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RUSH: I’ve just been handed a note, ladies and gentlemen. It is from the Washington Post, now owned by Jeff Bezos. Here’s the headline: “County Investigation: Michael Brown Was Shot from the Front, Had Marijuana in His System.” (gasping) Oh, no. No wonder Holder wants to do a third autopsy.

Oh, no. I have just practiced character assassination. Do you know that, folks? With the aid of the Washington Post, I have just participated in a smear and character assassination because I am reporting what the Washington Post news alert is. “Michael Brown Was Shot from the Front, Had Marijuana in His System.” This is gonna be a problem for the Drive-Bys. It’s the St. Louis County medical examiner, but she’s a woman, and the Republicans have a War on Women. So the Democrats can’t come out and say she’s incompetent, unless of course they find out she’s a Republican medical examiner, but then how could she be in St. Louis?

So now they’ve got a problem. So now we have shoplifting of Swisher Sweets, which are well known among the doper community to be ideal for the manufacture of blunts. And we now find out from an autopsy, from the St. Louis County medical examiner, marijuana in his system. (gasping) Oh. And this is in the Washington Post. Mary Case, the St. Louis County medical examiner, “declined to comment further, citing the ongoing investigation.” This according to another person familiar with the countyÂ’s investigation that told The Washington Post that “Brown had between six and eight gunshot wounds and was shot from the front.”

See, the original story was he was shot in the back while running away from an overeager, overzealous racist pig cop. But again, go back to the video, the shoplifting video, the gentle giant knew that he had just robbed a store. The cop did not. So the cop doesn’t understand this erratic behavior at the sight of him. The cop thinks, “I’ve just gotta get this guy off the street. He’s in the middle of the street, I gotta get him off the street. There are cars in the street. We gotta get him on the sidewalk.” The gentle giant reacts in a way the cop doesn’t understand because the cop doesn’t know that he just robbed a store, but the gentle giant knows it. Now they find marijuana. I didn’t know you could find, I didn’t know tox reports came back — they don’t come back this fast on CSI.

That’s another thing. I guarantee you that the low-information people say, “Wait a minute! They’re making this up. I watch CSI and they never have a tox report before four to six weeks. I know!” You wait. Check it out. You watch. There are gonna be some tweets, gonna be some posts on website, “Cops/medical examiner making it up! I’ve seen it on NCIS. They can’t get tox reports for six weeks. So how do they know marijuana was in the system?” (sigh)

What is they say about marijuana and behavior? Anyway, that’s the latest news, the latest smear, the latest character assassination from the Washington Post.


RUSH: I just became aware — and I’m gonna have to try to pass this on to you via memory, because I don’t have this written down. But I just became aware of Officer Darren Wilson’s account of what happened, and it’s… Well, needless to say, it’s markedly different than the myth that is being told. Essentially the officer’s version of events is he’s in his patrol car, and he encounters Michael Brown and his buddy jaywalking.

They’re walking in the middle of the street, and he approaches him in the car and tells him to get off the street and the sidewalk. And then the officer admits that at that point he’s heard a radio call on the robbery. At this point. But he doesn’t know that this guy’s the suspect yet. But he’s heard the call. He sees that Brown is carrying what looks like a box of cigars, and he might in fact be the suspect in the robbery.

But, remember, now, Brown does know that he robbed the store at this point. The gentle giant knows that he robbed the store, and it’s safe to assume that he thinks the cop knows. I mean, if you had just robbed a convenience store 10 minutes earlier and a cop approaches you, you’ve got to think it’s already… I mean, the cop knows. So that is going to factor into his reaction.

Then the cop’s version of events is that Michael Brown reaches into the car and attempts to get the gun and engages the officer, Darren Wilson, physically. Pushes him and so forth. Tries to get the gun. You’ve heard evidence of that that some in the media pooh-poohed. “That couldn’t be! Would never happen! He’s a gentle giant, blah, blah.” At one point, he did get the gun, and then the officer got out of the car and somehow got the gun back.

The officer’s account is he said that the gentle giant appeared to be on something, because he got the gun back. The first shot was an accidental discharge. The gun hadn’t been aimed or anything. After the suspect reached in the police car, shoved the cop, was taunting the cop, and then the cop gets out of the car and the suspect runs away with the cop giving chase.

Then the suspect stops, turns around, and starts taunting the cop and saying, “You’ll never shoot me! You’ll never shoot me.” Some more shots ring out, and then the suspect bum-rushes the cop, starts running right for the cop. That’s where the cop said in his opinion it looked like he was on something. There were more shots, one to the forehead, which is now the one on the top of the head in the autopsy.

The suspect then fell to the ground three feet from the officer. No shots from behind. This account has apparently been repeated by somebody who is a friend of Darren Wilson, who told this story after having heard it from Darren Wilson. He told it to other people. So there are two people telling the same story, so that’s it. And I’m sorry. That’s as much as I’ve got.

That’s as much as I was able to grab in the brief break at the top of the hour that the officer was bum rushed by the suspect, the suspect reached in the window of the cop car and attempted to get the gun, and the officer thought suspect was on something. If this version is true, if that’s what actually happened, it is a far cry from the story that has been out there all week long.

