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RUSH: Richmond, Virginia. This is Bobby. I’m glad you waited, sir. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. I’m gonna preface my point by referencing the Russell Brand that you read from. Whenever I hear something like that, I have this nagging feeling when he uses the term “the world” or “our world,” that he’s really talking about the US. Every time I hear that, I think it’s just another way to say the misery of the US. And, given that, I’m wondering why Russell Brand’s not spearheading a campaign to convince the people south of our southern border to not come here in the first place, you know, convince them of what they’re getting themselves into.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: The misery that this country is —

RUSH: No, no, no, no. Everything is relative. Now, this actually is a good question. If the left thinks that the United States is gone and if it’s so filled with pessimism and false promise and misery, depression and doom and gloom, then why do they want these poor children from Central America to come here and be part of it? Well, remember the left lives in a fantasy world that there is a utopia out there. The left, some of them, believe that all of this suffering is the pathway to utopia. The left also believes that no matter how bad things are here, they still know it’s better than anywhere else in the world, and that’s not fair.

The left also loves political power in order to implement all of these convoluted beliefs that they’ve got. And they need people voting to do that. That’s what these people represent. These are Democrat voters-in-waiting. All they’re waiting on is the voter registration movement. Come in as young kids, grow up as members of the welfare state, they’ll become dependent and loyal to the Democrat Party, and they will vote for them in gratitude for the rest of their lives. That is the thinking. And in order to keep them in that mind-set, they’re gonna have to remain a permanent underclass. And, like every other Democrat voter, they’re going to be told that things are bad and worse because of whoever the political opponents of the left happen to be. Right now the Republicans.

So they get all the blame for what’s gone wrong. The Democrats hold the answer. The Democrats represent the Promised Land. The Democrats, in these people’s eyes, represent the escape from all this misery, you see. And how’s it gonna happen? The government’s gonna take care of everybody. The government’s gonna get you health care. The government’s gonna get you a job. The government’s gonna get you an apartment. The government’s gonna get you a little garden near your apartment.

The government’s the only people that can get rid of this misery and make it fair for everybody, plus the US needs to be cut down to size anyway. It’s not fair that we’ve had so much prosperity in relationship to the rest of the world. And another reason why they’re totally in favor of this mass illegal immigration is their political opponents oppose it. And they love beating their political opponents, regardless what the results of that are, regardless what the victory that they achieve means. They are a depraved bunch in many ways. It’s a sad thing, very, very sad, but true.


RUSH: This by Stephen Dinan in the Washington Times today: “Gay Illegal Immigrants Demand Special Treatment From Obama — Gay immigrants are mounting a campaign to demand that they be included in any unilateral moves President Obama makes this year to halt deportations, arguing that they face unusual circumstances that otherwise might leave them on the outside.” Oh. Wouldn’t ever want to be on the outside.

Ahem. “The demands pose a tricky test…” Why are you shaking your head in there? (interruption) Never would wannabe be on the outside. Be on the inside. “The demands pose a tricky test for Mr. Obama, who has made major inroads with gay rights groups during his time in the White House, but who will have to draw lines somewhere,” it says here, “as he seeks to craft a more lenient deportation policy without canceling deportations altogether.”

How do you…? If you’re gonna let five or six million stay, if you’re gonna grant them citizenship, how do you deport anybody after that? You can’t deport anybody after that. If he does this — if he grants amnesty to whatever number is being bandied about, five or six million — that’s the end of deportations, folks. How do you deport anybody, after you wave the magic wand and legalize five million, six million, or even all 12 million?

I’ll tell you what’s happening here.

You talk about Balkanization? Gay illegal immigrants. So now, now these illegal immigrants… Do you think they’re doing this on their own? Do you think these people came up with this? They are breaking into smaller and smaller group identities! Now they’re not just illegal. Now they are “gay illegal.” Pretty soon feminist illegal immigrants, and then bisexual illegal immigrants and whatever other group. Victim illegal immigrants.

So we’re taking the incoming group of illegals, and rather than having them just be a singular group defined by their illegality, now we’re gonna make ’em victims of a whole bunch of things. They’re not even Americans! These are illegal aliens. These are not even Americans, and the left is already politicizing them and creating different small groups for them to be in and thus be identified as, or by. That’s a bad sign, folks, and I cannot let this day go by without mentioning that.

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