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RUSH: All right. The Israelis have rejected the ceasefire proposal made by the haughty John Kerry, who served in Vietnam. The Israelis reject ceasefire deal. The only thing a ceasefire does is allow Hamas to regroup. I think Hamas is on the ropes and that’s why everybody wants a ceasefire. I’m telling you, everything over there is ass backwards. Everything in this conflict is 180 degrees out of phase. They want the ceasefire to give Hamas time to regroup.

“Well, we have to make it fair, Mr. Limbaugh, because the Israelis have such an unfair advantage. They’re richer and they’re farther advanced than the poor Palestinians and the Hamasians. Well, the Hamasians don’t have anything at all, Mr. Limbaugh, it’s just totally unfair.” Well, that’s just tough toenails, as far as I’m concerned. Thank God for for Bibi Netanyahu.


RUSH: Okay. As I mentioned a half hour ago, the AP is now reporting that the Israeli security cabinet unanimously rejected Obama and Kerry’s truce plan for Gaza, the ceasefire. Unilaterally, unanimously rejected it because they know that a ceasefire is only an opportunity for Hamas to rebuild.


RUSH: Now, back to the Israeli-Hamas situation, ’cause this is good. Last night on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront she interested the Israeli ambassador to the UN, Ron Dermer. Now, there’s been all these arguments, all of this pressure on Israel, because they’re just not fair. They’re not telling Hamas early enough that they’re gonna bomb ’em. When have you ever heard in a war that the person bombing you gives you 20 minutes lead time to get out of the way? Never, right?

Well, the Israelis are doing this. They’re sending in little warning bombs that don’t do any damage. They go off, and when that happens you’re supposed to vacate the building ’cause an attack’s coming in like five minutes.

Do remember that time when you were in school and you ended up in the janitor’s office and you found all those surface-to-air missiles hidden in there? Remember that time? Yeah, right, because there wasn’t. Well, they found missiles in schools in the Gaza Strip. And we played the sound bites on this yesterday. They gave the missiles back to the police in Gaza, which is Hamas.

So, anyway, there’s been all this reporting about the schools and Israel, and how children are being killed and so forth. And this ambassador is just livid at CNN for misreporting this. He was on with Erin Burnett last night. There’s three sound bites here. Her first question: “What happened here is horrific, and we don’t yet even know the scale of how many children may have died. Initial reports indicate at least 16 are dead and that this attack had come from Israeli tanks. The Israeli military said it may have come from Hamas and a rocket which misfired. Mr. Ambassador, do you know any more at this point?”

DERMER: No, I don’t know. But I do know who’s responsible for it, and that’s Hamas, because they’re using schools as weapons depots. And I think it would be a disservice to your viewers for a reporter from Gaza not to mention that in the last week we had two different UNRRA schools where we had actually rockets found in the schools and handed over to Hamas. That’s publicly available information. It’s kind of an important fact for your reporter to mention. Do you not think that it’s relevant to report on CNN that this secretary general of the United Nations yesterday warned against the use of UN schools and shelter for rocket missile depots of Hamas?

RUSH: What he’s mad about here is that CNN is reporting that Israel is launching attacks on schools and killing children. Isn’t it horrible, 16 children died, and CNN’s all bent out of shape about it. And they did not report that there are missiles or weapons are being held that are being fired into Israel, Israel’s taking ’em out, with warning in advance giving everybody time to get out of the school. CNN reports none of that. They just report that Israel’s bombing schools, and this ambassador is calling them on it, and she could hardly get a word in before he continued. What a sorry excuse for a news network. You can hear this.

DERMER: I’ve been listening for two hours of reports on CNN. I have seen split screens, horrible pictures — horrible pictures that any decent human being would be horrified by. I have not heard a single person say what I just said to you now, and I think that that does a disservice to your viewers to not give them the context they need to make these judgments. Hamas is placing missile batteries in schools, in hospitals, in mosques, and there must be outrage by the world at Hamas.

RUSH: This was not over. This was not over, ladies and gentlemen, and this next one is too much because in this one the infobabe suggests that the warning shots from Israel are not enough! When has anybody ever been so humanitarian as to warn a target that an attack is coming? This is what Israel has been reduced to in order to be perceived as fair by the media and by the United Nations and by Hamas.

Because, see, Israel is like the US — big, powerful, and that’s just not fair — and poor little Hamas doesn’t even have a chance. So the Israelis, in order to try to get fair coverage are warning their targets with harmless little missiles that hit the roof of the building with a puff of smoke. It’s enough to let you know that it’s hit, and it’s a warning that a bigger attack is coming, and CNN here is unhappy that the warnings are not enough.

BURNETT: The reason that we’re showing these pictures [is] because these are dead children. Would Israel have taken the time to confirm that those children were out of the school before you fired — send someone in to look — or do you think it’s okay that you issued the warning and then just went ahead and fired!

DERMER: Well, I think you have no basis for making the statement that you just made. Of course we wouldn’t fire directly. What I understand is we gave people days to get out of that area. There’s a good chance that it may have been a Hamas rocket that hit it. I don’t know the facts. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not blaming the media for showing the pictures. What I’m blaming the media is for not connecting the dots. The dots point to the responsibility of Hamas for using schools as weapons depots and caches for Hamas. It’s unacceptable, and the outrage of the world has to be turned on Hamas.

RUSH: But it won’t be because the media doesn’t want the outrage on Hamas. Hamas is the innocent victim — the small, little, just-barely-eking-out-a-survival victim, barely holding on against the evil Goliath that’s Israel. “They can’t be blamed for putting rockets in schools. It’s the only way they can keep the Israelis from wiping them out,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I wanted you to hear it because this doesn’t happen much where the media gets called on their absolute… It’s worse than bias. It’s just a lack of professionalism and everything. It is bias but it’s worse than that.

They’ve chosen sides here.

There’s no question.

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