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RUSH: Do you know we are going to send 130 more advisors? This is exactly the terminology with Vietnam. We’re gonna send 130 more military advisors to northern Iraq just to help the local forces in their fight against the Islamic militants, ISIS or ISIL, they’re known in both ways.

Just 130 more. From the guy who said we’re gonna get out, from the guy who said we should have never gone, from the guy who beat up Bush for seven years over it, from the guy and the party and the media that just ridiculed anything and everything to do with Iraq. The irony of this is overwhelming to me.

The very people who were gonna end this and make it a better world, the very people who were going to end strife and end partisanship and end arguments and solve problems and make the bad guys love us finally, are now escalating hostilities in the very place they said we had no business going or being in the first place. And that we were lied to to get there. And that there weren’t any weapons of mass destruction, and Bush knew, and there was lousy intel. It’s a phony excuse. Bush and Cheney are just a bunch of warmongers that wanted to get Saddam for whatever reason.

And now look. Well, we had bad intel. We didn’t know how bad ISIS was. We would have never gotten out of Iraq totally, well, except I promised my base I would so I had to get out, but now we’re going back in, but I gotta make the base think it’s just chump change, nothing serious here, so just 130 more advisors.


RUSH: We continue with the audio sound bites. This is Ben Rhodes, and he’s the deputy national security advisor. It’s about the troops that we’re sending to Iraq. He’s assuring AP, Julie Pace, he’s assuring her that these are not boots on the ground, these 130 new ones, no, no, no, no, no.

RHODES: With respect to the humanitarian situation, that is to get food, water, and emergency supplies to the population on this mountain, and also, as necessary, to take air strikes against ISIL as they threaten the people on that mountain. These 130 personnel are not going to be in a combat role in Iraq. The key point here is that the US forces, the role of US forces is not one of reentering combat on the ground. It’s how to provide humanitarian assistance to this affected population. And again, in terms of the kinetic actions that are being taken, those are in the form of air strikes.

RUSH: Right. They’re not gonna be a part of kinetic action. It’s just like we said in Vietnam. These are just advisors. They’re not boots on the ground, not gonna be pulling the trigger on anybody.


RUSH: Couple of things here. What is “kinetic action”? There’s no war here. We don’t have these boots; they’re not on the ground. We’re engaged in “kinetic action.” That’s how Obama described what we did to take on you Moammar Khadafy. It wasn’t a war. It was “kinetic action.” Do you think Khadafy could tell the difference?

“Hey, Moammar, the US has just declared war on you!”

“No, don’t worry about it! Don’t worry about it! This is just ‘kinetic action.’ No harm to come.”

“Really? There’s a difference in ‘kinetic action’ and war?”

Well, that’s what the Regime is saying. They make up all these new words to describe what they’re doing, which is the same old stuff. By the way, didn’t Eric Holder tell us that criticism of Obama is racist? Well, does that mean that Hillary is racist? She’s out there ripping into his foreign policy as sit on your ass and do nothing. She’s being critical of him. Any criticism of Obama’s racist.

(interruption) That’s right. It’s not the first time we’ve heard that about the Clintons, and then the White House is turning around, attacking Hillary. Is that sexism? And then isn’t all this misogynistic if you strip away what happening here? There’s a whole bunch of isms going on. (interruption) Is Obama afraid of strong women? I don’t think so. I think he’s surrounded by strong women.

I think this is the most chickified Regime that we’ve ever had. His lawyers are… (sigh) I had a story long time ago that four prominent Obama advisors are all women prosecutors, former prosecutors and so forth. You’ve got Susan Rice in there. You got Valerie Jarrett who runs the whole show. You got Samantha Power. Does that woman not constantly look constipated? In pain.

She constantly looks like she’s in pain. She got this pained frown look on her face, “Oh, oh, my God. Oh!” Then she’s at the UN. (interruption) I don’t know if I could… (interruption) I guess you can’t blame her. But… (interruption) No, I do. I think this a chickified Regime. All I mean by that is there are more powerful women. I don’t think he’s afraid of them at all. Well, maybe he is and that’s why they’re there. I don’t know.

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