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RUSH: Impeachment, I’ll tell you. We’ve been back and forth and upside down on this. But I think there’s an aspect to this the Democrats are not thinking of. And even in the audio sound bites I have that were collected over the weekend, the Democrats are still out there trying to goad the Republicans into impeaching Obama, and Obama is out there trying to goad Republicans into impeaching him. And it’s the Democrats that are doing all the talk about it.

You got Juan Williams on Fox telling everybody that anybody wants to do this is a racist pig and so forth. The one thing the Democrats are not stopping to think about as they continue to talk about this, would you want the word “impeachment” associated with your president so damn often, if you were a Democrat? What do they think they’re doing here? After a while, if you keep talking about the impeachment of your own president… I understand they’re succeeding with fundraising on it. Do you realize they collected $4 million the last two weeks in just e-mail appeals based on this fact the Republicans want to impeach Obama? So I understand they got their money out of it.

But I’m gonna tell you, I never follow the conventional wisdom. I find out what the conventional wisdom is and I go the other way almost always. And this conventional wisdom is that all this talk of impeachment’s gonna help Obama and it’s gonna hurt the Republicans and it’s gonna really force Obama’s base, the Democrat base, out in droves in November. If they keep it up, at some point people are gonna start asking, “Well, why would anybody want to impeach? Why are you guys talking about? Why is this threat even there?”

Right now the Democrats are living off the answer to that question, “Well, the Republicans are mean-spirited, they’re extremists, they’re racists, and they hate the first black president. That’s why they want to impeach him.” After a while, if the Democrats keep this drumbeat up, common sense, folks, at some point is going to prevail with enough people that this isn’t gonna make sense. Impeachment as a positive? Impeachment, this is all they’ve got is to run around and spout empty threats that their president’s gonna be impeached? To me this is the exact kind of thing that can backfire. So I hope they keep it up. ‘Cause they’ve got nothing. The Democrats literally have got nothing going for ’em.

The truth of the matter, and the Drive-Bys don’t tell you about it because they are Democrats, but the Democrat Party is in the dregs. Nothing that they’ve done is working. You can’t find a success as part of any policy they’ve implemented since Obama became president. You can’t find one. This country is in a downward spiral. The only question people are asking is, is this coincidental, accidental, or purposeful. And that’s what people are debating.

The border’s wide open. Everybody knows it. Now Obama is out there continuing, the Democrats are continuing this tease campaign that Obama is just gonna grant blanket amnesty to five or six million, if the Republicans don’t do it by, what, October or now September. And they keep talking about if the Congress doesn’t — let’s not forget, the Democrats run the Senate here. It’s not just the Republicans in the House that are obstacles here. The Democrats in the Senate are not playing ball. And they’re not getting anything done. Harry Reid’s made an absolute disaster out of the Senate.

I know we make the mistake, and I made this point last week. See if this doesn’t describe you. You’re watching the news. You hear Obama make an argument, and you think, “Okay, that’s it, he’s won the argument.” As soon as he makes it he’s won the argument because you think that every low-information voter in the world or low-information dingbat is gonna automatically believe everything Obama says when he complains, when he whines, when he makes allegations.

So you get depressed. You get a little defeated. There goes Obama again making some allegation just by virtue of making the charge, just by virtue of expressing an opinion, you think he’s automatically gonna be right. Look at his approval numbers. Thirty-nine in a Gallup poll, 40 in CNN. It’s lower than that. It has to be lower than that, given the Wilder Effect and everything else that goes into play when people talk to pollsters about black candidates. His approval number is way lower than that, real world, there is nowhere near 50% of this country that’s supportive of Obama. Nowhere near it. You live in a world of mythical support for Obama because the Drive-Bys are not gonna dare tell anybody how low his support really is. And even when they report 39 or 40%, they’re gonna report it and let it go. They’re not gonna harp on it; they’re not gonna remind you of it; report it once to say they’ve done it and move on to other things.

But it’s not the case that when Obama makes an argument or says something, it’s automatically deemed true because the Republicans don’t have a chance at refuting it. The Democrats have nothing, folks, all they’ve got is the race card, impeachment, it’s all part of the same tactic. And that is tell lies to their base about the extremist, mean-spirited, evil, racist Republicans and get votes out in order to protect and save Democrats from these evil, mean guys on the Republican side.

