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RUSH: Try this headline: “US Civil Rights Commissioner Says College Students Not Developed Enough for Free Speech — A US Civil Rights Commissioner thinks that college students are not sufficiently developed to enjoy their free-speech rights.”

Not only is he a Democrat, he was a senior advisor to Pelosi. This guy’s name is Michael Yaki, Y-a-k-i, previously a senior advisor to Nancy Pelosi. He “explained why he believes campus speech codes should be tightened during a US Commission on Civil Rights briefing on sexual-harassment law in education. He said –” and this is according to a transcript from law professor Eugene Volokh, who publishes the blog the Volokh Conspiracy at the Washington Post.

This is Michael Yaki: “Certain factors in how the juvenile or adolescent or young adult brain processes information is vastly different from the way that we adults do. So when we sit back and talk about what is right or wrong in terms of First Amendment jurisprudence from a reasonable personÂ’s standpoint, we are really not looking into the same,” universe because young people simply do not have the intellectual experience and are thus not developed enough for free speech.

“Because of the unique nature of a university campus setting, I think that there are very good and compelling reasons why broader policies and prohibitions on conduct in activities and in some instances speech are acceptable on a college campus level that might not be acceptable say in an adult work environment or in an adult situation,” Yaki said, noting that these students “donÂ’t process in the same way that we do when weÂ’re in our late 20s and 30s.”

Now, the Democrats own this age-group. The Democrats own college students. Theoretically. This is what we’re told. So, hey, Republicans, do you maybe think you might see an opportunity here? You know, if a Republican said this, if a Republican said college students are not developed enough for free speech, do you know what the social media outcry would be? Twitter and Facebook would have melted by now, if a Republican said this.


RUSH: Okay, Dave in Gurnee, Illinois. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Yes. Rush?

RUSH: Yeah, Dave.

CALLER: Hey, this goes back to the story that you had about the young people that do not understand the concept of freedom of speech because they’re so young?

RUSH: They’re not intellectually developed enough yet to be able to be granted full access to the First Amendment. That’s what the guy is basically saying.

CALLER: Well, I would ask: Does that explain the voting bloc of young people that voted for Barack Obama, then? Because if they don’t understand the concept of freedom of speech, then that would explain why they voted for Barack Obama.

RUSH: Look, I don’t mean to split hairs here, but I do like to be precise, and this guy did not say they don’t understand it. He said they’re not capable of it. What he’s saying is: They haven’t earned the right to have free speech because they’re not mature and smart enough to know how to use the First Amendment and free speech. He’s a major Democrat. He’s on the US Civil Rights Commission. He’s a former advisor to Nancy Pelosi!

So the point here is: How do people think? What is it that animates them? So here you have a stuffed-shirt, arrogant, condescending twerp who actually believes that the state or the administration of a university or somebody, should actually establish speech codes, making sure that only what they want said is said, because college students do not have the age, the experience, the maturity to know what they should and shouldn’t say.

This is classic! It’s no different… These people think this about the population at large anyway in practically every aspect of life. “You don’t know how to make the right decision. You need us doing it for you. You don’t know the right car to drive. You don’t know the right foods to eat; you need Michelle Obama designing your menu. You do not know where to live! You do not know how to behave and save the planet.

“You’ll destroy it and promote global warming unless we restrict you. You do not know the safe places to go and do things because you’re not capable.” This is the entire attitude of the left, particularly people in power on the left, over everybody else. They assume you’re an idiot! It’s no different than… These are the same people who said when the Berlin Wall fell, “Well, now, wait a minute! These people can’t handle freedom. Freedom is not for everybody.

“You know, it’s really not for them. They have lived under totalitarianism for so long, that they don’t know what to do with their freedom.” My only point is: It’s not their right to parcel out freedom. It’s not their right to determine who has what rights and who doesn’t. That was the express point of the founding of this country, that our rights do not come from arrogant, condescending liberals. It’s not that they will do it wrong. They just they’re not smart enough.

They’re smart enough to use legalized dope. They’re smart enough to cross, at age eight, from Nicaragua all the way to California. They’re smart enough to go get abortions at 12. They’re smart enough to use free condoms. They’re smart enough to vote for Obama. But they’re not smart enough to know what to say and when not to say what. These people, I tell you, are hideous.

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