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RUSH: Obama late again, practicing the art of disrespect that he has perfected. He’s never on time. That’s another reason that we can’t make plans to JIP these things. Not that we would anyway. This press conference today was a hastily arranged event. Do you know why this press conference is taking place today? I mean, Ferguson, Missouri, has been going on for how long? When did this happen? Days ago, right? And the news out of the White House has been that the president’s been briefed about it. That’s all anybody’s heard.

Well, yeah, Susan Rice keeping him up to speed. Valerie Jarrett, keeping the president up to speed. They had a conversation on the sixth tee yesterday while there was a backlog on the par three ahead of the gang, had time to brief the president on what’s been going on. But he’s now gonna come out and do a press conference, or at least an appearance, and this is happening because somebody in the White House tweeted out last night something about the party that the Obamas were attending at Vernon Jordan’s place with the Clintons. It was a tweet or some such thing, press release from the White House about the party last night, and it said, “A good time was had by all,” at the time that Molotov cocktails are being thrown in Ferguson, Missouri.

But from the White House a tweet went out, “A good time was had by all.” And then it got repeated on Twitter, and went wild, Twitter did, at the thought of Obama and company partying down while Ferguson and the rest of the world, mind you, is burning. And I’m guessing here, if it hadn’t been for that backlash in social media, Obama wouldn’t be doing this today. He would continue to release statements saying he’s been fully briefed and he’s watching the situation.

You know people are tweeting out of St. Louis? I saw it at Jim Hoft’s blog, Gateway Pundit. There are people in Ferguson, African-Americans, tweeting out things like, “You didn’t do nothing for us.” And then the F-bomb, U, at Obama. People are tweeting from Ferguson angry things at Obama. This is something the Drive-Bys are not gonna find in all of their investigations. They won’t look for it. It’ll never occur to them to look at a largely African-American population and find out just who they’re mad at besides this cop and the police department.

If you look at their tweets, it is clear that they expected much better than this. Starting in 2008, they really had, and a lot of people did, really high expectations. There were a lot of people, the poor, a number of minorities who really bought into this hope and change thing, folks. A lot of white people voted for Obama hoping that doing so would shed the shackles of our original sin of slavery and finally get rid of this notion that this is a racist country. A lot of people voted for Obama on that basis.

There were a lot of people with a lot of reasons that voted for Obama. They had nothing to do with policy. Instead, they represented other hopes and dreams, and all of those hopes and dreams were daily fed by a media who told people, “Whatever you want this man to be, that’s who he is. If he’s the smartest and greatest, he is. If he’s the solution to that problem, he is. If he’s the answer to that circumstance, he is.” They were all fed this. It’s kind of tragic, in a way, when you read some of these tweets coming out of St. Louis from the residents, who are — and look, a little understandably here — perplexed.

Let’s face it, folks, there are a number of African-Americans who thought that the election of the first African-American president would mean a stark turnaround from the way they think they have always been treated. That this guy was gonna come in, and he’s gonna fix it, and he was going to make sure that all these years of this kind of stuff happening would never happen again, and furthermore, he was gonna come in, and he was gonna take names. He was gonna take names and find out who they are and he was gonna make sure that they were punished.

There were all kinds of these expectations that were rolled into the election of Obama. One of the reasons his poll numbers are plummeting now, I believe, with every one of these situations all across this country that indicate the country’s on fire, the world’s on fire, the situation, whatever it is, deteriorating. A lot of people voted for Obama thinking this kind of stuff was over, that his election specifically meant this wasn’t gonna happen anymore. And if it did, whoever did it was gonna be dealt with on the spot. Whoever did it, whoever continued this kind of stuff was gonna be found, and they were gonna be dealt with right here and right now.

And that isn’t happening. The president’s on the golf course. His third vacation this summer. So last night somebody issues a press release from the White House about the party, “A good time was had by all.” It ends up being tweeted, and then amazingly, the White House announces the president’s gonna have a press conference today.


RUSH: I had not heard the real reason Obama did the press conference today. And I was wrong about the real reason he did the press conference. Well, I was not totally wrong. I mean, the tweet from last night, the press release, “Good time had by all,” while the country is burning and while the world is burning, didn’t go over well and it was retweeted all over the place, and that was a factor. But I only had a chance to hear what Obama said about St. Louis.

The real reason he did this is what he was saying when we were still in program content time and I was not able to listen. He came out and he did a victory dance over the trapped Yazidi in Iraq, that we don’t need to mount a rescue mission. It’s not as bad as we thought. He was a great commander-in-chief. That’s why he did this. We dropped a bunch of food and water in there and we helped these people. They are able to escape ISIS on their own for the most part without us having to mount a military escape plan for them, operation. And he came out to beat his chest about what a great commander-in-chief, what a great operation it was.

That was the first thing he said, and I didn’t hear that because we were still on the air in the program here. He got to St. Louis second, and that was when we were in the commercial break and what I was able to hear. And that, again, he just said that the cops need to be transparent in their investigation and that we were all one American family and that we need to unify and come together and that we can do it, and it was sayonara. I don’t think he took any questions.


RUSH: This is this is Obama at the end of his remarks today about this.

OBAMA: Emotions are raw right now in Ferguson, and there are certainly passionate differences about what has happened. There are gonna be different accounts of how this tragedy occurred. There are gonna be differences in terms of what needs to happen going forward. That’s part of our democracy. But let’s remember that we’re all part of one American family. We are united in common values, and that includes belief in equality under the law and basic respect for public order and the right to peaceful public protest, a reverence for the dignity of every single man, woman, and child among us, and the need for accountability when it comes to our government. So now is the time for healing. Now is the time for peace and calm on the streets of Ferguson.

RUSH: So, see? He did, Snerdley. Right there. He said, “Now is the time for healing. Now is the time for peace and calm on the streets of Ferguson.” What else do you want him to do? You want him to go there and say that? (interruption) He can’t. He’s on vacation. He’s already going to Washington on Sunday and nobody can figure out why. (interruption) He is returning to Washington on Sunday for a couple of days, and last I heard, nobody knows why.

The only thing they do know is that it’s not to sign any kind of executive order on amnesty. He’s not to do that. But nobody knows why. Some people think he’s going there to meet Biden. And the reason he’s going there is ’cause nobody on Martha’s Vineyard wants Biden to come there. And now they’re calculating the cost of how much this is gonna be to just go back to Washington for two or three days. It’s something like, I don’t, two million bucks, to make the trip from Martha’s Vineyard to Washington.

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