Now, it’s been an effective strategy because the Republicans haven’t found a way to refute it, but here, grab sound bite number two. This is Mike Allen. He works at Politico. He’s got a blog he publishes every morning that’s an encapsulation of what’s going on in town that day, DC. He was on Inside Politics yesterday morning on CNN. John King the host, said, “Democrats think if they can lose only eight to 12 House seats they’ll be in play if they get a presidential win in 2016 to maybe get the majority back.”

Now, stop and think about that. Here’s John King, well-known media slave in the Democrat Party, wishfully thinking, “Okay now, if the Democrats, if they can just lose only eight to 12 seats, then they’re gonna be in play to win the White House in 2016, but if they lose more than 12 it might a problem. When’s the last time you ever heard anybody talking about, “Oh, yeah, if we only lose eight to 12, the White House is a slam dunk”? They’re thinking Electoral College and all these other bits of minutia. But the point is, this is where they are. Losing eight to 12 House seats they’ll still be in play, and you could have, they say, the Senate, the Republican needs a net gain of six, think it’s possible, somebody’s gotta get to 51 or 50. Anyway, is this a fair assessment, Mike Allen? Where are the Democrats right now?

ALLEN: Here’s an amazing sign of just how bleak the environment is for Democrats. The Democrat strategists who had access to all the polls, focus groups, said, we’re writing off voters who are angry. Our target voters now are people who are worried, disappointed, concerned. Those are the voters that they want. That’s a bad place to be.

RUSH: Holy smokes is he right. That’s a horrible place to be. I’ll explain why when we get back.


RUSH: Okay. So Mike Allen at Politico says he talked to a Democrat strategerist, accessed all the polls, all the focus groups. “We are writing off voters who are angry.” Well, that makes sense. Voters who are angry, who is there to be angry at but Obama and the Democrats? Contrary to what the media might want you to think that everybody’s mad at the Republicans, they haven’t done anything.

Well, that’s true. But in this context, that’s positive. Their fingerprints aren’t on any of this. As far as Republican voters are concerned, they’re in trouble because they haven’t done anything, meaning they haven’t tried any push-back. But their fingerprints are not on this mess. The Republicans are not keeping the borders open. They want to, but they haven’t done it. Obama has. The Republicans have nothing to say over this economy.

That’s all Obama.

Everything’s all Obama.

So the Democrat strategists are writing off angry voters. That makes sense. But this next business that Democrats “‘target voters now are people who are worried, disappointed, concerned,'” Mike Allen says, “Those are the voters that they want. That’s a bad place to be,” and it is. Why do you think so, Mr. Snerdley? Why is it a bad place to be to want voters who are worried, disappointed, and concerned? (interruption)

Because they’re worried, disappointed, and concerned over you! I don’t care whether it’s anger or disappointment or worry or concern. It stands to reason that if there is worry over the future of the country — if there’s concern over the future of your job prospect, the future of your family — you are not, after six years, gonna blame George W. Bush! And, by the way, the polling data now reflects that under 50% hold Bush responsible for the economy now.

So that’s played out for Obama. So if this is true, and if the Democrats’ turnout and vote prospects in November circle around only those who are worried, disappointed, and concerned, there’s nothing positive there. That’s the bottom line. You’ve heard the old saw, “Yeah, you gotta give people reasons to vote for you. You just can’t have ’em out there voting against the other guy! You gotta have them vote for you.”

There’s nothing… There’s not one reason to vote for Democrats, policy-wise. The only thing the Democrats can do in that arrangement, is get you to vote for the Democrats because you think the Republicans are so bad — because they’re gonna target you, because they’re gonna give the rich all the money back or whatever. Now, granted there’s a sizable number of people that fall for that. We know it and have to admit it.

But it’s not the voting bloc that you want to win a majority with, and that’s why all this talk of impeachment. That’s why Obama won’t let go of it. That’s why his press secretary and communications guy, Valerie Jarrett, all of them are talking about how the Republicans want to impeach Obama. The Republicans are not talking about it. By the way, I’m not suggested here… The Republicans are their own case study.

If they win here, it’s strictly gonna be an anti-Democrat, anti-Obama thing. That’s sadly unfortunate, but it’s true. Republicans are their own separate thing. But in this case, everything they’ve got to talk about is either fear-mongering or negative. It’s nothing, nothing positive. “Well, they never talk about positive Rush!” No, you go back to 2008. That’s all it was. It was a blank slate. He was The Messiah!

You can’t get more positive than that, and that’s the difference.

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