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RUSH: Mrs. Clinton, ladies and gentlemen. I think there is something — I don’t know if it’s been said because a lot of people are talking about the distance that she is putting between herself and Obama and the Regime. And everybody’s pretty much up to speed on this. I predicted to you on Monday that this was gonna happen. I predicted to you we’ve already started seeing it happen on Sunday. Meet the Press, remember both Gregory and F. Chuck Todd ripped into Obama. They had polling data Obama’s numbers are plummeting. They were criticizing Obama’s foreign policy, and I found this noteworthy.

These attacks on Obama were unprecedented. These media people, none of the Big Media have gone after Obama at all, and it started. I started seeing a trend, and there was Dana Milbank’s piece in the Washington Post on Monday that headline: While the World Burns, Obama Plays Golf. And what I detected, shared with you, was that I think the media has decided it’s time now to start promoting the Hillary candidacy for 2016. They figure Obama is done. He’s not running again for sure. Can take care of himself. They have protected him for six years. They’ve done their duty. He’s pretty much on his own.

They’ll look after him, but — and I’m serious now, I’m not trying to sound funny — it’s really time now for the next Democrat nominee to be set up to win, and in their minds, that’s Hillary. And one of the ways that this has to happen, and this you’re seeing everybody say, that Mrs. Clinton has to distance herself from the Obama foreign policy, because it’s so bad. Benghazi, Ukraine, I mean, the conventional wisdom on Obama is that his foreign policy is do nothing and sit around and wait, see what happens. In fact, I will share with you the Obama foreign policy after the break.

I need to print it out because it’s a reply e-mail I sent to a friend. A friend of mine sent me one of these e-mails with, “Rush, Rush, you really gotta read this analysis. I mean, this is right on the money. You know, I don’t normally send you things like this, but this is even better than what I would come up with.” Meaning himself. It was a website that specializes in the analyses of foreign policy. I read it and it was a bunch of gobbledygook. It didn’t say anything. It basically said anything can happen and that we don’t know what’s gonna happen so we just have to sit there and wait. But it took three pages to say that.

So I replied to my friend, said, “Yeah, I agree,” and I summed up, and I’ll share that with you. But the point here is that they’ve got to distance Hillary from the Obama foreign policy, and she has to distance herself. She was secretary of state. So they have to set up a believable circumstance or set of circumstances where Hillary really was not that powerful as secretary of state. It was Obama’s foreign policy, not hers. That Benghazi, she was a good soldier, but it was Obama who didn’t know what he was doing, it was Obama who didn’t care, and it was Hillary who took the hits for all of the mistakes or inaction of Obama.

This is what they’re doing. But here’s the point. I’m sorry for the long buildup. Here is the point. Mrs. Clinton is actively participating in this herself. It is not just the media distancing Hillary from the Obama foreign policy. Well, it’s actually not only the Obama foreign policy. They are distancing Hillary from the Obama administration. But she is, too. She’s taking swipes. She is characterizing the Obama foreign policy as sitting around, waiting, doing nothing, and how that’s not a good foundation. She’s taking her shots. And, remember, they asked Obama what he thought of what she said, and he said, “That is horse hockey, it’s horse manure.”

So last night at the Vernon Jordan party they were supposed to have a big hug and apologize and supposedly Hillary called the White House, gave ’em a heads-up she’s gonna do this. “Look, you understand, I’m running for president. I’ve got to and I gotta distance myself. You understand.” And the Regime, “No, we don’t understand,” because with this administration, nobody disses ’em, especially a former Regime member. Nobody insults them, and they’re not gonna sit there and act like, well, it’s just business and we understand it.

Now, I think the real point here is, everybody’s so caught up in the horse race and so nonplussed with Hillary as a serious person that they’ve never stopped to think why would Hillary trash Obama this early? It’s still a year. No. It’s, yeah, a year, year and a half before the campaign in earnest begins. Why now? Why before the midterms? Hillary hasn’t even declared. Why is she being so hard hitting, trashing Obama? And I think I know the answer. And the answer is, I think Hillary knows and is convinced that a whole lot worse is yet to come.

What’s happening now — Iran, Iraq, Syria, immigration, you name it, what’s happening now may be bad, may be uncomfortable, but with Obama basically disengaged, uninterested, incompetent, and John Kerry, who’s no better, what does she know that we don’t know that she thinks might be happening in the next two years that she doesn’t want to be anywhere near? She doesn’t want to be associated with this Regime. She doesn’t want to be thought of in the same sentence.

I’m telling you, I think the reason that she’s distancing herself so decisively, so decidedly, and so soon is because she has an idea of how bad it could potentially get, and she doesn’t want to be anywhere near it if something blows up. Because it’s a little early for this wide a division between these two people to begin, just a little early. Normally you would think after the midterms when the results settle in, and particularly if the Democrats lose big, that would provide Hillary a golden opportunity to ride in on the white horse, and say, “I’m the solution, the answer, I’ll get the Democrats back to power.”

I think she knows, for example, I think all the Democrats know the midterms are gonna be pretty bad. They’re all thinking it’s gonna be pretty bad. Who really knows, but I think they’re all of the opinion they’re gonna get wiped out. So just keep a sharp eye. And the idea that it could get much worse than it is now is entirely understandable given the quality and the competence of leadership that we have now in American foreign policy and at the State Department.

So that’s why I think all of this is happening, including the media starting — at full speed — to distance her from Obama and to build her up and to get her candidacy up and running.

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