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RUSH: During the break, I was made aware of a piece that runs at RedState.com, posted recently there. That’s Erick Erickson’s website and blog. There is a post, I guess he put it up last night, it’s from David Horowitz. It says here “Note from Erick: please welcome to our front page the always awesome David Horowitz.” And the reason this was sent to me is ’cause Horowitz has written a blog post here that basically is the same thing. This is cool. Horowitz actually thinks that Obama’s purpose here is to wipe out the Republican Party and talks about how he’s doing it. Here’s a passage.

“Take one aspect of this epic default: ObamaÂ’s lack of response to the slaughter of Christians in Palestine, Egypt and Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been slaughtered and driven from their homes in Iraq — over half a million by some counts. This is the oldest Christian community in the world dating back to the time of Christ. What was ObamaÂ’s response to this atrocity until a group of Yazvidi along with the Christians were trapped on a mountain side? … Silence.

“Even his statement announcing minimal action to save the Yazvidi and the Christians mentioned the Christians once in passing while devoting a paragraph to the obscure Yazvidi. What this unfeeling and cold response to the slaughter of Christians tells us is that Obama is a pretend Christian just the way he is a pretend American.

“What he is instead is a world class liar. That is because his real agendas are anti-American, anti-Christian, and anti-Jewish, and obviously and consistently pro America’s third world adversaries to whom he is always apologizing and whom he is always appeasing. Obama lies about his intentions and policies because he couldn’t survive politically if he told the truth. The socialist plot against individual freedom called Obamacare was sold as a charitable attempt to cover the uninsured (which it doesn’t), to lower health insurance costs (which it doesn’t) and to allow patients to keep their doctor and their plan (which it doesn’t).

“What it actually does is to take away a major piece of the freedom that Americans once enjoyed — the freedom to choose their plan and their doctor, and not to have the government control their health care or have easy access to all their financial information,” and he also makes the point in in this piece that all of this stuff is happening on purpose and by design from the White House — get this — because Obama hasn’t fired anybody! It’s my exact point. That’s why somebody sent me this.

It’s not just me thinking this, folks.

And Horowitz is no slouch. Horowitz is a former communist. He was born to a communist mother and father. He left them. He became a conservative after becoming fed up with radicals and leftists: “And what exactly is the IRS scandal about — to take just one case? It’s a plan unprecedented in modern American politics to push the political system towards a one-party state by using the taxing authority of the government to cripple and destroy the political opposition. “

That’s right. That’s exactly what’s going on here. The administration… My point is that Obama going on vacation… Obama not firing anybody involved in all of these scandals — Benghazi, IRS, you name it — and going on vacation and appearing detached and having checked out, is all part of the scheme to facilitate him getting away with this. In every one of these scandals everybody says, “Where was Obama?” Have you noticed? Benghazi. “Where was Obama? He’s off the grid. We can’t find him!”

IRS scandal. “Did he know? What was he doing? Where was Obama?” Fast and Furious. “Where was Obama?” You pick it. The Obamacare website. “Where was Obama for the year that everybody had to know it wasn’t working?” Where was he? That’s always the question” Where was Obama? My point is, he’s right there, the man behind the curtain in charge of it all, and the reason nobody gets fired is because nobody took the initiative to do this on their own, and nobody is doing anything that he doesn’t want done.

If they were, he would fire ’em.

Some of this stuff is pretty bad. I guarantee you this. Let’s put Reagan or Bush in the White House, and you’ve got somebody in the IRS targeting their enemies, and you’ve got them denying them tax-exempt status and you have the Democrats find out about it and the media finds out about it. I guarantee you, the first thing that would happen is that the president would find out who did it and fire them publicly, just to appease everybody. The second reason they’d be fired is for insubordination.

Well, there hasn’t been any insubordination here. So I will just say it again: All these vacations, and all of this detachment, and going to all these fundraisers — and now, in Ferguson, where’s Obama? He’s out playing golf? He’s out playing golf while Ferguson burns? What the hell is that? That is to make it look like he’s got nothing to do with it! Please do not doubt me on this. Nobody ever asked, “Where was Nixon?” when he wasn’t doing half the stuff they accused him of, and nobody ever asked, “Where was Bush?”

Weapons of mass destruction?

That was Bush!


That was Nixon!

