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RUSH: So yesterday on this program I made a salient point. I pointed out that while Obama is out blaming the Republicans for doing nothing, and that’s why he’s gonna have to do blanket amnesty for, what, five million, six million illegal immigrants, he’s running around all these campaign-style appearances (imitating Obama), “Hey, you know what? I’m willing to do the work. If the Republicans won’t help me, if somebody won’t do it, then I’m gonna do it myself.” And everybody, “Yay, right on, Mr. Tyrant, you just go right ahead, and dude, we’re right behind you.” You want to go pretend to be dictator, have at it. We’re all for it.

Well, what did I point out? Those of you who were here yesterday will recall that it was I, El Rushbo, who pointed out that President Obama had control of both houses of Congress for two years and did not move on an immigration bill. And during that time, I think it might have been an interview on a Spanish language cable news network, the president even said that the Constitution prohibits him. That he can’t just willy-nilly enact laws, that Congress has to play along.

He even pointed out to the UN when he spoke to the United Nations shortly after it was learned that a YouTube video had caused what happened in Benghazi, he said a number of the dictators at the UN had been asking him why they didn’t just put the guy in jail. And Obama said at the speech at the UN, telling these tyrants, “Because of our laws. Our laws say that we have freedom of speech,” as though these gun-toting Star Wars cantina types had no clue about our Constitution.

Anyway, he’s invoked it a number of times. The Constitution limits him. I think he told Jorge Ramos, wherever he is at Telemundo or Univision, and La Raza, couple other groups, and during those two years he was unopposed. The Democrats ran the House. The Democrats ran the Senate, for two years, and if Obama had wanted to do amnesty for all 11 million Americans at the time, he could have done it, and he could have done it according to the Constitution. He had control of Congress.

Why didn’t he do it, was what I asked yesterday, why didn’t he do it? He’s running around now saying that he would act unilaterally after refusing to act with Congress. Congress won’t help him so he’s gonna have to act unilaterally. However, he had a Congress for two years and didn’t do it. And the answer to the question is, he knew, and everybody in the Regime knew, that the American people were opposed to it, and he didn’t want the Democrats being blamed for it, because there was no credit.

See, folks, this is really important because the Republican Party and America’s conservatives are told every day by the media that if they don’t do this, that they’re never gonna win the White House again. If they don’t support amnesty, if they don’t okay it, if they don’t get on board and just grant all these people in the shadows immediate citizenship, or at least a pathway to it, that the Hispanic voters in this country are gonna be so ticked off they’re never, ever gonna vote for ’em, and they’re never, ever gonna win the White House again.

Well, if that’s true, why didn’t Obama take advantage of this and wrap up the Hispanic vote forever when he had two years of a Democrat-controlled Congress and do amnesty and freeze the Republicans out? And I’ll tell you the answer. The answer is there is no credit because the majority of Americans oppose it. If indeed amnesty was the way to lock up the Hispanic vote, you can damn well bet that Obama would have done it during those two years when he had a Democrat Congress. He didn’t. And again, very simple explanation. There was no credit to be had. There would have only been blame.

So now when he’s got a Republican House blocking him at every move, now he’s gonna go out and do it — claiming — he’s not gonna do it, by the way. He’s threatening to do it, and I’ll explain why in a moment. I don’t want to get off in a tangent here. I don’t think he’s gonna do it. He’s trying to get the Republicans to take a dive off the deep end. He’s trying to get the Republicans to do it because doing it will kill the Republican Party, not not doing it. Granting amnesty, trying to court the Hispanic vote will kill ’em, kill their political chances. Obama and the Democrats know this. That’s why they want them to do it. He’s trying to goad them into doing it.

But he’s not going to. He’s not going to do it, folks, because there isn’t any credit to be had for it; there is only blame, particularly now with what’s happening with the children at the border. There is no popular consensus for this. It’s another one of these gigantic tricks. Okay. So that’s basically a rehash of yesterday’s program.

Now, I don’t know if you know this or not, but after that happened at the White House press briefing yesterday — and I like this guy. I’m not accusing anybody of anything. I’m simply pointing out show prep for the rest of the media. I’m simply pointing out the cutting edge nature of this program. Shortly after that, a reporter stood up — I’m not gonna give you his name ’cause it’s not a cut on the reporter. That’s not the reason I’m pointing this out. I’m pointing out this out to show you that if you’re here every day you’re gonna be ahead of the curve.

