiles in your school! Well, there are surface-to-air missiles being hidden by Hamas in their “schools.” It’s one of the techniques to keep them from being found and also to prevent them from being targeted. So Tuesday at the State Department, the deputy spokesperson Marie Harf held a daily press briefing.

During the Q&A, a State Department correspondent for the Associated Press, Matthew Lee is his name, said, “Look, I asked you a question yesterday about the rockets that they found in this school, and if you knew what they did with them after they found them. Now, apparently, there have been some more rockets, some more missiles found today. Do you have an answer to the question?”

Let me tell you what the answer to the question is before you hear it. When they found the rockets and the missiles in the schools, our State Department demanded they be given back to Hamas, as though somebody had stolen ’em or misplaced ’em! And that’s what she’s being asked about here. So we have three bites. This the first. Here’s her answer.

HARF: UNRWA has told us that they asked the local police to remove the rockets from the school. Uh, we recognize that this was not an acceptable outcome, and we are consulting closely with UN leadership, with UNRWA, the Israeli government, and the Palestinian Authority to develop better options available in the event of future incidents.

LEE: Well, is it your understanding that by “local police,” that was Hamas, right?

HARF: I think they can better speak to who specifically in the local police.

LEE: But if you say that the outcome was not acceptable, it would appear that UNRWA gave these missiles back to their owners, back to Hamas?

HARF: They have told us they went to local police.

RUSH: The reporter is right: The local police is Hamas! Hamas is everything there. So here’s this… I know this is unfair. It’s just part of my effort to get people to see a liberal when there’s a liberal and have that mean something. This is classic case of it, folks. Marie Harf is a classic case of it.

She may be perfectly nice, but I guarantee you she’s wrong about everything. This just now a cover-up. So they found these rockets, and we worked with the UN to give ’em back to Hamas! (laughs) We may as well not even have found them. It doesn’t matter. It’s just a circuitous route back to the owners, which are Hamas. But this whole thing is an exercise in trying to fool people.

(impression)”Well, what happened was, uh, we recognize that this is not an acceptable outcome.” Really? Thank you. It’s “not acceptable” to have rockets and missiles in a school. Thank you. “We recognize this is not an acceptable outcome, and we are consulting closely with the UN, uh, a-a-and the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority to develop better options available in the event of future incidents.”

So the next time we find guns and rockets in a school we’re gonna do even better. This is the norm there I guess. The reporter says, “Wait a minute, now. You understand that by local police, that was Hamas?” (Harf impression) “Well, I think they can better speak to who specifically the local police are.” Don’t look to me, pal, to indict Hamas! That’s not what we in the Obama administration are here today.

We’re not gonna blame Hamas for anything! We’re gonna blame Israel, but we’re not gonna blame Hamas. Don’t try to trick me. (That’s what she’s saying.) The reporter said, “Well, it would appear that the UN gave the missiles back to their owners, back to Hamas,” and Marie Harf says, “They have told us that they went to go local police.”

Like, what do you not understand, dude? They were given to the local police. What do you not get about it, huh?” So then the correspondent Matthew Lee said, “Okay, so after this happened, the secretary,” meaning Kerry (who served in Vietnam, by the way), “and people with the secretary in Cairo announced an additional big package of aid, including $15 million to Hamas.”

HARF: Which is an organization that does very important work in terms of the humanitarian situation, not just in Gaza, but elsewhere.

LEE: I understand. But can you see how, to an outside observer, this sounds a little bit — this sounds a bit bizarre that —

HARF: Well, maybe to an outside observer who doesn’t have all the facts or understand the details here.

LEE: The facts are pretty clear. UNRWA discovers missile rockets in its school, it condemns it, informs the UN, obviously, and then hands them back over to the people who are shooting them into Israel —

HARF: Well, let’s not make sweeping generalizations. They’ve told us they gave them to the local police.

LEE: Well, but the local police in Gaza are Hamas.

RUSH: Do you believe this, folks? (imitating Harf) “Well, maybe to an outsider they wouldn’t be understood, who doesn’t have all the facts or understand the details like we do.” Okay, well, the facts are pretty clear. They discovered the missiles, the rockets in the school, they condemn it, inform the UN, and then hand ’em back over to the people who are shooting ’em into Israel. In other words, good guys captured rockets, they should have been taken out of the country. Instead, they were given back.

This would be like discovering some V-2 rocket battery in Germany and saying, “Oops, oops, these are Hitler’s. We shouldn’t have found these,” and then take ’em back to Berlin or something. That’s what’s going on here, and that’s what she’s excusing. That’s what she’s explaining, and she’s trying to draw a distinction that, “Well, no, no, no. These were given to the local police.” There aren’t any police in Gaza.

And then there’s one more. This is Matthew Lee continuing here, beating his head against a wall. “If you say, Ms. Harf, it was unacceptable, I’m assuming that it was unacceptable, but you still ended up giving the missiles back.”

HARF: I do tend to mean what I say, yes.

LEE: Exactly. You say it’s unacceptable, but you won’t say why it’s unacceptable, right?

HARF: I don’t have more for you than that.

LEE: But then you go ahead and announce another $15 million to this very organization —

HARF: Because it’s an important organization.

LEE: I understand —

HARF: Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive.

LEE: So maybe —

HARF: UNRWA is operating in a very difficult situation in a difficult environment, and they aren’t, to be frank here, equipped to deal with discovering rockets in a school where they were working humanitarianly. So, again, this wasn’t a good outcome. We certainly don’t think it was. But I — I would caution people from jumping to conclusions about, you know, what — what UNRWA was trying to do here.

RUSH: A humanitarian group automatically is assumed to be a bunch of good guys, number one. Number two, a humanitarian group finds rockets and doesn’t know what to do with ’em? (imitating Harf) “Well, you know, they’re operating in a very difficult situation, difficult environment. And let’s be frank here. They’re not equipped to deal with discovering rockets in a school, when they’re working humanitarianly.” Why not? Why is working so-called humanitarian issues, why does that render you impotent when you discover rockets and missiles in a school?


RUSH: By the way, Folks, I’m very sorry. The group that she was talking about, she was pronouncing it UNRWA, it’s the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, U-N-R-W-A. That’s who she was talking about. I mistakenly thought I’d identified them in the first sound bite, and I had not, so that’s who Marie Harf was talking about, the group that discovered the rockets. They were a UN group, and they had no idea what to do. I mean, they’re a humanitarian group. We need to give them 15 million more dollars because of the really important work that they’re doing, discovering rockets in schools.

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