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RUSH: Sometimes I feel like I’ve fallen into a time warp here. A Democrat governor’s just sent in the National Guard to shut down a bunch of black protesters. The Democrats are doing sit-ins in the offices of somebody named Nixon. I mean, if you stop and think about it, if you’re old enough, this is really uncanny.

I know how this is gonna turn out. It’s in the cards, folks. This is a fait accompli. This is so intense, there is so much riding on the line in this incident in St. Louis, which is not common, it is not often, but that is the last thing anybody wants to hear.

They’re gonna send this to the grand jury. What do you think the grand jury’s gonna do? Twenty-three people, you know they’re all gonna be worried that their identities are going to be learned and discovered, and when they figure that out, what do you think they’re gonna do? They’re gonna indict the cop, no matter what. That’s in the cards.


RUSH: So, anyway, ladies and gentlemen, this is easy to spot; it’s easy to predict. We can tell what’s gonna happen.

How many FBI agents investigated the Tea Party scandal there by the IRS? (interruption) How many how many? (interruption) None. That’s right. There were no FBI agents investigating what happened to Catherine Engelbrecht at True the Vote or any of the other Tea Party groups. Let’s see. Okay. (sigh) How many FBI agents went to Benghazi to investigate what happened over there? That was zero again, at least for the first two weeks. Zip, zero.

We were told that sending the FBI into Libya would be bad, bad, bad foreign policy. It would not be kind to the host nation; it would not inspire confidence. It’d be seen as an insult. So let’s see. How many FBI agents were sent to St. Louis? Forty! Four. Zero. Forty FBI agents are pounding the pavement in Ferguson, in St. Louis — and guess who’s showing up tomorrow? Good old Eric Holder himself, the attorney general.

The ultimate boss, the maximum leader of those 40 FBI agents is showing up. He’ll probably stay in Clayton, Ritz-Carlton. It’s the nicest place in town, or one of the nicest places. I doubt that the attorney general will be staying in Ferguson. Just my guess. But I could be wrong. He might not even stay overnight. It might not even take that long to go in there and tell everybody how this is gonna end. Yeah, you’ve got all these guys, Obama and Eric Holder and Governor Nixon, and they’re all running around decrying the militarization of police officers.

They’re the ones that did it! What do you think the militarization equipment comes from for these police departments? It comes from the US Department of Defense, the DOD. It’s unused, leftover, unneeded — what have you — weapons, ammo, and other type of equipment that the Department of Defense has sent to numerous police departments all over the country, not just Ferguson. They sit there and they decry and they wring their hands and they whine and moan about the militarization of the police department, and they’re the ones that did it.

It’s clear, ladies and gentlemen: Ferguson, Missouri, is attracting a lot of people who — like Obama and Holder — wish they had been alive during the civil rights movement in the sixties, and that’s another thing that’s going on here. This is a flashback; this is an opportunity. Remember, Obama has wistfully spoken of the sixties. He wasn’t around then, but he says he wishes he had been. Well, here’s a chance to relive some history.

Here’s a chance to flash forward. Here’s a Back to the Future moment if there ever was one. The sixties civil rights movement all of a sudden is back in full glory, and this kind of thing — don’t you know? — just happens all the time in America, and it’s about time it stopped. Obama can finally, once and for all and officially, be down for the struggle, and so can Attorney General Holder.

A lot of people who wish they had been alive during the civil rights movement in the sixties can now say, “Yippee, yippee! We can do it! We can actually be there.” Some of the Ferguson protesters, like the New Black Panthers, are claiming to be the new civil rights movement, which I guess is only natural. The civil rights era is the only period in our nation’s history that’s glorified in the schools these days, and it is.

But, you know, Ferguson’s not just about reliving the civil rights era.

The Democrats are using Ferguson, Missouri, to try to ramp up black turnout for the midterms. They’re trying to paint a picture that this is what America has always been, and that’s the myth that I spoke of yesterday. The myth is that this happens all the time. The myth is that young, innocent blacks are gunned down by white police departments every day in this country. Of course, that isn’t true. It’s far from true. It’s nowhere near true!

The Democrat Party, with their willing accomplices in the Drive-By Media, are doing their best to take this singular event and make it appear to be part of a normal, common series of occurrences that happen in this country. They have always, always intended to play the race card in one way, shape, manner, or form for turnout in the November midterm election. Here comes this event, and it is made to order.

I think it explains a lot of what we have been seeing, including the DOJ demanding the withholding of information like the videotape of the convenience store robbery, and they did. You know, the police chief caught a little flak for releasing that videotape of the robbery last Friday, but it was the Department of Justice that demanded it be withheld. They suppressed it, and they did that for a reason. They did that to keep the protesters outraged, white hot (so to speak).