A reporter asked the press secretary during the White House press briefing yesterday, after that little diatribe I just went through, why didn’t President Obama do immigration reform when the Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate? It was a question that was asked shortly after the segment here on this program yesterday. And the reporter reminded Josh Earnest (paraphrasing), “Hey, look, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, they were running the House and the Senate, and they didn’t act for two years. So why didn’t the president do anything then?”

Josh Earnest said, “Well, at the time, you recall back in 2009 there were many things on the president’s plate, as there are now — Israel, Gaza, Syria, the economy. He’s got a lot going on right now,” and the press secretary evaded the question. And the reporter kept hounding. And then — grab audio sound bite 13 — after that happened, then the Drive-Bys went and got a piece of tape from September 28th, 2011. At the White House, President Obama participating in an open-for-questions roundtable, and he was responding here to questions from readers of Yahoo, MSN Latino, AOL Latino, the low-information crowd.

And one of the correspondents said, “Mr. President, on the DREAM Act –” and this is a statement from New York City “– Mr. President, I’m an undocumented law graduate from New York City. I’m just writing –” it’s a low-information guy, probably Yahoo News or whatever “– just writing to say that your message that you do not have a dance partner is not a message of hope. A real dancer goes out on the dance floor and picks out his or her dance partner. You’re just waiting. You have the facts, you have the numbers, you got the dollars, you got the votes on the side of granting administrative relief for the DREAMers. We are doing our part. It’s time you do yours.” In other words, the question, why aren’t you doing amnesty? Why haven’t you done it? And here’s what he said.

OBAMA: This notion that somehow I can just change the laws unilaterally is just not true. We are doing everything we can administratively, but the fact of the matter is there are laws on the books that I have to enforce. And I think there’s been a great disservice done to the cause of getting the DREAM Act passed and getting comprehensive immigration passed by perpetrating the notion that somehow, by myself, I can go and do these things. It’s just not true.

RUSH: Yes. You see, so ever since the question at the press briefing which followed my pointing out — and by the way, let me reiterate, this is a key point politically. I know many of you think I’m just reaching around my back and patting myself on the back, and I am. If I don’t, who will? And this program deserves to get the credit it deserves, and it doesn’t, and I’m letting you know that you’re ahead of the curve if you’re here. So to review, and the politics of this are really crucial.

The president could have granted amnesty the first two years and ended the Republican Party’s existence as we know it if what they are saying today is true. They’re saying you can’t win the White House without the Hispanic vote, and the way to get the Hispanic vote is to grant amnesty to 11, 12 million people, whatever it is. If you don’t do that, Chuck Schumer is saying it, if you don’t do that you’re never gonna win White House, right?

Okay, so why didn’t Obama do it the first two years and end the Republican Party? Because if what they are saying today is true, it was true then. If it’s true now, it was true then. Why not grant amnesty when the Democrats in Congress could have put their fingerprints on it? The whole Democrat Party could have taken credit for this. Grant amnesty, and that’s the end of it Republican Party, right?

Why didn’t they do it?

Because it’s not something anybody’s gonna get credit for. It’s something anybody and everybody’s gonna get blamed for, and Obama didn’t want the blame. They are trying to trick and intimidate the Republicans into signing off on this. This is proof positive. And here’s Obama. They ask, “Why didn’t you do it back then?” (impression) “Well, hey, you know what? Uh, this notion I can somehow change a law unilaterally? That’s not true.”

(scoffs) Really? After how many waivers of Obamacare and the DREAM Act itself. What do you mean? This is what he said two years ago. It could have been just as easy, folks — a slam-dunk, big-time, cherry-on-the-top-of-the-ice cream cone — major victory point here. And it’s something the Republicans had better realize, that there is no credit and therefore no success to be had by being seen as responsible for amnesty.

It might get you the Chamber of Commerce dollars, but it isn’t going to matter, because you’re gonna be voted out of office, and all the Chamber of Commerce dollars cannot save you, and will not save you. All right? That is show prep for the rest of the media

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