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RUSH: What’s happening in St. Louis is the soap opera leading item of the day. So many myths, ladies and gentlemen, are on display each and every day in this country, so many myths. And the myths are what make up the daily Drive-By news agenda, and that is the daily news agenda of the Democrat Party. The myth that is driving what happened in St. Louis is that white cops shoot black kids all the time. That is the myth. That is the image being created. That is the purpose of all the coverage. It is rare.

The truth of the matter is, it is rare. The simple fact of the matter is that the greatest incidence, the largest number of criminal incidence against blacks is perpetrated by blacks. The fact that this is rare is why it’s on television. Well, there’s another reason why it’s on television, another reason why it’s a big deal, and that is because it furthers the myth and it furthers the Democrat Party agenda that the only protectors of the black population in this country is the Democrat Party, and the myth is that the white police, cops, forces, are every day killing black kids.

But if it were common, if it were something that did indeed happen all the time, it wouldn’t be this big a story. The very fact that it’s this big a story is evidence of its rarity. Do you know how controversial that is to say? I mean, that is so far off the beaten path to say that, that you wait and see what the Drive-By Media and their media watchdogs do with that comment later today. Oh, it’s true. Especially if it’s true. That’s exactly why they’re gonna be coming after me later, especially because this is true. It is rare. It doesn’t happen every day. It doesn’t happen often.

How many times on this program have we talked about the murders that take place in Chicago every weekend, the murder of black kids, teenagers and younger? Is the media there? Is the media telling you about even one of those murders, at any time in this past year? They are not there. Why aren’t they there? It doesn’t further the narrative, the template, and that is that it’s white cops that kill black kids.

In Chicago, it’s black kids killing black kids. It’s gang members killing innocents and so forth. So there’s no news there. They can’t perpetuate a myth. “That would be actually damaging to the cause, so we can’t report that, and we don’t report that,” and even when it’s mentioned, it is pooh-poohed. I mean, the numbers in Chicago in the course of a weekend have reached as high as 42 to 45. In a single weekend!

And there hasn’t been a single individual story about any of those people that were shot dead, any of those young kids. Not one. But in St. Louis we have here a “gentle giant who was murdered by a white cop.” Murdered. Not killed, murdered by a white cop. The coverage and the attention is intended to make the people of this country think that this happens all the time and is evidence of the racial strife and tension that still exists in this country, that has not been solved.

“The racism and bigotry that’s still front and center, this country is still plagued by it,” and that’s what they want everybody to conclude. They want everybody to conclude that we’ve made no progress in race relations despite the election the first African-American president. Doesn’t matter. They’ll do everything they can to shield Obama from having any culpability in this because this was supposed to stop with his election.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. We were supposed to have fixed this kind of thing. But it’s a greater story furthering the agenda, the myth, to continue to focus attention on this as though it’s common. Rather, of course, than to focus attention on the fact that Obama’s election really hasn’t meant anything in terms of these incidents occurring less and less.


RUSH: Dawn, here’s how it works. You weren’t here Friday; you don’t know about this. Your kids don’t do dope. Here’s how it happens. You get these Swisher Sweets — they’re long, thin cigarillos — and you take a razor blade, you slice ’em open lengthwise, you strip the tobacco out, you put the marijuana in, and you got a blunt. You reroll it. That’s what Swisher Sweets are for. It’s what he was stealing. It’s what he stole.

Now they released a video of this, of the robbery of the holdup. So now we have an entirely different story, and then people said, “Why did they wait to release the video? Why didn’t they release the video right away?” Everybody on Friday was trying to figure that out. Well, now we know. There were two reasons why the video wasn’t released.

According to some in the Drive-Bys, Eric Holder at the Justice Department wanted that video suppressed. It turns out that the videotape of Mr. Brown — the gentle giant — allegedly robbing a convenience store was withheld at the request of the DOJ, meaning Eric Holder, which means Barack Hussein Obama. Are you shocked to hear that? I’m not. We even said we thought it was being withheld by the police.

But there’s a second reason why. Let’s go back to Friday — and, by the way, what I’m gonna tell you next, we didn’t know when the program ended at three o’clock. All we knew when the program ended at three o’clock was that we had the video. The robbery had taken place. There was no question it was the gentle giant who had robbed the convenience store and his buddy was “the only eyewitness.”

Well, except now there’s another one, with a story that (sigh) doesn’t help the myth. But in due course we’ll get to that. So the gentle giant robs the store, leaves, and the next thing we know he’s encountered by a cop. Well, when we left here at three o’clock on Friday, the assumption was that the cop was tracking down a known robbery suspect, except after the program ended at three o’clock on Friday the police chief announced:

No, no, no, no, no. The officer did know that there’d been a robbery.

Well, that caused the media and everybody else to ask, “Well then why did you release it?” All kinds of confusion ensued once again. Well, here’s the key to this folks, at least on the video side. The cop didn’t know that there had been a robbery, and the cop did not know that the gentle giant was a suspect. But the gentle giant knew. The gentle giant knew he had robbed a convenience store.

And his buddy who was with him knew that they had together robbed a convenience store, and probably the gentle giant assumed that the cop knew. At any rate, the fact that the cop didn’t know is one thing, but the fact that the gentle giant did know that he had just robbed a store and here’s a cop on his tail, has everything to do with the behavior of the gentle giant.

And I think that’s why they released the video, for a trial down the road, because it goes to establishing attitude on the part of the suspect. The cop may not have known. He may not have known. I mean, he stopped the guy for jaywalking. He was walking in the middle of the street, and wouldn’t get out of the middle of the street. So the cop took action to get him out of the middle of the street, and the suspect started behaving in odd ways.

