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RUSH: Here’s George in Windsor, Connecticut. George, I’m glad you waited. It’s great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush, I had a proposal for immigration. I want to get your opinion on it. And that is, say “yes” to amnesty, “yes” to illegal immigration, let the Republicans say, “yes, yes, yes,” but no new taxes, no additional revenues to pay for that. So the government programs like subsidies, welfare, food stamps, et cetera, the cuts will come from there so the people getting those subsidies will have to do with a little bit less so we can cover the illegals and everybody else. And now I think you get the attention of the low-information voters because we always do without less with higher taxes, right, to pay for different government programs. So this time, hey, let’s bring everybody in, but you guys better get in the government program. We’re gonna take a little bit more because you guys want them in, right? So we’ll take a little bit more from you to pay for them. So I was wondering what you think about that.

RUSH: I want to make sure because you were speaking like a 747 at full throttle there, I want to make sure I heard you. Is your idea to go to low-information dependent voters living on welfare to one degree or another and say, “Hey, you know what? We’re gonna grant amnesty.” You want the Republicans to do this. Well, I don’t know who you want to do it. We’re gonna say to the low-information voters, “You know what, we’re gonna grant amnesty to 11 million people. They’re already here. They’re living in the shadows. It’s very unfortunate. We gotta grant amnesty but we don’t have the money for it. So what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna take away some of your benefits. So a little bit of your health care, take away some of your food stamps and take away some of your cell phone usage or whatever that you get from us, and we’re gonna give it to these newly made citizens so that they will have something, too.” And your theory is that if we take a dime away from the existing low-information voters to give it to somebody else that they will stand up in righteous anger and indignation and oppose it?

CALLER: Yeah, that’s exactly right, because, you know, the majority of Americans, and that will probably be taxpayers, are against immigration, so if we can just put the nail in the coffin and turn the low-information crowd, once they find out they won’t get something —

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: — and they gotta give it up, I think they’ll be incensed.

RUSH: It is an interesting intellectual exercise, and it would be quite fun, actually, if it could ever be done. But it never would be done. Even if a bunch of politicians promised us they were gonna do it, they would never do it. They would give the illegal immigrants being made citizens everything they wanted, and they would not cut benefits anywhere else, no matter what they said. But if that kind of policy were ever implemented, it probably would create some of the biggest reversal in public opinion that we’ve seen in a long time on an issue.

I’ve always said that if genetics ever proves, ever, without a shadow of a doubt, if there ever become scientific proof that homosexuality is a genetic thing, like most people think that it is, not a choice — it’s a genetic thing. And then if medical science advances to the point that when your baby is conceived and is an embryo, not only can they tell you that it’s going to be — if it’s going be healthy or have say Down syndrome, but they’ll be able to tell you that your baby is going to be freckle-faced and redheaded, and your baby is going to be prone to be obese, and your baby is likely to be homosexual — if we ever advance to that point, you’re gonna see the biggest change in a group of people from pro-choice to pro-life you’ve ever seen. You’re going to have more people come out against abortion than you can possibly imagine, if that scenario that I just described ever took place.

Likewise here. You know, when we talk about low-information voters, I’m sure that you concoct a mental image. We all do this. Start talking about nameless people, you always concoct a physical image of a low-information voter. It could be some dude on roller skates or a skateboard walking around watching TMZ on his iPhone, some gal shaving her bikini part while driving, whatever. And so when you have this mental picture and then you imagine being there, when the low-information voters hear it proposed that they gave up half of their federal benefits so that the new immigrants can get it. Just to be at that moment when it clicks in what that would mean — Mount Vesuvius! It would be worth it, just to have somebody state it believe it and see what would happen.


RUSH: And you imagine, remember that Obama phone woman who, by the way, has ditched Obama now, but you remember her in Cleveland, yelling and screaming about her Obama phone and how she loved Obama — or the people in Detroit and Obama’s stash. You imagine telling them, “By the way, we’re gonna take half of your monthly allotted cell phone usage away from you and half your food stamps and half of your rent, and whatever, because we’ve gotta give some money to the newly made citizen illegal immigrants.”

There’d be riots in the streets. If Obama said, “We gotta spread the benefits around.” Can you imagine Obama — we have to spread the benefits around — and Obama would say to these people, “Hey, look, we’ve got to spread the benefits around, you gotta do your fair share for these newly arrived illegal immigrants that we are making citizens today.”

In other words, in other words, pull on the low-information voters what always gets pulled on the producers, you’re not paying your fair share. You’re making too much, the income gap, it’s unfair, it’s unequal, we gotta narrow the gap. Well, you welfare beneficiaries, you got way too much and we gotta take some away ’cause we can’t afford to print anymore money. Folks. Oh. George in Windsor, Connecticut, was our caller with that idea. I know what all of you, too, you’re all now, you’re trying to get in tell me who it is you envision as the low-information voter. I just checked my e-mail, the first guy said my image of a low-information voter is Ed Schultz.

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