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RUSH: Oh, folks, you gotta hear this call. If I understand what you’re gonna hear here, if I heard it right, this is one for the ages. This is Jay in Seattle. Jay, I think I’m really glad you called. How are you?

CALLER: I’m fine. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool conservative, and I’ve always been a fan of the Rush Limbaugh program. You’re a ray of sanity through the fog.

RUSH: Thank you. I appreciate that very much.

CALLER: You’re welcome. Yeah. Well, I was calling because, as you may know, the folks around Seattle, it’s kind of like a liberal echo chamber, and so most of the people I work with and just acquaintances, the majority of them are die-hard liberals.

RUSH: I know, I’ve been there.

CALLER: They defy common sense. You can’t really engage in a conversation with them.

RUSH: I know. And I know how frustrating it is to live amongst that. I really do. I’ve done that. Sacramento was the same way. Not when I left, though. When I got there —


RUSH: — that’s how it was. When I left it wasn’t. I don’t know what’s happened since. But it changed when I was there.

CALLER: Yeah. Well, I mean, conservatism is common sense, and it just defies logic, some of the rationale that people come up with to try to defend the indefensible, so it just amazes me.

RUSH: Well, anyway, what happened?

CALLER: Yeah. So I went to get my teeth cleaned, and I’m just sitting there going through the process —

RUSH: Okay, hang on just a second. That means, for those of you in Rio Linda, he went to the dentist.


RUSH: So he’s at the dentist’s office.

CALLER: Yeah. So I’m at the dentist’s office and it’s a nice place. It’s in Seattle and they have televisions in front of each chair. But they have one radio that’s kind of on the windowsill in front, and I asked Nicole, she asked me, “What do you want to watch?” I said, “Can you put on Rush Limbaugh?” And she said, “Sure,” walked over, turned the radio to your show, and it was cruising along. Then about a minute later this woman walks over and turns the channel and just walks away. And I looked at Nicole, I said, “What’s up with that?” And so she went over, turned the channel back, and then continues with the cleaning.

Then this woman comes over again, changes it, and my hygienist says, “Hey, wait a minute.” And then they get in this argument. She’s saying something about, “I don’t want to hear that tripe,” and then she started yelling, and then the boss, the head dentist, he comes over and gets involved in it, and he says, “What’s going on?” And then she starts yelling at him. Anyway, a few words went back and forth, and then he told her to roll it up, and he fired her on the spot.

RUSH: He did? He fired her?

CALLER: He fired her on the spot. I mean, she was out of there before I was done getting my teeth cleaned. It was hilarious. And Nicole, I didn’t get to talk to the head dentist, but Nicole told me that they had other issues where she couldn’t stand watching Fox News.

RUSH: You know, that is great. Normally what would happen in a place like Seattle is that the hygienist you first asked to turn the radio to this show would kindly ask you, “Sir, would you mind if we turned it to something else? What’s-her-face over here, she’s just gonna make trouble, it’d be really simpler if we just –” But they didn’t do that. They turned the show back on, the woman comes back in, starts raising holy hell, and I can’t believe it, she’s sent packing.

CALLER: Fired her on the spot.

RUSH: She must have been really, I mean, her attitude must have really been caustic and mean or whatever to cause that to happen.

CALLER: Yeah. Hey, I’ve heard rumors that you get special Apple laptops with the Rush Limbaugh logo on them. How do I get one of them?

RUSH: Well, they’re not laptops. They are iPads.


RUSH: We have EIB engraved iPads, except I don’t have any now.


RUSH: The reason I don’t have any now is because Apple is gonna be releasing new ones sometime this fall. And I don’t want to restock a bunch of iPads that by the time I get ’em and engrave ’em and give ’em away are the old versions.


RUSH: So I’m waiting for the new ones to come out before we buy a stock of ’em and send ’em out to get ’em engraved.

CALLER: Well, can someone buy one? I mean, if I were interested, ’cause that would just grate on everybody, I mean, if I were able to have a Rush Limbaugh —

RUSH: We’re not an authorized Apple reseller.


RUSH: We can’t sell them. I wouldn’t anyway. We don’t engrave that many. They’re meant to be special because of being rare and that kind of thing. But Mr. Snerdley got your phone number, so if and when we do this again, we’ll be in touch and we’ll let you know what you might have to do in order to procure one, if we do it again. I probably will. I do this kind of stuff on the spur of the moment.


RUSH: Seattle media, I guarantee you, Seattle media is now on the warpath to try to find out who it was that ended up getting canned at the dentist’s office. You wait, unfair, how could they? I won’t be surprised if they dig it up by the end of the day.


RUSH: I guarantee you, Seattle media is, even as we speak, trying to track down that woman and they’re gonna find out what happened here. That woman’s gonna become one of the biggest heroines Seattle has ever seen, willing to lose her job to make sure the dentist’s office did not have to have this program blaring on the radio. You wait. You wait. She’s gonna be a hero. They’re tracking her down even now. You know damn well they are. What a story.

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