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RUSH: Here’s David in Gilbert, Arizona, as we stay glued to the phones. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Thanks very much for taking my call. I want to urge you to keep doing what you’re doing. Your message is impeccable.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I wanted to comment on something that I’ve been observing. I’ve heard my own Senator McCain use this rhetoric. The rhetoric is that there’s a deepening divide between Republicans and Democrats in the country and I believe it to be a farce. I did some digging into history. Even with my liberal education programming that I had, I was still able to scrap up or find some facts here and there about some things that occurred, and if you look back at the beginning, the founding of this nation, there were people pro-slavery and people who were abolitionists, who were against slavery.

I don’t know if there could be any more stark contrast between the two philosophies represented there. And if you fast forward a little bit to 1803, 1804, I believe that the third Vice President Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton dead in a duel because they were political rivals. And we simply do not have politicians doing this these days. So I think that this deepening divide, the rhetoric you hear everywhere, is completely manufactured.
And I think it serves the point to get Republicans to try to cross the aisle.

RUSH: You’re right in the sense that people longing for the days when we were unified are longing for days that have never been.

CALLER: Right, and that brings me to my question where I would be perfectly fine if John Boehner challenged President Obama to a duel, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. So what is the point of this lawsuit that Republicans voted on in the House today? What are they seeking to accomplish if they’re not going to impeach him?

RUSH: They’re trying to appease their base.

CALLER: Right. So what do we do about it? I’ve contacted my congressman and urged them to change leadership after the election.

RUSH: Were you able to get through? Because I don’t think anybody can get through. The phone lines are melting right now because of Boehner’s immigration bill.

CALLER: I have called my local congressman’s office.


CALLER: And spoken to his people on the phone and sent the message that way.

RUSH: Good move. You can’t get through the Washington switchboard right now. Yeah, the Republicans are trying to pass their immigration bill. Another appeasement move. This one aimed at Hispanics. And it has no chance. Even if it did, it would die in the House. It isn’t going to go anywhere. They know it. They’re just trying to show the Hispanics that they don’t hate them like the media and the Democrats say. But the phone lines are melting. The American people en-masse are trying to let everybody in Washington know that they oppose the bill.


RUSH: The House of Representatives has withdrawn their immigration bill. They have abandoned it. They have pulled it down. They have thrown it away. They have said no mas. And they’ll bring it back tomorrow. I’m just kidding. I can’t help it. But they pulled the bill. The phone lines in Washington melted to the point that — look, everybody knew what was going on. They were simply going to try to pass this thing that wasn’t going to go anywhere, simply to try to tell a particular group of people, “Hey, we don’t hate you.” And, of course, that group of people was never even going to hear that it had happened.

I actually think the target of the bill was the Chamber of Commerce. I really do. I think they tried to pass this bill for Tom Donahue this guy that runs the Chamber. This guy who told the Republicans: If you don’t pass this you may as well not even nominate a candidate in 2016 because you’re not going to get a dime from the Chamber. That’s probably what they were trying to do. Just appease the Chamber of Commerce and the Hispanic vote at the same time, but regardless, folks, you were heard. And the immigration bill in the House has been pulled.


RUSH: Andy in Washington Courthouse, Ohio.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Dittos. Real quick. If the president is so eager to use his pen and his phone, why doesn’t he call the president of Mexico and say, “Look, your southern border is so much smaller to close off to prevent illegal immigrants coming through your country and then coming into ours…”

RUSH: Are you kidding? The president of Mexico got together with the president of Guatemala to help facilitate the move of children from Guatemala through Mexico.

CALLER: But, Rush, do you realize why he won’t do it? He can’t stand to be embarrassed once again with another foreign leader, because nobody else is listening to him. Why would Mexico?

RUSH: Well, yeah, but he knows that the Mexican government doesn’t have a problem with this.

CALLER: No, they’re still getting their foreign aid and everything else and all the tourist dollars and everything. They’re making out like a fat rat.

RUSH: I know. I know. But, look: If Mexico could be persuaded to enforce their border, that would be one thing. Then Obama could try, and then if he failed, he’d be embarrassed by the Mexican president. But the Mexican president is okaying television ads and radio ads run by the US government in Mexico that advise Mexican citizens where to go once they get to America for health care, for example.

The president of Mexico is one of the loudest voices demanding we keep the border open! The president of Mexico sees a way to get rid of his drug cartels. The president of Mexico sees a way to get rid of his own poverty-stricken population. Send them north! The president of Mexico realizes that everybody that gets in here (or vast majority of them) are going to send some money back to Mexico, because they’ve got family there.

There’s everything in the world to gain — from his perspective — for Mexican citizens who don’t like it in Mexico to get out and go to America. I mean, how many of you (chuckles), if you could get rid of Alec Baldwin, would do it? Or Barbra Streisand. Or any of these others who promised to leave if Bush got elected, for example? Fine! Go! It’s the same thing with the president of Mexico, except it’s not Alec Baldwin. It’s little Jose.

“Fine, Jose! You want to leave? Go there. Less pressure on my welfare state here.”

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