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RUSH: There’s a new Gallup poll out, and Obama is in free fall. Thirty-nine percent job approval. That’s down three points from yesterday. I don’t have enough in front of me to know why, if it even explains the specifics of the poll, or if it’s just a rolling day to day public opinion approval poll. But at any rate, down to 39%, in free fall.

But, you know, he doesn’t care. He’s never cared. This has been my point all along. My point, Obama has known from the first moment he thought about being president, he’s known — don’t doubt me on this — he knows that what he believes and thinks is a minority position in this country. It is very important that you understand this. I don’t mean to sound like I’m preaching. I’m trying to be intense to be persuasive here. He knows, the left knows, that they are a minority position.

The militant gay population knows they’re not 30%. They know that they’re less than 5%. That’s what, in fact, motives ’em. The same thing with all of the American left. They know that they are the minority. Therefore, Obama knew from day one that he was gonna be governing against the will of the people. This has never been about popularity. It’s never been about public opinon polls. I mean, they take them. They make it look like they care about ’em, but they’ve known from the get-go that what they intended to do if it were fully known and understood would be met with mass disapproval. And that’s why Obama was not specific in the ’08 campaign.

He was a blank canvas and you could make him whatever you wanted him to be. He was The Messiah, the agent of change and hope and all that, happy horse malarkey, but there was no way he was gonna be honest about what he intended to do, no way, because nobody would have voted for it. Well, he wouldn’t have won. There would have been people that voted for it. So he’s been governing against the will of the people from day one. The Democrat Party, ditto.

So now he’s at 39% in Gallup and I guarantee you he doesn’t care. He expects to be there. But he doesn’t care. He’s got a phone, he’s got a pen, he’s got a Republican Party afraid to do a thing, so whatever he wants to do, and his Regime is just now hitting full stride, just a little over two and a half years to go. And now since he doesn’t have to get any more votes, doesn’t have to run for reelection ever again, he’s free to do as much as he can.

Last night Carville was on O’Baxter, and the question, “Do you think it’s fair, that in every area, Americans are saying he’s not cutting it? Do you think it’s fair his disapproval is so high?”

CARVILLE: You know what, whether it’s fair or not, that’s public opinion. And I further think that, honestly, I don’t think he much cares about his poll numbers. I think he thinks he’s done and is doing a good job and history will record him. He doesn’t really care.

RUSH: He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care, he knows. He doesn’t much care about polls, he doesn’t care. He’s exactly right, Carville, exactly right. Obama doesn’t care. And so it’s not gonna have any impact other than PR.


RUSH: Now, Obama might not care about his approval numbers are falling, but there are some people that do, and they are other Democrats. See, right now the only way the American people can show their disapproval of Obama — short of telling Gallup or whoever — is to vote against Democrats. That’s it. That’s the only way, and that is going to happen in November, and the Democrats know it.

The lower Obama goes in these polls, the worse they know it is gonna be for them. ‘Cause it’s gonna be a referendum on Obama. He doesn’t care. He took office, I’m convinced, knowing full well this was going to happen. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to tell you: Obama did not win a mandate to do what he’s doing because he did not campaign on any of this. He campaigned, in fact, on just the opposite.

He was gonna rebuild roads and bridges and create jobs and lower health care premiums, and it was gonna be utopia and all that. It wasn’t gonna be millions and millions and millions of people not working. It wasn’t gonna be millions and millions and millions more people on welfare. It wasn’t gonna be open borders. It wasn’t gonna be flying refugees from Honduras to the United States.

It wasn’t gonna be any of that. If he had campaigned on that, he would not have won. But yet he knew he was gonna do all of this. He didn’t tell anybody, not in terms of campaigning. So he’s got no mandate for it, but it doesn’t matter. This is about the fundamental transformation of America — and, by definition, it’s got to happen against the will of the American people.

America is an immoral, unjust place because of the American people who’ve made it that way and propped it up that way. In his eyes, you’re just as much to blame as the Founders. Those of you who’ve prospered, those of you who do well, those of you who work hard and advance and practice the whole American dream scenario? “Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. No. That’s not right. Not fair.

“It’s not fair that you should succeed and some others couldn’t.” It’s no more complicated than that. The real fascinating thing about this is just when did the Democrat Party make this big jump to the left, as it has? ‘Cause I remember… It wasn’t that long ago. The Democrat Party has always had its Looney Toon left, but that’s what it was.

The moderate Democrats were liberals, but the Looney Toon left has taken over this party. The Looney Toon left includes all of these Democrats who are high-tech, Silicon Valley billionaires. The Looney Toon left includes all the Hollywood left billionaires. They are the Looney Toon left driving this party. They have taken it over. The Looney Toon left involves all these environmentalist wacko wealthy billionaires and millionaires in the Democrat Party.

The Looney Toon left is all the think tanks. I can remember it wasn’t that long ago that the Democrat Party was constantly at war with itself, and there was no such thing as the Democrat Party being unified. It wasn’t that long ago, but something has happened and the Looney Toon left has taken over this party.

They all know they’re in the minority, in terms of the country. But, see, they know they’ve got the media, and so they can present a picture each and every day — a multiple number of pictures — that make it look like they are the majority, make it look like everybody else is the oddball, everybody else is the kook, everybody else is the weirdo. Everything they are is what’s normal. Everything they want is what’s normal.

And by God, that’s been the quest. Obama is leading that pack, so to speak.

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