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RUSH: I’m not kidding you, folks, if they get amnesty, amnesty is Democrat Party control for a generation. I mean, barring some unforeseen, unpredictable event, you have to conclude, educated guess, that newly arrived poor, uneducated, unskilled people equal Democrat voters, and — (interruption) Well, I was just asked a question, “What about all the Democrat Senators who fear that kind of move?”

It’s an excellent question. Democrat Senators gotta get reelected. If Obama does this amnesty thing before the election, that’s gonna really tick many people off and the Democrats are not gonna be reelected. He doesn’t care. I honestly believe that. I honestly believe and, look, I know how this sounds. I mean, I can imagine you, folks, hearing what I say here, and I say it matter-of-factly with great confidence and conviction because I do believe it, and I can imagine you hearing it and trying to tell somebody who doesn’t listen to this show, that you think it, too, and they’re gonna think you’re nuts and so forth.

I understand, in a sense, that it really sounds strange to say. I firmly believe, and I’ve got evidence. I mean, I don’t make this stuff up out of whole cloth. Barack Obama has much more on his mind than just making sure Democrats get reelected, especially now that he’s not on the ballot. He doesn’t have to get any new votes. If amnesty, if somehow he could get five, six million people in here, he would love to have the Republicans do it. He would love the Republicans to actually-make it happen. I mean, that would be Christmas morning for him. It is so crucial to his objective of transforming America.

Remember, he’s not here to transform the Democrat Party. He’s here to transform the country. If there is a blanket amnesty for five, six million, or if he does ’em all, then essentially you have a one party country. No matter what the Republicans do, they’re not going to be able to compete with those numbers. Now, that of course assumes that the vast majority of these new arrivals dutifully vote Democrat. That is a major assumption that’s part of this.

But the fact that some Democrats, “No, no, don’t do it without Republican help. My gosh, if you do it with executive order, we’re cooked.” Now, I know he doesn’t want that to happen, but if it comes down to his transforming the country in a major way before he leaves or Democrats reelected and holding — see, I actually think, H.R., that he’d be perfectly happy with the Republicans owning Congress. I think he’d be perfectly happy with the Republicans gaining control of the Senate, along with the House. It would be made to order for him. They’d oppose everything he’s trying to do. It would give him excuses do his executive actions, executive orders.

He could continue to portray the Republicans uncooperative, as partisan, as playing politics with everything, and the low-information crowd thinks only Republicans play politics. The Democrats, they don’t do politics. They do compassion and they do big-hearted stuff. They care about people. But the Republicans, they just oppose everything. They just hate. That’s the template. So if the Republicans are blocking him at every move, he’s got — in fact, I can hear him saying that he would do this to make sure to save this country from the Republican Party. I can hear him offering that as justification for his executive orders.

He’s already got, what, 47% of the country who would agree with him on that, that the Republican Party poses the biggest threat to the country ’cause they don’t care about people except the rich. And all they want is tax cuts for the rich. And they don’t care about racism, ’cause they are racists. And they don’t care about poverty, ’cause they’re rich. And they don’t care about people because they’re mean. So if the Republicans are standing in his way everywhere he looks, why, it’s made to order. So he may actually be thinking that, for his selfish purposes, Democrats losing might make it easier.

Because what if the Democrats hold the Senate and he can’t get enough of them to go along with amnesty — I’m just guessing here — to make it look like he’s got some assistance or some help here. Amnesty, as we have discussed for years on this program, is the fastest, easiest — well, not easy, it’s the path of least resistance because the Republicans are signing on to it, don’t you know. I mean, they’re saying so, and the Chamber of Commerce is out there demanding the Republicans go along with it. Amnesty would be, alone, enough for a political, not military, but political coup d’etat that would give the Democrats control with no serious opposition.

Modern Democrat politics is the fight between left-wing Alinskyites and even more radical left-wing Alinskyites. There is no moderate center in the Democrat Party anymore. And they don’t like and they don’t want any opposition. Why do you think they’re trying to criminalize opposition as often as they can, such as what happened with Rick Perry, such as what they tried with Bridgegate, Chris Christie, such as the numerous recall efforts against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. And every damn one of them was rooted in supposed criminal corruption. And the list goes on and on, of examples of this.


RUSH: Here’s Elizabeth, Silver Springs, Maryland. Thank you for calling. It’s great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you so much for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I was just calling because I know there’s one in every family, but we have a couple crazy… Actually, most of my family are crazy liberals, and even they are getting outraged by the whole illegal immigration, kids coming across the border. We just found out here. My brother and sister-in-law live in Virginia, and I live in Maryland, and something like 3,000 kids will be enrolled in the public school system.

RUSH: And you want to know what you can do?

CALLER: Well, we’ve called, you know, our representatives. I mean, I don’t know what to do. We’ve done everything that I think we’re supposed to do, but it’s not gonna make a difference.

RUSH: You can’t do anything about it because the problem is not designed to be solved at your level. This is something that shouldn’t happen in the first place.

CALLER: Well —

RUSH: This has to be solved where it started, and that’s at the White House. That’s where. What can you do? Do you have the means to send 3,000 kids back home to wherever they’re from? You don’t even know where they’re from. How are you gonna get ’em back? Who’s got the money to do that?


RUSH: For Elizabeth in Silver Springs, Maryland. I think we did this story one day last week about 3,000 kids that were being enrolled in Virginia, not Maryland, where she was, but it was 3,000 kids being enrolled in Virginia. The Department of Education has already issued a statement saying these kids have to be allowed to go to school. I know we did that story. I remember it like it was yesterday. They have to be permitted to go to school. There is nothing you can do about it. The federal government has told you, Elizabeth, there isn’t anything you can do.

She called here. They’re at their wits’ end. If you missed her call, she said, like every conservative family there’s always a couple crazy liberals, and she’s got a couple, and even they are upset at what’s happening here with this immigration business. It stands to reason that there are some liberal Democrats. See, there’s a bunch of different kinds of Democrats, and the rank-and-file voting liberal Democrats are not often as strident, committed, as left-wing leadership in this country is.

I mean, most people don’t even think of themselves as liberals. They’re just Democrats. The other guys are Republicans, and the conservatives are the wacko Republicans. These Democrats I’m talking about, they don’t think of themselves as wild, radical leftists. And, as such, they don’t recognize it in people like Obama or Biden or Holder or any of the others. Which is why they react the way they do when you tell ’em they are radicals, ’cause they just see Obama as a reasonable guy. He’s a Democrat, got elected, first black president. Why don’t you like him, what’s wrong, what’s he done? Nothing wrong, he’s a Democrat.

But now this is causing some of those Democrats say, “Wait a minute,” cause even this makes no sense. This is a direct assault on the working man, quote, unquote, working man being the union guy. Here you have people being brought into the country specifically because they’ll work dirt cheap. Who does that hurt? The Democrat working man. So she said, “What can we do about it?” Nothing, because the problem did not happen at your level. That’s the problem with statism. That’s why so many of us have been trying to sound the alarm for so long. This stuff’s gotta be stopped at the border. Once they get here — they have de facto amnesty now. They don’t even have to be granted amnesty.

These kids coming up from Central America, they cross the border, they get sent into some rehab center there at the border where they’re given a cursory exam and then they’re sent out all over the country, family members, don’t you know, or volunteers taking them in their homes. And then the communities are told, “You have got to enroll them.” Well, they’re not going back. Once all this starts ramping up, folks — this is Jeff Sessions’ point, there isn’t any deportation. And that’s where this is — (interruption) oh, Elizabeth has said her brother lived in Virginia? Okay, well, all right, it makes sense then.

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