With Obama, he gets away with being detached, and he’s so detached, that people worry (sobbing), “Oh, my God! Our country’s not enough to interest him. (sniffle) Aw, gee, what’s wrong with us? (sobs) It’s so bad, we’ve got the smartest man who ever lived, and he doesn’t care about our country. Oh, my God! He’d rather play golf.” We worry about Obama, he’s so detached. I think it’s really masterful the way they’ve pulled all this off.

But none of this is a right-in-front-of-everybody’s-eyes takeover. This is all happening with public support, ostensibly, is it not? I mean, yeah, only recently are the approval numbers down, and only on Obamacare do you have dependable opposition to it. But it still happened, didn’t it? So… (interruption) Well, of course you need the media on your side to make it happen. There’s no way any of this works without the media on your side. No way at all. That goes without saying. The media make it possible.

That’s why it’s also laughable when I hear Jill what’s-her-face, Abramson. We had that sound bite of her the other day. Cookie, you gotta get me that again. Just to hear it. Just to hear her speak. You gotta get me that sound bite. Jill Abramson said this is the most unfriendly administration to the press, the most dangerous to press freedom, all this stuff. All these people talk about the Obama administration is the biggest threat to press freedom? Who are they trying to kid? That’s part of it, too!


RUSH: If any of this stuff had happened under Reagan, the media would be saying, “Where was Reagan?” If it happened under Bush, “Where was Bush?” When it happens under Obama they say, “Oh, it’s so sad. Obama’s so bored! Aw, he’s gone on vacation again ’cause he’s just not challenged,” blah, blah, blah, blah. Here’s the Jill Abramson bite. This was June the 2nd on Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer.

He said, “The attorney general asked the bureau chiefs of various news organizations here in Washington to meet with him to discuss his handling of all the leak investigations. The New York Times, CBS, some others decided not to attend. The reason we didn’t go is because they told us it would be off the record.” That’s Bob Schieffer. “Why did you,” at the New York Times tell the attorney general that you’re not going to have a conversation about all the leaks?

ABRAMSON: (haltingly) The Times and our readers are quite concerned about the six active, uhh, criminal leak cases that the Obama administration has pursued. That’s more than all the other administrations combined, and, you know, we are concerned that the process of news gathering is being criminalized.

RUSH: So, she was very concerned because of all of the criminal leak cases. They more than any or all the other administrations (impression) combiiiiiiiiined. As you know, we are concerned about the process of news gathering is being criminaliiiiiiized, just like the Republican Party is being criminaliiiiiiized. See, I think to believe this, that the New York Times fed up with Obama? (laughing) This is part of the whole rigged game, too. Are you kidding me that the news media is mad that Obama’s trying to criminalize what they do?


RUSH: Here’s Mark in West Palm Beach, Florida, across the bridge from us. Welcome to the program. Hello.

CALLER: Mega dittos. I’ve been waiting years to say that on the EIB. The reflection is very bright out here. I must need sunglasses, Rush.

RUSH: (laughing) Kind of like all those solar panels that are killing the birds.

CALLER: Exactly. The misters or whatever they call ’em. I called you today, you started out, when I got in my car, talking about Ferguson, Missouri. And one of my big concerns, I’m really counting on Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, probably Holder, and probably our president, old President Obama gonna get involved in this, because when I buy business insurance, it covers me for acts of God, and acts of war, and I’m wondering who’s gonna take care, the ripple effect in that community for all those businesses that are being destroyed, their merchandise is being taken, firebombs through the windows.

RUSH: Yeah. And get this. It’s all being done — not all — but we have learned, as we reported accurately yesterday, been confirmed today — most of the agitators are from outside of town. Most of the protesters, most of the violent protesters, the looters and all that, are from out of town. Not all, but most are from Oakland. So they’re not destroying their own property. They are destroying other people’s property.

It would be one thing if the people of Ferguson were rioting and looting and destroying their own neighborhoods. But they’re not. Well, some of them are. But the majority are outside agitators. But it’s a good question. Where is the compassion for the property owners? Where is the compassion for the stores? What the hell did they have to do with this?

They are arming themselves. On Friday night… On Friday night, when the looting started, the cops backed off and let it happen, the theory being, “Let ’em blow off some steam. It be much less a hassle than if we try to stop it.” Conflict Resolution 101. “Don’t intimidate mad, angry perps. Let them get it out of their system and then negotiate.”

It doesn’t work, because the police are charged with defending and protecting the community. Private property, the community. People who own those stores were showing up outside their stores and inside armed and were ready to take matters into their own hands. It’s just absurd. But it’s a great question: Are there any fundraisers for these people? I mean, they’re victims, too. They clearly are victims.

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