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RUSH: A couple of sound bites. I want to play for you something I said on the program a couple of days ago. On Tuesday, I was describing Occupy Wall Street.

I was explaining it, reminding people how it began, what it consisted of — the people in it, what they hoped to achieve, their mindset, their worldview — and all of that. It was to illustrate a point, and the point that I was making, which you will hear, was confirmed in a phone call to C-SPAN. But for the phone call to C-SPAN that happened today to be fully understood in full context, you have to hear this

RUSH ARCHIVE: The Occupy Wall Street people basically attempted to convey that things, the stuff that you get in life does not come from work. That that’s a fool’s errand, and people who buy into the notion that you have to work to get your stuff are victims of a big con game. The 1% never worked. They have all the money and they share it only with themselves, and it’s all a giant trick to get everybody toiling away for meager wages to benefit the already rich 1%.

It was built on resentment of capitalism, anger at the unfairness of the distribution of resources and all of that crap. … Well, I think, using the Snerdley Doctrine, when it comes to explaining looters, I think looters have much the same kind of thought process. That stuff, things, houses, cars, what have you, that work is not gonna give you those things, ’cause it’s stacked deck. If you engage in work, you’re just working for the man.

You’re working for the 1%. You’re toiling away to make him richer, but you ain’t getting any of it. You aren’t seeing any of it. And, indeed, social justice pretty much teaches this exact thing. And, therefore, social justice tells people who don’t have things that they are entitled to take whatever the hell they want when they can and when they want it because they are entitled to it, because it’s being purposely denied them


RUSH: Now, I can imagine, as is always the case, some of you listening on Tuesday when I said this replied, “Come on, Rush! That’s a little bit over the top, don’t you think?” Listen, don’t doubt me. Here’s a caller on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal today. They were taking call-ins on the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. This is Rick from Ohio.

C-SPAN CALLER: The number one tool for the top 1% to control all the wealth is divide and conquer. Divide and conquer! This goes back to the Romans. It goes back to the Nazis. And in this country, the media — Fox News — promotes racism like it’s promoting a sale at Walmart! The Disney Corporation put Rush Limbaugh and Dennis Miller in the booth on Monday Night Football to promote racism!

RUSH: (laughing) So you see, ladies and gentlemen, the 1%, they’ve got all the money, and they’re keeping it from everybody “just like the Romans did and just like the Nazis did. Divide and conquer! Divide and conquer! Fox News promotes racism in media.” I didn’t know that I was in the Monday Night Football booth. I must have been dreaming. Am I dreaming now, and I’m gonna wake up and realize I was there and got fired there, too?

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