The cop didn’t just randomly pull the gun and start firing, although the myth wants you to believe that. The myth wants you to believe that the cop, just because the suspect was black and big, felt frightened, felt scared — ’cause the cop’s racist, don’t you know? So no matter what the gentle giant did, it was intimidating ’cause he’s black.

And so the cop pulls a gun and starts firing and we are where we are. Except the gentle giant knew he had robbed a store and he didn’t know the cop didn’t know. So now there’s controversy about that video. So here we are again: Another video being blamed for whatever. First Benghazi, now this.


RUSH: The fact that the cop did not know that the gentle giant had just robbed a store, but the gentle giant knew he had robbed a store, would explain the cop being shocked and surprised and taken aback at Brown’s reaction to being told to get off the street. This is crucially important. The gentle giant knew he had robbed a store, had to think the cop knew, but the cop didn’t know. The cop thought he was dealing with somebody walking in the middle of the street who wouldn’t listen to him. I checked the e-mail during the break.

“Rush, I don’t understand this myth. What’s the purpose of the myth?”

Okay. I don’t mind explaining this over and over. What is the myth? The myth is that white cops shoot black kids, innocent black kids all the time. That’s the myth. It’s not true. White cops do not kill innocent black kids all the time. It doesn’t happen that often. That’s why, when it does, it’s always such a big story. But when black gangs kill black kids in Chicago in the tunes of the twenties and thirties in terms of numbers, that never makes the news ’cause it doesn’t further the myth.

And of course to answer the purpose of the myth, you have to understand, what? Dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut. The politics of it. There’s whole lot of money in the race industry. The Reverend Jackson’s out there. He tried to fund-raise today in front of a crowd, and he was booed by the crowd. He wanted to raise money off of this. That’s what the myth is. The myth is that there is continued black victimization and harassment every day, all the time, by white cops. That’s the political agenda that advances.


RUSH: The killing of Michael Brown is supposed to represent something. What is it supposed to represent? To answer this properly, to understand it properly, you have to know what the politics of this are. And as is the case, folks, with everything, particularly every leading story in the Drive-By Media, it is all politics. They disguise it as having to do with other things like sorrow and sadness and compassion, but this is all politics.

What’s the sign here? What does this mean? Why is this a story? The myth is that whites, who are associated with Republicans, white cops murder innocent black kids all the time. And that’s why we need people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and the Nation of Islam and whoever out raising money on this, trying to do something about this never-ending discrimination, which never does seem to end, does it? At least the reports of it never seem to end. No matter how much progress is ever made, we never hear about that.

It’s every time there is a single example, even if it’s once a year, it becomes the lead story in the media for as long as necessary to make the political point and to keep the money flowing in. And right behind all this you’ll find the Democrat Party, which needs, as we have chronicled and stated I don’t know how many times, a permanent underclass of subservient, poor, low skilled dependents on government, voting for them. There are lots of ’em, and if you run out of ’em, you import them via illegal immigration. That is exactly what this is.

The Democrat Party, I think, profits from racial strife. Something like this happens behind closed doors they kind of rub their hands together, “Oh, man, oh, man, right before the midterms, what an opportunity we’ve got here.” Like the Rick Perry indictment. Do you think it’s coincidental, ladies and gentlemen, that suddenly all of the top candidates for the Republican presidential nomination now have been tarred by phony criminal complaints? Scott Walker, Wisconsin, how many times? Governor Chris Christie, Bridgegate, come on, New Jersey. Now Rick Perry. And let’s not forget the criminal attempts to criminalize Newt Gingrich, Tom DeLay.

This is the Democrat Party front and center. Everything that is a lead story in the news is to advance the Democrat Party agenda and all the coverage. The way the story shaped, flamed, and formed is designed to do the exact same thing, and it’s all predicated on a myth here that this happens all the time, and isn’t that sorrowful, and isn’t that such a terrible thing about our country.

I looked it up. Thirty-two people were shot, five dead, in Chicago this past weekend. Those numbers don’t change much from weekend to weekend. Thirty-two people shot, five dead in Chicago over the weekend. Now, other reports claim 29 were shot, not 32, and that seven people died, not five. But you get the point. Is there any national media in Chicago?

I was watching CNN last night. Marc Lamont Hill, who is a commentator, analyst for CNN, and he said very happily, by the way, that most of the agitators on the ground in St. Louis are from Oakland. Had you heard that, Mr. Snerdley? And get this. The head of the New Black Panther Party in Oakland is out claiming they are in charge, that they’re running the show. They even told the Missouri Highway patrolman, Ron Johnson, “Hey, we got this under control. We’re handling this.” Outside agitators are coming in from Oakland, according to Marc Lamont Hill, who’s in favor of it, by the way, don’t you know.

That’s another myth, that the people of St. Louis are marching. It was my point the other day when I was saying that just down the road at Busch Stadium, sold-out baseball game, Cardinals and Padres, right up the road’s Ferguson. Wait a minute. I thought St. Louis was on fire? These looters. Does it make sense that looters would tear up, burn down, and destroy their own town? Why don’t they figure out that, hey, you know, six blocks over and they can destroy other people’s stuff. Why their own? Well, what if they’re from Oakland and it isn’t their stuff no matter where they go?

There’s so many myths, folks, so many myths, misrepresentations, falsehoods, templates, narratives, and they’re all BS. And it’s gonna get increasingly difficult to get to the bottom of this.

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