That story is: Innocent young gentle giant just eagerly anticipating his first college classes, on his way on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to his grandmother’s house — over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house — was accosted by a typically white racist cop and gunned down for no reason. That’s been the story that’s been out there all week.

The latest, by the way, from the Washington Post (just to reiterate, if you haven’t heard this): The county medical examiner, Mary Case, has revealed that Michael Brown was shot from the front, and by the way, all the autopsies so far agree with that (there were no shots to the back), and that he had marijuana in his system. So that’s the Washington Post participating in its character assassination and smear of the suspect.

So as I say, I’m repeating that largely from memory.

I made some real quick notes as I was hearing this be described, but that’s the officer’s version of things, the officer’s account. He did say he was afraid. He was afraid for his life ’cause the suspect appeared out of control, had reached into the window of a cop car, was bum rushing him after some shots it already been fired. He was taunting the cop, “You’ll never shoot me.

“You’ll never shoot me,” and it was when he bum rushed the cop in the middle of the street that the shots, the fatal shots were fired. So that’s that. I’m sure as that version gets out there, it’s probably going to cause more looting and more rioting and more agitation from the people like Michael Eric Dyson, Marc Lamont Hill, and, let’s see, who else? Eric Holder. Who else would be out there upset with this? The governor will probably be upset with this. Who knows?

A lot of people will be irritated that this account has gotten out there, ’cause the myth has been carefully crafted.


RUSH: Back to Bob in Roswell, Georgia. You called about the press conference with the family today.

CALLER: Right. We watched the press conference that had the attorneys for the family and Dr. Baden and the gentleman that was helping him with the autopsy. And the thing that got my attention was the first gentleman that spoke, he kept using the term how the policeman “executed” the young man.

RUSH: That was the family attorney, Mr. Crump. He was from Florida. Well, he was the Trayvon Martin family lawyer.

CALLER: Well, just using the word “executing,” I mean, what does that say right there? You know, obviously it sounds like maybe he’s, to use what you spoke about earlier, maybe he’s trying to reestablish the myth, if you will, and what else is he doing? He’s out there potentially souring the jury pool if this all comes to a trial because this man, I’d heard at least twice and maybe more, he kept referring to the policeman that “executed” the young man.

RUSH: Right, because that’s what everybody already thinks. The myth has already been established. The myth was established early last week. He’s just perpetuating it with that, and that, to me, I think that’s irresponsible. Of course you can’t say that because he’s a minority and therefore a victim, and we have to understand the rage, and we have to understand their anger and so forth, but that’s incendiary to me. This whole thing is incendiary. This whole thing is a myth. The whole thing is based on a myth, that it happens all the time.

This whole thing is based on the fact that this is a common occurrence, not just in St. Louis, but in America. And, as part of the myth, once again, the minority community is fed up with it and they’re not going to put up with it anymore, and so they burn and loot their own neighborhoods. To talk about this as an execution poisons the jury pool, but it also is designed to make sure that if there is another version of this that’s the truth, that it won’t be believed. Poisoning the well, I think this is called. But remember, this is a family press conference, a family lawyer, and this is designed to convey the family’s feelings about all of this. Anyway, I’m glad you called, Bob. I appreciate it.


RUSH: Here’s Mike in Wilmington, North Carolina. Glad you waited, sir! Welcome to the show.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush.

RUSH: Yes!

CALLER: First-time caller, longtime listener.

RUSH: Great to have you here.

CALLER: Quick question for you about the Michael Brown case. The video that was released showed Michael Brown and an accomplice clearly shoplifting — or robbing, if you will — the convenience store. My question is: Why hasn’t the accomplice been arrested? You know, he’s come out as a material witness in what happened later on in the shooting, but he hasn’t been arrested as an accomplice in that crime.

RUSH: I don’t know.

CALLER: And he may have been. I don’t know, either. But I think that’s interesting.

RUSH: Well, he’s not the primary perp. We may never know. I don’t think he’s gonna be arrested. Can you see ’em arresting him now? Ha-ha! (laughing)

CALLER: (laughing) No, no.

RUSH: Can you see ’em make an arrest now?

CALLER: I guess you’re right, but at some point he needs to pay for what he did.

RUSH: Well, he’s the only eyewitness. Oh, I take it back now! There’s another eyewitness. There’s a 19-year-old woman who’s an eyewitness, and she happened to be videoing it. I have the transcript of what she said, and it is a problem, because she clearly says that he’s running away, and then turns around and runs back at him. “‘The next thing I know … I’m thinking … the dude started running’ (garbled something about ‘he took it from him’),” meaning Michael Brown took the gun. There is another witness to this.

CALLER: Well, the witness that I’m talking about, of course, was with Brown in the store, and the video clearly shows that.

RUSH: Yeah, but I don’t have the memory of the video right in front of me. I don’t remember much about the witness I remember the gentle giant, and I remember the proprietor comes up to him as he’s walking out the door, and the gentle giant pushes the proprietor away, points a finger at him, and the proprietor shrinks away. That’s just a gentle giant being a gentle giant.


RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Well —

RUSH: “What’s mine is mine. Possession is nine-tenths of law, store owner, and I’ve got it right now.” Anyway, the eyewitness is been lost in the mix for at least as far as I’m concerned. If there’s anything to know about it, I’ll find out, and if it’s worthy and relevant, I’ll let you know.

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