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RUSH: What is the number one enemy of the American left, as formalized, call it the Democrat Party or the liberals, socialists, whatever you want to, what is their number one enemy in the country right now? (interruption) Well, it really isn’t conservatives and the Tea Party. That is where the manifestation of their opposition appears and reveals itself.

Their real enemy is the Constitution. The Constitution is that single little dangling thread that’s the only thing right now that’s keeping us a representative republic. The Constitution is something that the vast majority of professional leftists — now, I’m not talking about these, you know, average yokels posting comments on websites. These, to me, are just the robots on the left. They’re not thinkers. They’re just reactionary liberals and support whatever their heroes believe.

But the people on the left, the college professors, the teachers, the opinion makers, the elected Democrats and so forth, their number one enemy, the obstacle, the biggest obstacle in their way right now is the Constitution. And it has been, for many of them, since the Constitution was ratified. It certainly has been their number one obstacle in my life. And you can see evidence of it everywhere.

What is Roe v. Wade? Roe v. Wade is basically the left getting judges in positions of power to interpret the Constitution as they want. They would prefer there not be one, it’s very simple. The Constitution expressly limits the power of government. Well, that right there is a huge obstacle because what they want is as much government, as big a government, and as powerful a government as they can secure. And the Constitution, the very essence of this country, says that cannot happen.

So why do they oppose the Constitution? What is it about the Constitution they hate aside from that? That is the biggie, the fact that it expressly limits government. But it’s deeper than that. For people like Obama and Eric Holder, I believe — and there will never be any way to prove this because they would never admit this — but I believe that there is a genuine, long held, deeply felt contempt for the Constitution. And it’s all about slavery.

The Constitution, this great document of individual liberty and freedom and all that, was ratified during the days of legal slavery. What has happened since does not lessen or reduce the amount of anger they feel over that. All of the things that have happened in this country from the Civil War to the 14th Amendment, everything, equal opportunity laws, whatever has been done to address that problem does not count. It does not ameliorate. It does not soften them. It does not lessen their anger. They can’t get over the fact that it was ratified when slaves were legal, slavery was legal. And it animates them to this day.

I think in the case of Obama and Holder and quite a few others, it is what provides the fuel of their rage, their contempt for this country. How can anybody sing the praises of that damn document? How can anybody sing the praises of a damn country that would separate itself from tyranny and come up with a Constitution that spells out human rights and freedom and liberty while black people could be owned? They can’t get past it. They don’t want to get past it.

No matter what we’ve done in this country to get past it, it doesn’t count, because they don’t want to let go of the rage. Just like someone told me about Sonia Sotomayor. She got where she is because of rage and anger at the system. It’s productive to be rageful and angry at the system. They don’t want to give that up. That rage and that anger is animating. It’s what fuels them. They’ll never express it, that would be too risky. But it’s in there.

And, as such, this country is not anywhere near what everybody believes that the textbooks of history say. “The land of the free and the home of the brave” and all that’s just a crock as far as they’re concerned. This country, therefore, became a big powerful superpower, rich and so forth, but it’s unjustified, undeserved, a stacked deck. This country needs to pay a price for doing that.

The Founders and their descendants who maintained power and wealth as a result of the founding of this country, are the targets of people like this that I’m referring to. I think if you’re able to get people to be honest, if you could drill down deep enough, you would find… I mean, the Constitution in and of itself is enough. Even without the fact it was ratified during slavery, the Constitution in and of itself is enough for these people to oppose it.

They don’t believe in liberty and individual freedom ’cause they think that’s a stacked deck and they think that’s unequal and unfair and things aren’t evenly distributed and it’s just not good. “We need a fair government distributing everything equally and fairly so nobody’s better than anybody else,” and all this crap. But you throw in the fact it was ratified during slavery.

I think this is one of the things that fuels people like Obama and Holder today who are hell-bent on transforming this country and getting even with it, whatever. That’s the chip on their shoulder.

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