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RUSH: Time to start on the phones. We go to Fulton, Illinois. This is Dan. Hello, sir. Great to have you here. Thanks for the call so much.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. You know, the Drive-Bys, they’re only upset and outraged because this was a media person, a journalist, that was beheaded. If this would have been a Christian missionary they wouldn’t even be reporting on it.

RUSH: I don’t know. That’s kind of iffy. If ISIS had released a video, and if that video had gone viral, I think it would have been covered. Now, you may be right. The media, in that case, may have ended up blaming the Christian for being in that position.

CALLER: Exactly, yeah. I think you can hear it in their tone ’cause they accentuate the name, you know, “journalist” or “media person.” That’s what they’re upset about with Obama.

RUSH: They’ve got an organization. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard this organization referred to. Peter Jennings used to be a ranking member, Committee to Protect Journalists. I remember when I first heard about it, “What is this Committee to Protect Journalists?” It’s an organization of journalists who want to raise awareness to the very dangers they face in trying to bring, ahem, the truth, ahem, to the people from the war torn, ravaged places of the world. The Committee to Protect Journalists is a big deal.

They are very self absorbed. I don’t disagree with you on that aspect. The media loves nothing more than talking about themselves. And they love nothing more than talking about what they do and how they do it. I mean, every network has got a media analysis show where they’re supposedly supposed to be acting like ombudsmen and report on the mistakes the media’s made. But all of it is just self-praise. They love it. I don’t think there’s any mystery about that.

Committee to Protect Journalists is the name of the organization. I don’t know what they do and I don’t know who’s supposed to protect ’em. I’m not a member, obviously. I wouldn’t qualify for protection should I claim to be a journalist. I’d be the target.

By the way, speaking of Christians. The Ebola patient, Kent Brantly, he’s cured. He was released from Emory Hospital in Atlanta today. He had a press conference, and we haven’t seen this in a long time.

Anyway, Mr. Brantly in his press conference today — we’ve not seen this. We have not seen someone in public so totally devoted to God and Christianity in a long time, in a lot of years. And it was unabashed. I mean, this was Christian missionary 101. It was fearless, meaning he wasn’t afraid of catcalls that he might get from schoolteachers for being too religious.

Did you hear that somebody, I forget where this was, Alabama or some Southern state, a student sneezed, another student across the classroom said, “Bless you,” and the teacher kicked the student out because we’re not gonna have godly talk in school. It violates people’s constitutional rights. I’m not kidding you.

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