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RUSH: I checked the e-mail. “Rush, I just turned on. What are so you ticked about?” Look, Barack Obama and his administration were elected to end terrorism, to make the world love us. Well, end terrorism against the United States, because they were gonna apologize and gonna make sure the world understood that we are reasonable and very good, intelligent, kind people now. We’re really smart people.

All of this Bush stuff was gonna end. These rotten days with indiscriminate use of the military and stupid military involvement? All that was gonna be over, and the world was gonna love us, and we were gonna have this utopia! And terrorism is worse today than when Obama took office! Even David Gregory on NBC said so yesterday, that terrorism has expanded all over the world, much faster in the last seven years than it did prior to Obama.

And it’s true.

This Iraq business, it’s worse now than the first day Bush went in there in 2003.

This is an absolute mess, brought to us by the people that were gonna fix it, brought to us by the media who told us these were the people that were gonna fix it because they were so much smarter than everybody else, and they were just better people, and they were more I don’t know what. And everybody bought it. Five years of lies about Bush, Cheney and all that.

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