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RUSH: Here’s Madeleine Albright. This was on Slay the Nation yesterday. Bob Schieffer. These guys, by the way… Schieffer and these old horses from way back when, these old media warriors, everything existed according to a formula of “world order,” and remember what they believed. They believed that the election of the hippest and coolest, first African-American Democrat president was gonna finally bring about this utopia they had all dreamed of since the days of Camelot.

It had arrived with the election of Obama.

And now the world is aflame, the world is on fire. There isn’t any stability. Ebola breakouts now are getting out of the native countries in which they’re happening. Three Americans have the disease now and it’s spreading. They’re scared to death. While we’ve been sending money to fight AIDS and sending money like to Bill and Melinda Gates to build mosquito nets or something, all of a sudden here comes Ebola, which is spread by fruit bats.

Nobody thought about fruit bats. Now, Ebola, there’s no cure for that. It’s deadly. It’s spreading. It’s the biggest outbreak in sub-Saharan Africa since, well, ever. Bono forgot about it and Bill and Melinda Gates forgot about it and Clintons forgot about it. All these charitable people dealing with poor countries of Africa, forgot. It’s poor countries, and Ebola is breaking out, while everybody else is building mosquito nets for malaria.

All we have to do is discredit Rachel Maddow to fix that. Anyway, the world is a mess, it’s in flames, and these old warriors don’t understand it. “It’s supposed to have been fixed by now because everything they believed in was embodied by people who won elections and all they had to do was show up, Kerry and Obama.”

It’s just a mess, and they don’t understand it.

Here’s Madeleine Albright. Schieffer said, “We have so much going on right now. It’s almost — it’s almost like we’re caught up in events and out of control!”

ALBRIGHT: There have been really two huge game changers, and one is: Putin’s behavior vis-a-vis first Crimea and then now towards Ukraine, and a completely different, uh, kind of behavior by Russia.

RUSH: Nooo.

ALBRIGHT: And the other is what is happening in the Middle East, a lot of it due to the Arab awakening and also the to the artificiality of the borders that were established after World War I.

RUSH: Oh, come on! That’s just —

ALBRIGHT: There are an awful lot of things going on that need understanding and explanation but to put it mildly: The world is a mess.

RUSH: This is her foreign policy. It’s exactly what she wanted: The United States out of it. This is exactly what they wanted. This was exactly what was gonna happen. This business of seeing “a different kind of behavior from Russia,” and this is one of the smartest people ever in Washington, Madeleine Albright?

A different kind of behavior by Russia? (snorts) That’s insulting. A different kind of behavior? They’re behaving exactly as they did when she was secretary of state and the years before that! Different kind of behavior? What is causing the different kind of behavior? It’s real simple: Her foreign policy, as epitomized by Obama and John Kerry and all the rest of them.


RUSH: Madeleine Albright: the world’s a mess, oh, it’s so bad, Russia has changed their behavior.

They have not. That’s the whole point. These people are blind. Don’t forget, either, ladies and gentlemen, Madeleine Albright was one of the experts in the 2012 campaign who mocked Romney and made fun of Romney when he said that Russia was our top geopolitical enemy. Romney made a point of saying keep everybody’s eyes on Russia. And they were all laughing at him.

They all mocked him and they all said he was out of date. In fact, Madeleine Albright said Romney’s not up to date and that’s a very dangerous aspect, that’s just an example of his twentieth century approach to twenty-first century issues. And the truth of the matter is, these people are stuck in the twentieth century. They’re stuck. It’s like they’re in this cocoon of comfort where the US is to blame, and if we would just stop being who we are, the world would clean up and be a wonderful, lovable place again, and they just can’t leave it.

They’re not hip. They’re not cool. They have not become forward thinkers. They’re not leading anybody on this. They are stuck. And so is Hillary. Hillary is of this mind-set, the Russian reset. She’s stuck. She’s got this same attitude they do.


RUSH: I need to remind you about Madeleine Albright. This is back in 1998, it was an AP story. I’ve never forgotten it. Albright says, “The US doesn’t want to be sole superpower.” Remember this? And here is the money quote. “We very much don’t want to be on –” by the way, this was to cover for Clinton. This is right in the middle of Lewinsky, and Clinton’s bombing Iraq on Saturday night killing janitors trying to distract people after he bombed an acetaminophen plant somewhere in Africa to make it look like he was tough. He was rattling the chains about Saddam’s chemical weapons and so forth.

But Madeleine Albright said, “We very much don’t want to be out there by ourselves as the organizer and the only superpower. People don’t believe that. They think we just want to be King of the Hill, but we do not.” And she went on to talk about how the United States needed a competitor, that a single superpower would, by definition, destabilize the world. We needed somebody to rein us in. And so, you see, the moral equivalence. We weren’t the good guys. We’re just as bad as the bad guys. We’re no different than the bad guys. Our intentions, our morality, our existence is no different.

So she was very upset when the wall came down. She was very upset when the Soviet Union fell because it left us as the lone superpower, and that to her was a destabilizing thing, and to Obama and to John Kerry and to Hillary and to all of the modern-day Democrat Party. The United States is the problem in the world, it is not the solution. And the United States as the world’s lone superpower is not good. And that’s just absurd, folks. It is literally absurd. It’s dumb, it is stupid, and it’s classic of how people we’re told are much smarter than we are, they’re the best and the brightest, they’re literal idiots. They’re educated beyond any possibility of common sense. Not even educated. They are indoctrinated. But they’re just wrong on everything.

They’re wrong as they can be and yet they get all these accolades, because they’re supposedly so smart, and not just so smart, they’re so much smarter than all the rest of us. That we just basically have to genuflect in their presence and thank God that they’re alive to do for us what we can’t do for ourselves and all the other happy horse manure. It gets frustrating. It’s frustrating to have things so important run by blithering fools, dithering idiots. And we are surrounded by ’em. Well, I guess we always are to one extent or the other.

But Albright, she said she was worried when the Berlin Wall was torn down. They never talk about why it was there, who put it up! They never talked about the impact of the existence of the wall.

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