They wanted ’em really mad out there, they wanted ’em to really think there was some conspiracy. They wanted them really thinking — the protestors. They wanted ’em really thinking they weren’t being told everything. And then when they were told everything, then the conspiracy
doubled and tripled ’cause they thought they were being lied to. In case you have any doubts about any of this, there are now photos of a Democrat voter registration tent that has been set up in Ferguson.

The death of Michael Brown is being used to register Democrats in Ferguson, Missouri, practically right next to the memorial for the kid. So this thing, it encompasses everything that the Democrat Party is. Everything. A voter-registration booth next to his memorial! On top of that, we’ve got the Justice Brothers. That would be the Reverend Jackson and Al Sharpton. They are now conducting voter registration drives in churches and fast food joints in Ferguson.

Don’t bother asking why the IRS lets them get away with that.

Voter-registration drives. Redskins players walking out with their hands up as if to say, “Don’t shoot,” in solidarity. Forty FBI agents are on the ground interviewing witnesses, trying to get the skinny, the straight scoop, the story. Obama? Haven’t even gotten to his appearance yesterday, his little TV comment about this. Oh, and let me share with you a headline. (interruption) Now, Mr. Snerdley is asking, “Why doesn’t the cop just give himself up right now?”

No, I’m sure the cop is holding out hope that it will all turn out okay for him. ‘Cause what happened, happened, and there are supposedly 12 witnesses. There’s an NPR reporter for St. Louis, in St. Louis, who happened to tweet — and she’s gone off grid. They’re hunting her down here, trying to find out, you know, what she was thinking. You heard about this? She just tweeted that her sources told her that the cops have interviewed 12 eyewitnesses who back up the cop’s story.

So she tweets that. And there’s… I mean, there is literal outrage. “How dare she? What was she thinking?” So the cops supposedly have 12 eyewitnesses. I mean, there’s an ongoing effort here, folks, to have this end up the way Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and Obama and all these people on the left want it to end up. You can see it as well as I can.

Look, I’ve got a headline here. I got a headline, and it’s on NBC News. “Falling Stars: GOP’s Top 2016 Hopefuls Embroiled in Scandal.” It is exactly what I said yesterday with this indictment of Rick Perry: At least four prominent Republican presidential hopefuls indicted or facing criminal charges or have faced criminal charges. Here it is: “GOP’s Top 2016 Hopefuls Embroiled in Scandal.” Here it is. This is how they do it.


RUSH: All right, here is the story. Actually, I thought it was an NPR reporter, but this report says it’s a St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter. But it was an NPR reporter! I saw it. Anyway, here are details. “A St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter says that Ferguson, Missouri, police confirm that more than a dozen witnesses to the shooting of teenager Michael Brown have backed up the account of the incident offered by the [cop]. St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Christine Byers tweeted Monday that police told her that an account…”

You know what? Maybe she’s not NPR. I still cannot read Twitter. I don’t know… I cannot figure it out. I shouldn’t admit this.
You know, here I am. I am Mr. Tech. I can answer everybody’s questions. I just had a guy email me, “Hey, I can’t install the new beta with Xcode. It isn’t working. You know how I can do it?” So I fired him an email: “Yeah, it’s easy. Here’s how you do it using iTunes.” Anyway, I look at Twitter and I still can’t figure out who’s who. I don’t know.

In a line of Twitter in a thread of Twitter chats, I do not know what gets attributed to whom. I don’t know who’s saying what. I could have sworn that what I saw was an NPR reporter who had tweeted that there were 12 witnesses. But now this story says it’s a St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter and that her name is Christine Byers and that it was she who tweeted. Now, maybe this woman is also an NPR reporter. I don’t know. But here’s the tweet from Christine Byers:

“Police sources tell me more than a dozen witnesses have corroborated cop’s version of events in shooting.” There’s another confusing thing. Yesterday Don Lemon went on CNN and said that he had found a transcript of a call to a radio show in St. Louis that had backed up what the cop said. But now people are saying that’s a fraudulent, phony call, it’s not real. Anyway, the point of all this is that everybody is supposed to be confused and throw up their hands, so to speak, and be frustrated at not knowing what happened.

So that when the facts are finally learned, nobody believes them, unless they are the facts that the American left or the Democrat Party want to be true. That is exactly what this is. This whole thing’s a myth anyway, the idea that this is a common occurrence, the idea that America in 2014 is no different than America in the sixties. Believe me on this idea that finally some people who were not alive in the sixties but wish they had been during the sixties.

They’re gonna take this and run with it as an opportunity to be part of something they missed. And, as such, they’re gonna turn it into whatever their dreams want it to be. The American left, it’s real simple, to them. Want to boil it down to its essence? It’s real simple. The gentle giant died because he’s black. Had the cop arrested a white kid who had identical circumstances — identical circumstances — he would not have been shot. The cop would never have pulled the trigger on the white kid.

That’s the template.

That is the narrative.

This is solely about race.

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